how to store fresh spinach in fridge for long time

Spinach is leafy vegetable which contains lots of useful nutrients and vitamins in it to keep our body healthy that’s why experts from across the world recommend to eat it on regular basis, but some times you wont get it in market as its not in season so you can store it for long time in your fridge which would ensure that your spinach stock never ends at home.

Here you will get tips on how to store the spinach in your refrigerator and all the others things you need to know about storing spinach to keep it fresh for long time without hassle.

how to store spinach

Before storing the spinach make sure that’s is completely dry as it would help it preserve for long time.

Once you have washed the spinach complete and removed any yellow and wilted leaves then you have lay them over on a paper towel so that they can become dry.

once the leaves are dry then you have various options and ways to store the spinach and keep it fresh, couple of them are shared below

1. Plastic bag

you can make use of normal plastic bag which is made up of thin plastic that you usually get from super market or grocery store. put the spinach in the plastic bag, seal it and keep it in the fridge

you can also wrap the spinach in paper towel before putting in plastic bag and then remove the air from bag and then keep it in the crisper drawer in the fridge for storage.

2. Plastic Container

You can also put the spinach in plastic container and store in fridge. all you need to do is put some paper towel in the container and then put the spinach on top of it and cover the spinach with some paper towel and then put in the container in the fridge to store spinach safely.

Both the methods shared above works well for storing spinach easily so it does not get spoiled. but personally i like to use the plastic container method as paper towel used in it will absorb all the unwanted water in spinach leaves and helps to keep it fresh for up to 10 or so days but in plastic method it shelf life of the spinach decreases little bit.

It is must that you store spinach in refrigerator only id you want to keep it for long else it will get spoiled in couple of days due to humidity in kitchen environment if you keep just like that in grocery basket or somewhere on counter top.

when you store spinach in fridge make sure it is in crisper drawer in bottom of the fridge as it has lower humidity level which helps to keep the spinach fresh for longer time. also avoid keeping any fruits which gives out ethylene gas from them like bananas, melons etc. as it helps ripens the fruits fast and things kept in vicinity also ripens fast and gets spoiled if not consumed faster. so store spinach far from these types of fruits.

Frequently asked question on How to store spinach

How to store spinach in freezer?

If you plan to consume your spinach leaves after some time then you can also store them in freezer so that they don’t get spoiled. All you need to do is place the spinach in freezer safe bag or normal vacuum sealer bag and store in freezer or else you can also make puree out of your spinach leaves then store them in cubes form to freeze them in freezer in ice tray and then to use when required in small or big quantity.

Make sure if you are storing in freezer then consume to spinach in 6 months time so you get all the required nutrients whenever you eat.

How to blanch spinach for freezing?

sometimes you need to store the spinach for long time, lets say more than 6 months because you have it in access quantity which cant be consumed at present. to to safely store the spinach for long time you need blanch it so the taste of it stays intact and you can enjoy it even after long time.

the process to blanch the spinach is very easy. all you need to do is boil the spinach for couple of minutes on the cooktop so that its leaves becomes soft then close the gas stove and take out the spinach leaves out of the hot boiling water. put the spinach leaf’s in ice bath for about 1 minutes to cool the spinach leaves and the n put them on paper towel to remove excess water, thereafter put the leaves in freezer container to store it for long in the freezer section the refrigerator.

can we use slice of bread to keep spinach fresh for longer?

yes you can use it to keep in the freezer bag or freezer container to soak the moisture instead on normal paper towels. it it will help to maintain the freshness of the spinach leaves for long time. it may sound weird at first place but it works, you can try and know for yourself.

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Hope you like our suggestions to store the spinach at home for long time so that you have stock of spinach whenever you want to eat it as salad or add to some recipe to make it more delicious and tasty. do share it with friends who love to eat spinach as it would be helpful for them too.


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