Cougar gold cheese recipe

Cheese is a popular food that is used as a simple ingredient in many foods to make foods more palatable and delicious. The best way to make any meal more delicious is to add a cheesy texture to the cooking. The combination of cheese with any dish will make the taste of the dish heavenly. Cougar-Gold Cheese is a soft, creamy cheese that is one of the most used cheeses in the world due to its extra cheesy taste.

Cougar gold cheese

Delicious Cougar gold cheese recipes

There are a number of foods that use Cougar cheese to make it taste like mouth watering. Here is the recipe of Cougar Gold Cheese which you can follow and make in your own kitchen in a very short time.

Recipe of the Cougar Cheese Ball 

A simple cheese ball is a delicious appetizer recipe that can be served at all party, event. This recipe is usually made with quality cougar cheese, red pepper, tasty tomato sauce,  grounded garlic powder, salt & pepper. You can win the hearts of your guests by serving this simple but delicious recipe with crackers and chips. If you want to make this dish even more tasty, add some chopped dry nuts before baking it in the oven.


  •         1 ½ -2 cups of Cougar cheddar,
  •         3cups of Melted cheese
  •         1 garlic clove (minced)
  •         1 ½ teaspoon Mayo and tomato sauce,
  •         Some amount of Salt and pepper to increase the taste
  •         1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper,

Cougar gold cheese ball

Step by step Instructions of the recipe

Step 1

First you have to take a large bowl and whisk the cougar cheddar along with melted cheese together with a whisker in this bowl for making a creamy texture which is used in the inside of the cheese balls.

Step 2

After that pour the two sauces together in the bowl and sprinkle it with salt along with pepper to create the tangy flavor.

Step 3

In the next step, you have to blend the mixture perfectly and thoroughly with garlic cloves along with cayenne pepper in a mixer to get a smooth cheesy and cream-like consistency.

Step 4

In the fourth step, you should keep the cheesy cream in another bowl and place it in the fridge for chilling. After some time, remove the bowl from the fridge and create the small balls with the ingredients.

Step 5

Finally, the gold cheddar cheese ball is ready to serve, just sprinkle some cheese on the balls to make it more delicious.

Cougar Gold Baked Mac & Cheese Recipe

It is also a simple but delicious recipe made with MAC and cheese. Almost everyone enjoys its crunchy crust. It is ideal for those who like simple, delicious and perfect food. This cozy meal is often accompanied by meat as a side dish to main course on various occasions.

Also this dish is popular as a complete meal. You can make a Cougar Gold Cheese recipe with various variety of cheese like Swiss or Gouda or Monterey Jack . Here is the recipe


  •         1 package–Macaroni pasta,
  •         2 sticks–Unsalted butter, 2 sticks 
  •         5 to 6 cups of Water
  •         Salt and pepper for increasing the taste
  •         2 cups of Milk
  •         1 ½ cups of All-purpose flour
  •         2 cups Cougar Gold cheese
  •         1 cup Breadcrumbs

Cougar Gold Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe

Instructions to prepare the recipe

Step 1

Take a large saucepan, Pour 5 to 6 cups of water into it and place it in the oven to boil. Add the macaroni pasta along with salt in the water and stir it. Start cooking until the pasta becomes soft & tender, and then drains the water. Let it get cooled.

Step 2

Next you need to make the sauce for toppings. To prepare it you have to melt the 2 butter sticks on medium heat. Then add some amount of flour with the melted butter and whisk all the ingredients for more than 120 seconds till it is well mixed.

Step 3

after the flour becomes golden, then you need to whisk the milk slowly and start stirring the entire mixture constantly when it is in the oven to stop burning the milk. You have to keep stirring for about ten minutes, until a thick heavy sauce is formed.

Step 4

In the fourth step, you have to mix salt, pepper and cheese with other ingredients to make the complete sauce. You can top the pasta with this sauce.

Step 5

Then place the tasty pasta with the quality sauce in a butter spread baking dish and then sprinkle breadcrumbs over it.

Step 6

In the next step you put the baking tray in the oven & set it at 350 degree and bake for about 10 to 15 minutes until the top of the dish turns brown.

Step 7

In the last step, you take out your macaroni cheese dish and then start to sprinkle salt along with cougar cheese on it. Your Cougar Gold Mac and cheese is ready to serve.

Low Carb Cougar Gold Cheese Soup Recipe

This low carb cheese soup dish is very popular with anyone for its delicious taste. This cheese provides the soup a creamy flavor that melts when poured into a dish. It is truly a simple meal that can be used effortlessly as a starter at any party. Can be prepared very quickly and easily with just 5 ingredients! If you want light soup for calories, try this authentic cougar gold cheese tasty soup recipe!

Ingredients used on the soup

  •         3 cups of shredded cougar gold cheese
  •         2 tablespoon Butter
  •         1 small diced Onion
  •         2 teaspoons of Dried Mustard,
  •         3 cups Vegetable Broth
  •         2 cups Cream,
  •         3 cups of frozen cauliflower

Low Carb Cougar Gold Cheese Soup Recipe


Step 1

In the first step, you need to take some butter and melt it in a quality skillet. Take diced onion and sauté in the melted butter until soft. After that, add some amount of dry mustard and stirring continuously for some minutes, until the ingredients are well mixed

Step 2

Then transfer the soup to the pot, stirring until smooth. Add cauliflower with it and keep stirring. (You can think of using chicken if you are not a pure vegetarian).

Step 3

Then cook over medium heat for about thirty minutes. Thereafter Pour it over the cream. Then add authentic Cougar Gold Cheese till it is melted. Sprinkle it using salt & pepper to taste at the end.

FAQ for Cougar Gold Cheese Recipe:

Why does Cougar Cheese taste so tasty?

Cougar cheese is now used in most foods. Its tangy taste gives the food a unique dimension, which makes it mouth watering, which is not found in the food’s own taste.

Which food is best with Cougar Gold?

This cheese goes very well with any meal. But the best goes with crackers, bread or fruit. But now some Cougar fans are using it with a variety of other foods, such as the Cougar Gold Bake carburetor inside the mushrooms, served with pastries, and the carcass on top of the salad.

How long is Cougar Gold Cheese good and safe?

Cheese lasts a long time, but it must be refrigerated, so you can keep it for many days. Many people think that it will take a long time to leave it in plastic packaging but it is wrong. . Until the cougar gold is opened and refrigerated, “it won’t last very long.

What does Cougar Gold cheese look like and taste like?

Cougar Gold is a milky white, sharp cheddar cheese that you can keep for less than a year. It can enhance the taste of any food with a tangy, fruity and nutty taste. you can also choose asiago or pancetta cheese or something else if you cant find cheddar cheese from cougar for good taste.

What is the best Cougar cheese?

Cougar Gold is extremely popular and best Cougar cheese

Its taste and creamy texture plays an important role behind its popularity! It is thick, creamy and white cheddar with firm as well as smooth texture. Due to these characteristics, this cheddar cheese wins several national and international awards. This cheese has a unique depth and intensity that most cheese lovers have never felt before.

Do you need a fridge to store Cougar Gold cheese, or how long can you store it in the fridge?

If you do not open the packaging, you can store this cheese year after year. Once opened, it must be stored in the fridge and you can keep it in the fridge for about a year.

What is gold cheese?

Gold cheese is a white, thick, creamy and delicious cheese that wins many awards as a firm cheese, inspired by traditional hard Italian cheeses. Fruity, nutty, and rich, with melted butter enhances its taste. You can find the mouthwatering balance of salty and sweet in this cheese that can be snackable, cookable, and enjoyable.

How good is Cougar Gold cheese?

This cheese is absolutely delicious and incredible. You can find silky, creamy textures that are perfect with macaroni and pasta. These two dishes do not have their own flavor, but when added to Cougar Gold cheese; it gives a heavenly flavor, which is a favorite of almost all food lovers. Due to this reason this cheese became extremely popular than other.

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