how to store dates at home

Dates are very popular across the world as people like the taste of dates besides that it also has good amount of sugar content which makes it alternative for normal sugar for many people. it also comes with lot of health benefits in it. some people don’t know how to store the dates the right way that’s why here we will discuss the various types of dates you can get from market and how to store dates in correct way so they would last longer with taste and firmness intact.

how to store dates
Dates fruit and its storage techniques

Dates are used in smoothies, sweet preparation, served as Christmas party snacks, cakes, protein bars and many more recipes to make them much more healthy to consume.

Types of dates

Their are many types of dates available across the world for people to eat and enjoy. here we have discussed some of the famous and popular variety of dates which you can eat and enjoy


when this dates ripens and get ready for eating it turns from brown to black color and its size ranges from small medium to large depending upon the region it came from


This dates are soft and gets ripped easily in less time. they tend to taste somewhat like caramel flavor as it has natural sweetness in it. it is a popular variety and people across the world like to eat it.


it is the type of date which has high sugar content with glossy skin finish. it has thick flesh for eating and cooking various dishes out of it. the texture of this date is somewhat mildly dry.


the color of this date type if orange brown .it has firm flesh and has low shelf life so its good to consume it in less time. it has good flavor and mild sweetness when compared to some other variety of dates


this date comes with nutty flavor and is dry in nature. it is mostly used for baking and cooking purposes by people across the world. it can be roasted in oven and eaten with salt also


when it ripens it turns to golden brown color from light amber color. it is soft type dates which is tasty to eat and a soft to handle.

Deglet noor

It comes with good flavor and takes time to ripen fully. it has semi dry state and is know for cooking and similar purposes.

How long does dates last

Dates is type of fruit which last for long time with store correctly. after opening the dates packet it last for about 12 months generally. when store in cool pantry area then you store for up to 3-4 months, in your fridge for about 1 year and in freezer for 2 years depending upon the types of dates, dryness and preservation method.

How to store dates

If you are regular consumer of dates then you need to store then air tight container or packet in fridge and you can easily consume when with time frame of up to 3 months. but if you like to store for long term and do not eat regularly then store them in freezer and take out day before you want to eat to defrost it and enjoy with family and friends.

The dates wont go bad and will retain its firmness and flavor fridge and freezer but if keep in open with no covering for very long time then it may start to loss its firmness after comin in contact with moisture from air.

Hoes does date smells

Dates generally smell like natural sweetness in nature. if you seem to have bad smell or rotten smell coming out of the dates then dates haves gone bad and are not good to consume.

Tip: you can also check for molds on the dates to see if its good to consume. check for some unwanted bugs, critters or small insects inside the dates also before consuming to make sure you are not eating any thing dangerous and bad. to prevent the dates from becoming home to unwanted flies and bugs you should always store them in air tight container so that they are safe and bug free for long time.

Can i freeze the dates

yes you can freeze the dates up to 2 years in your freezer provided you do it in right manner within air tight container or freezer bag else it would become vulnerable to freezer burn which will lead to loss of taste, firmness and texture of dates. you can also use vacuum sealer bags to secure and freeze dates safely in freezer for long time.


Hope you got the answer for your question regarding the storage of dates in best possible way. do share this post with friends and family to help them with dates storage. Everyone should consume dates as they are healthy and packed with many nutrient’s and benefits, try it once if you haven’t done it yet.

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