How to Make Ice Cubes Without a Tray

If you don’t have a ice tray at home and want to make ice without spending too much money buying from general stores running poll to pillar finding one in your neighborhood then this post is for you as here we will discuss various methods to make ice cubes at home without a ice tray.

how to make ice cubes without tray

Making Ice Cubes Without a Tray

Ziploc bags 

These small size plastic bags are easy to get in any store and are made up of thick plastic and comes in many sizes. they comes with zip on top to secure the contents from going out of the bag. you can put water in it and keep in freezer for ice making. once the water freezes and turns to ice you will get sloid ice chunk which you can break in small pieces to pour into glass and make your drinks cold within minutes.

Steel glass

if you have some steel glass or cup in your kitchen then you can use them as well for making ice. just fill them with water and keep in freezer to get the ice after some time. stainless steel do not gives odor to ice and ice also last longer when made in stainless steel utensils so you can definitely give it a try if you don’t have trays for making ice.

muffins tins

you can also use small muffin making tins if you have them in your house. it will make your ice in few hours and you can pour in glass to enjoy your drink. its a great alternative to make use of if you don’t have ice tray at home for making ice.

Portable ice makers

you can also buy a small portable ice maker in which you can make ice within minutes of pouring water and turning it on if you don’t have ice tray or are not willing to buy it. ice maker are budget friendly and last for long time making them good investment if you require to have ice on daily basis. To get good portable ice maker read my reviews which shares top and popular ones in market with discount to buy now and enjoy cold ice where ever and whenever you want.

It is a good choice to make if you have small refrigerator with ice maker but want ice regularly. these machines comes with insulation also so ice wont melt fast after making in ice makers and can be used for long time during party time. if you want to know about ice maker clean then see this post.

Silicon molds

They work like ice trays only but are made up of silicon instead of plastic. they are flexible and firm and deep to make ice easily in small amount of time. you will get hard and big size ice cubes from these molds to enjoy with your drinks. They come in various fun shapes also which kids like very much, so you can get them to make ice and kids happy at the same time.

Small egg cartons

Egg cartons made up of Styrofoam can be used to make ice chunks at home. all you have to do is clean them with water to remove all dirty, food particles and bacteria’s from the Styrofoam and then put water and slide it into freezer for few hours to get ice cubes. Styrofoam is waterproof material so don’t worry about water dripping from below it when kept in freezer.

Ice chips

You can also make ice chips fast if you don’t have ice cubes tray. all you need to do is pour some water in pan and let it sit freezer for some time after that you will see a layer of ice will be formed since quantity of water is small. take and break the ice layer and you will get ice chips to pour in glass and enjoy cool soda drink in hot summer time without waiting for hours to get bug ice chunks.


Ice making without a tray is not a major task. it can be done with any kind of vessel or technique to get ice without spending too much time and space which often tends to be short in everyone’s freezer these days as demand for freezing different items increases. Improvise and make some unique styles ice cubes to enjoy with kids, friends and family whenever you want.

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