can you freeze raspberries

raspberry is very popular fruit that grows in summer months and used throughout the year. people buy in bulk when its cheap or go to farms directly to pick the fresh raspberry for eating and storing.

it is used to variety of desserts including jams, jellies, cakes, pastries and many more to make them delicious. it goes well in fruit salad and smoothies also along with morning cereal bowl, in pies and puddings and ice creams too. people freeze them to use in recipes and tasty dishes throughout the years as frozen raspberries can easily last for about 12-18 months without losing its taste.

can you freeze raspberries

freezing and preserving the raspberries in right way is very important to keep the taste, flavor and integrity of raspberry alive when ever you use them in later months after buying that’s why we have shared some vital information about freezing the raspberries right below.

Benefits of raspberries

  • raspberries help with issues related to heart and ensure its smooth working. it contains omega 3 fatty acids in them which lowers the risk of heart stroke.
  • raspberries contains lot of antioxidants and ellagic acid which make sure that our skin remains smooth and without any spots or or other issues.
  • they have low calories and high quantity of essential vitamins and minerals required by our body so adding raspberries to our diet would be termed as wise decision.
  • raspberries has also been found to protect our eyes from macular degeneration which comes in old age when our eyes nutrition decreases. besides that it also contains powerful antioxidant called zeaxanthin which helps to filter out harmful and irritating blue light for our eyes to keep its muscles and vision in good shape.

How to freeze raspberries

freezing raspberry is easy task provided you do it in right way. you should freeze them right after you buy them from market or pluck them from farms so that they would retain their juicy flavor and texture.

avoid washing the raspberries before freezing as it would lead to color and texture loss for them and they might get frost  from water on the skin of berries. to prevent berries from getting frost bite you should put them cookie sheet and freeze for about 1-2 hours in tray and take them out then put them in freezer bag to freeze them for long duration. doing this will help keep the berries away from frost bite and fresh in taste for long.

you can label your freezer bag or container with date when you freeze the raspberries as it will help you know when you kept them in freezer and are they good to eat and make dishes with later when you require them.

due to the moisture content the raspberries they might become mushy after you freeze them and take out for cooking dishes, so don’t worry if it gets little pulpy as its fine due to internal water content of the raspberry, the taste wont change but outer texture might after freezing.

frozen berries are mainly used for making ice cream sauces, smoothies and cake or pudding garnish, so you your creative mind to use sweet and sour frozen raspberries to make different tasty sweet dishes and enjoy with your friends and family. some people also use raspberries for making mix fruit sauce which they pair with different sweet desserts including waffles, pan cakes, pies and toasts as per the kids and adults liking in the house.

How to defrost raspberries

if you are willing to make jellies or smoothies or similar then you don’t need to defrost the berries as cold berries will make your dish cold and tasty. but if you need to defrost them to use later or eat directly then run the berries under water for couple of minutes and then put them back in bowl in fridge and you will get cold defrosted berries in 1-2 hours maximum to eat and have a good time.

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Don’t use microwave or oven to defrost and thaw the raspberries as it will make them mushy and they will become lose to pulpy which will lead to lose in its texture from outside and inside as the firmness would be gone.


freezing berries is easy and simple process as you have learned above but keep in mind few things shared to keep the flavor and texture of berries intact for long time.

now that you are well aware of storage of raspberries in freezer you can purchase them in bulk when the raspberries season comes to store them in right way in freezer to use them throughout the year to make various tasty sweet desserts for kids and your self.

Not to forget that berries can also be dehydrated and stored in kitchen or fridge if your freezer is running out of space but you need to store the berries for using in later months of the year when its hard to get and become very expensive.

let us know in comments below what you like to make with juicy raspberries so that we ca also learn some new recipes to use our raspberries in and get the goodness of raspberries throughout the year.

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