how to store grapes and preserve them

Grapes are liked by everyone across the world and are quite popular fruit to consume for people of all age groups. they comes packed with vitamins and other essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin c etc. along with lot of antioxidants. They are used to make different recipes like cakes, smoothies, tarts, jams, home made fruit ice creams etc. due to their sweet and tangy taste.

how to store grapes

The challenge is to store them as they might get bad if kept in wrong way in wrong place. so here we have shared some of the essential tips you should follow to buy the grapes of best quality when buying from market grocery store or direct vineyard and how to store them safely so they can last longer and ready to eat whenever you like.

How to pick grapes

To make sure that your grapes last longer, you will have to pick and buy the grapes from fresh batch as it will ensure that you have long time to consume them. here are some tips to keep in mind while buying grapes from your local market or grocery store in your area.

Buy the grapes which are firmly connected to the step of the grape branch. the grapes with lose connection to step or may be ready to fall down and has less time as they may be already ripe and ready to eat. they wont last long before starting to rot.

Checkout for the color of the grapes there are many types of grapes in market. yellow and similar color are generally ripe and ready to rot after some time but green ones are good. if you are buying red grapes then make sure they don’t have green or brown color in them.

look out for molds and fungus signs on the grapes before buying. if they have brown color then they have molds and are starting to rot so avoid them as hey wont last longer in your home and fridge. if you see something like cotton on the grapes then its fungus and you should not buy these grapes as they are already gone bad.

checkout for smell in the grapes. if they give normal fruit sweet smell then its fine to buy else if they give sour and vinegar like smell or something different then i think you should avoid as its a sure shot indicator of its starting of rotting phase or maybe its already gone from inside.

How to store grapes

once you have purchased the best quality grapes after following the above tips then the main task begins to store the grape fruit as they have generally short life span before they become bad so it is very important that they are store in correct way for consumption and eating. below we have shared some of the important tips you can follow to store the grapes in right manner to for its longevity.

store them away from bananas

Bananas release a gas called ethylene from them which helps to ripen all fruits faster. when bananas are kept nearby any fruit they get ripen faster. so if you want your grapes to ripen faster then only keep them nearby bananas else keep bananas away from the grapes.

place your grapes in fridge

Since your fridge has cold temperature it will help in reduction of growth of unwanted bacteria’s and molds so its is advised to keep the grapes in fridge always. you can keep in drawer which has good humidity in fridge as it will not make your grapes dry. doing this will help your grapes last long.

The ideal temperature for storing the grapes is about 32 degree F with about 90% humidity. so make sure you store them in this temperature wherever you keep them to increase their ripe time and shelf life.

prevent keeping it in strong odor

Grapes pick up strong odor easily where ever they are kept. like if you keep your grapes near any vegetables specially onion or garlic then it may pick up the smell of these veggies easily.

However you can keep your grapes near berries or etc. which will give good smell to grapes and make them more fresh and good smelling while you eat them.

Keep grapes packed

If you buy the grapes from store where it comes packed then make sure you keep them packaging as long as you are not consuming them because the packaging will make sure that they don’t get bad too fast and will help to increase its longevity.

Throw away bad grapes

when you buy the grapes then their maybe some which are yellow in color and are fully ripen or have some kind of mold. it is advised to throw them away as they will increase the rate ripening of other grapes and may also transfer some mold to them. so whenever you buy checkout the grapes after coming to home before you store them in fridge.

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Hope you got some useful insight about buying grapes from market and how to store grapes to increase the life of grapes and keep them fresh for as long as possible. let us know in comments below if you want to share some other tips about grapes storage with us and share this with with all you fruits lover friends. you can also dehydrate your grapes in fruits dehydrator to make raisins out of them without any hassle.

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