Leading Soda Maker-Sparkling water machine Reviews

Soda Makers are one of the most amazing appliances you can own in your home. Best sparkling water maker is used to turn ordinary tap water into carbonated refreshing beverage in a matter of seconds.

These appliances are smaller or approximately the same size as your typical coffee maker but they come packed with a powerful mechanism that helps in transforming plain tap water into a sparkling drink.

hey folks, do you love soda drinks and love to drink frequently than buy one of these soda water maker machines from below with discount to turn your drinks into sparkling water drinks instantly. to read detailed features and reviews scroll down below:

There are several soda makers in the market such that finding the right one can prove challenging. There are usually available at different prices depending on their functionalities, quality, brand, etc.

If you are looking to buy a soda maker for home, then below is a review of the 10 quality soda makers currently available in the market;


It is time to forget all that you know about water makers in the past. It is now time to update and beautiful your kitchen with the aesthetic Aarke water maker, which features a specialized stainless steel enclosure. It comes with a compact and minimalist design with three independent safety valves.

It carbonates water and then release excess pressure from the bottle. The machine is user-friendly, all you need to do is push the lever, hold it until you hear a buzz and then let go. The machine comes with a warranty and does not require battery or electricity.


  1. The machine comes with a carbonator, a user manual, and one PET bottle
  2. The bottle is safe, non-toxic, and made from high-quality plastic
  3. It has a sleek and compact construction
  4. It requires no electricity or batteries
  5. It comes with a two-year warranty
  6. It uses a 60-liter carbonator cartridge which is able to save the environment of 120 plastic water bottles
  7. Users would have to buy 60L CO2 carbonator differently.


  1. It does not use electricity
  2. It is high quality
  3. It comes with a warranty
  4. It is simple to use


  1. You would need to separately buy a carbonator cartridge

  1. jxxm plus Soda Beverage Maker

With this beverage maker from jxxm, you would be able make fizzy and fresh beverage in quick time. It is user friendly, requiring you to only fill your bottle which comes with the machine with fresh water and fizz it up using your carbonation lever to whatever level of carbonation that you desire.

It has a die-cast metal housing that is easy to clean plus a soft grip handle that has four settings. These settings will guide you on achieving just the right amount of fizz in your drink. What’s more interesting is that you can choose to add flavor to your carbonated water or you could just enjoy it as it is.

The product has a curved and streamlined silhouette in metal body. It is available in a variety of colors, some of the most popular include; aqua sky, empire red, cobalt blue, tangerine, green apple, and contour silver. It has a 60liter  CO2 tank plus a one liter free plastic bottle.

It has a built-in CO2 pressure gauge that ensures the precise beverage carbonation is achieved.


  1. It comes in a die-cast metal housing that is absolutely beautiful and easy to clean
  2. It has a soft grip handle that has four settings. This allows you to adjust and add just the right amount of fizz to your beverage
  3. It is compatible with more than 60 different flavors of the SodaStream Products
  4. It comes with one liter BPA-free reusable bottle


  1. It is easy to clean
  2. It creates more than 60 flavors
  3. It comes with one-year replacement warranty
  4. Users can adjust the level of carbonation


  1. It has a low gas retention, this means water becomes flat after some time
  2. It is quite tall, creating difficulty when you want to put it in a low cupboard
  3. It is relatively high pricey

  1. Drinkmate Carbonated Beverage Soda Maker

DrinkMate offers a unique carbonation system which allows you to carbonate virtually any drink, from iced tea to juices, from wine to beer. Whatever it is, DrinkMate sparkles them all.

What is most interesting about it is that it has a spritzer which can be easily and quickly connected and detached, allowing for an easier cleaning. It is compatible with other brands, as it can be used with any 3oz and 14.5oz carbonators.

The Drinkmate machine makes it fun to add bubbles to any drink. This is your opportunity to unleash the creative genius in you and craft healthy delicious drink.

It works without electricity or batteries. It has an elegantly styled small footprint which helps to save counter space.


  1. It allows users to carbonate any drink in the fridge
  2. It does not come with a CO2 cylinder
  3. It features two release buttons and a patented fizz infuser which gives you better control when you release the CO2
  4. It has a small footprint, allowing you to save on counter space
  5. It is compatible with common brands of 14.5oz CO2 carbonators


  1. It is easy to use
  2. It is able to carbonate any beverage
  3. It is compatible with other makers
  4. It is lightweight
  5. It has great value


  1. It is expensive
  2. It requires cleaning

  1. Sparkel Sparkling Water Maker Multifunction Soda function

All that you are expected to do is choose how many bubbles you want and then you can go ahead and add fun to your fuzz with the better-for-you flavors of this soda maker.

Not only will your taste buds be pleased by your decision, you would have also done your part to help the environment by reducing single-use plastic bottle. Your CO2 cylinder is all you need to get started and get your water sparkling in a matter of minutes.

It has a compact, cordless design and works with just a single press of a button. It beautiful design makes its fit for any office or home.

It has a slim, space saving design that allows it to be kept in small spaces. Since it operates without electricity, you can use it virtually anywhere. It is safe, as the carbonating bottles are BPA-free.


  1. Easy and fast use:

In just a matter of minutes it would carbonate tap water into healthy and delicious sparkling water, all with a single press of a button.

  1. Luxurious and modern styling:

It is made from very safe high quality plastic that has a champagne finish. It comes with an engaging appeal that will keep your guests impressed.

  1. Portable and space saving:

It is actually smaller than your usual coffee machine, which means it doesn’t take up so much space in your kitchen

  1. Different levels of fizziness:

The soda maker allows you to decide the level of carbonation that you want in your drink, all by pressing the button once or twice.


  1. It is good for the environment
  2. It is such fun to make drinks
  3. The carbonating bottle is BPA free


  1. It does not cheer on juice
  2. The sugar can adhere to the vent hole quite easily and when this happens the machine may blow up.

  1. Drinkmate 410-02-3z Beverage Carbonation soda Maker

One of the most distinguishing feature of this soda maker is it capacity to “sparkle” virtually every beverage in your fridge. With this Drinkmate you can achieve beyond sparkling just water. If you are considering cutting down on sugary sodas or you are in search of a perfect new drink, then you can fizzy with Drinkmate.

Although the process of carbonation of beverage has a few more steps than most other models, the maker also gives you better control over how CO2 is released. The Drinkmate maker doesn’t require batteries or electricity to work.

It versatility allows it to be compatible with 3oz and 14.5oz/60L CO2 cartridges. Regardless of what you kitchen decor is, there is a Drinkmate for you as it comes in three different colors.

With a Drinkmate you are certain to be more creative when making your beverages, helping you to drink healthier and have more fun.


  1. Quickly carbonates any drink:

Whether it is water or juice or iced tea, this soda maker can help you to quickly and easily carbonate it.

  1. Easy to operate:

It does not require electricity or batteries. You can start carbonating right away, thanks 3oz starter CO2 carbonator which comes with the soda maker.

  1. Small footprint:

Elegant looking with a small footprint, this soda maker is sure to help save counter space.

  1. Versatile:

The machine is able to carbonate everything, from coffee to iced tea, from wine to beer, Drinkmate is able to carbonate every one of them. This allows you to unleash your creativity in creating healthy delicious drink


  1. It is easy to use
  2. It comes with carbonation control
  3. It has many excellent flavors


  1. Some customers complain about having challenges reaching their desired fizziness

  1. SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker

The SodaStream Genesis is a portable and very efficient home carbonation machine. It does not use batteries or electricity, thereby making it apt for RVs, boats, or during trips. By pushing a single button the SodaStream Genesis can deliver you excellent sparkling water.

The Genesis uses recyclable and BPA-free plastic bottles. It is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to make soda drink in just a matter of minutes.

One of the features that make the SodaStream Genesis unique is its sleek modern look and small size. It is available in red and black color, allowing it to match virtually any countertop.

It is lighter than most other SodaStream machine, making transportation very easy. It uses BPA-free plastic bottles which can be used for up to three years. These bottles are available in 500ML or 1L.


  1. Slim-fit, space saving design:

It features a modern twist to the timeless soda fountain look. It gives sleek and slender elegance to any kitchen.

  1. Sparkle water in seconds:

It is simple to use. All that is needed is to twist in the bottle and push the button to carbonate. And in just 30 seconds you can transform your water into carbonated beverage and fresh sparkling water. This can be customized according to your preference.

  1. Refillable and environment-friendly:

Although sold differently, the CO2 cylinder is environment friendly and refillable. Each of these cylinders is able to make up to 60 one-liter bottles. This enables you to make your own fizzy and sparkling drink at home.

Other features of the SodaStream include;

  • –  It is available in multiple colors
  • – It is lightweight
  • – It is compatible with multiple bottle sizes


  1. It is a very attractive SodaStream machine
  2. It has a sleek and compact design which makes it a fit for virtually any kitchen
  3. It is one of the most affordable SodaStream machines


  1. One of the major drawback of this soda machine is its lack of automatic locking mechanism for bottles. This forces users to have to screw in the bottles themselves.
  2. Some users are not comfortable with the BPA-free bottles as they prefer glass carafes

  1. Sparkling Carbonated Water Maker Soda Machine

One feature that makes the Sparkling Water Maker stand out is its versatility. The Sparkling Water Maker is able to work with any 60-liter gas cylinder. It is also user-friendly, as all you need to do to customize your result is just a push of a button.

The soda maker works excellently with tap water converting it in a matter of seconds into healthy sparkling water. Although it works with any 60-liter gas cylinder, this carbonator isn’t included. It is compact and portable, allowing you to easily store it out of the way when necessary.

The Sparkling Water Maker is the perfection addition to any office or household. Aside from offering you delicious guilt-free sugarless drinks, it assist you in helping to save the environment as one ibama bottle can be a replacement for 3,000 disposable bottles per year.


  1. Easy and fast use:

You can easily carbonate your tap water to make it a delicious and healthy sparkling water within seconds. In fact, it would take you barely 3seconds by the press of a button.

  1. Luxurious modern style:

It is built from safe plastic with very good quality and gives good outer finish. It comes in an appealing design which is easy for your guests to remember.

  1. Portable and space saving:

If space is an issue at your place then you have no need to worry as this soda maker is smaller than your average coffee maker and doesn’t occupy so large space in the kitchen. It is also easy to carry around and store.

  1. Different levels of fizziness:

With the sparkling water maker you can easily choose the level of carbonation that you want, either by pressing the button for 1 ,2 or 3 times

  1. Delicious drink:

It is excellent for preparing original and fewer known flavors. This can be achieved using fruit juices as flavorings. You may also use it to wash vegetables and fruits some times or could also use sparkling water for face cleaning.


  1. In a matter of seconds convert tap water into sparkling water
  2. It comes in a eye-catching champagne finish
  3. Users can adjust the carbonation level by pushing a button


  1. It does not come with a gas cylinder
  2. It comes in only one color
  3. It is not compatible with Soda Stream bottles

  1. iSi Stainless Steel 1 quart Soda Siphon Bottle

The sleek and stylish soda siphon allows you to prepare a variety of tasty drinks as well as discover the refreshing fizz of purest soda water. Manufactured by iSi North America, this soda siphon is made from stainless steel.

It comes with an ergonomic charger holder and black accent with non-slip silicone grip. In order to prevent overfilling, the measuring tube comes with a pressure control valve which ensures comfort and maximum safety.

It can be used for carbonating tap or bottled water as well as to fruit juices and cocktails. It comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty for satisfaction.

It contemporary design makes it a worthy addition to any kitchen, allowing you to enjoy classic drink anytime you choose to.


  1. It comes in an affordable price
  2. It is easy and fun to use
  3. High quality stainless steel construction
  4. iSi CO2 chargers carbonates tap or bottled water
  5. It comes with safety features such as a measuring tube which helps prevent overfilling alongside a pressure control valve
  6. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the vendor
  7. It has a large 1 Quart capacity
  8. It allows users to create healthy flavored sodas through the addition of juices or other flavorings after carbonation
  9. It has black fort key which allows for the easy removal of the inner tube


  1. It comes with a beautiful design
  2. It offers great value
  3. It is relatively easy to clean
  4. It can be used to make custom drinks
  5. It is durable
  6. It comes with a measuring tube which helps prevent spills
  7. It can be used for tap or bottled water
  8. Users can add juice or other type of flavor to create soda


  1. It takes as long as fifteen minutes to have water fully carbonated
  2. It does not come with cartridge
  3. The instructional manual could have been made better
  4. Some users complained about experiencing difficulty when installing the CO2 cartridge

  1. Twenty39 Home Soda Maker Kit Beverage Maker

If you want to turn your normal water into soda water in split seconds, then there is no better soda maker than the twenty39 flavoring maker. It comes with a starter kits which has everything that you can use to make sparkling water anywhere, anytime.

It is user-friendly, all you need do is fill the water jugs with water and thereafter add CO2 charger in a machine and turn the knob.

Within seconds your initially tap water will be bubbling with refreshing soda goodness. You can decide to add different flavors to your soda water to turn it into a sparkling flavored beverage. There are a range of flavors available, they are low in calories and comes with 0 preservatives.

The portable twenty39 water maker is sure to make you the center of the next home party, or picnic. It is environmentally-friendly and a cost-effective alternative to bottled water. Each bottle is half the price you would pay at the nearest supermarket.


  1. Compact and handheld:

It comes in a compact and easily transportable design. It can be taken easily with you anywhere you are going. It is easy to use, transport fitting, and storable.

  1. Carbonator:

It comes with a recyclable carbonator which are far more energy-efficient than bottled drinks. They would also save your trip to the nearest grocery store, eliminating the discomfort of having to carry heavy bottles home.

  1. Fully reusable:

There is no need for you to refill the charger.

  1. Easy to use:

It is very user-friendly. All you need do is fill the water jugs with water and then put the carbonator charger into the machine. Once you turn the top your water is filled with refreshing bubbles. You can add flavor to turn your soda water into sparkling flavored beverage.

It is especially apt for picnic parties and other outdoor events.


  1. It has a visible water-line fill
  2. It can be stored in a drawer as it comes with a compact design
  3. It has recyclable CO2 chargers, which includes a 5 single-use soda chargers
  4. It can be used easily by all family members
  5. The bottle seals very tightly, helping to retain carbonation


  1. It is not compatible with soda chargers that are manufactured by other brands

  1. snlide At Home Seltzer – Carbonated Sparkling Water Maker

The snlide is an effective and efficient home carbonation machine which does not rely on batteries or electricity. It comes in a dishwasher-safe stainless steel bottle and has a special plastic charger cap plus a cartridge holder. The kit is usually accompanied by a funnel which helps channel liquid safely into the bottle.

The snlide makes it easy to prepare any type of carbonated beverage of your choice. Although it uses CO2 cartridge like most other carbonation machine, it has several other features which makes it stand out from the fray, the first being its simple but effective design.

Where most home carbonation machines can only carbonate water, the air soda can carbonate water, wine, juice, and most other beverage.

Considering that it comes in a bottle, it is also easy to fit in a small kitchen or take along on a trip which makes it a great mini soda maker. It is dishwasher safe and plastic safe.


  1. Make amazing cocktails:

It allows you to add bubbles to your original blend. This helps you save money as well as trips to the supermarket.

  1. Flavor drink naturally:

You can decide to add herbs, fruits, or other spices for a flavorful drink

  1. Easy to use:

It is user-friendly, all you need to do is fill the bottle, close it with stopper, insert your CO2 cartridge and then shake and serve.

  1. Sparkling beverage maker:

You can create the most amazing carbonated drink.


  1. It is easy to use
  2. You can make over 36 ounces of fluid
  3. It can be used with water, wine, and most other cold beverage


  1. Over time the interior may show rust spots
  2. It is not designed for soda
  3. It is a little bit pricey than competitors

Benefits of buying and using a Soda Maker Machine

With a soda machine, you will be able to make your own sparkling water and other soft drinks from wherever you may be, at home or at play. If you are not yet captivated with the workings of these machines, then below are seven reasons and benefits analysis you should consider for buying one;

  1. Environmentally friendly; limits plastic bottle use

Although recycling is a brilliant idea to help save the plant from a plastic Armageddon, the most reliable option will be to curb or reduce the production and use of plastic bottles in the first place.

Soda makers come with reusable plastic bottles that contain far fewer chemicals than your typical water bottle. This way, you can quit throwing away more plastic without letting go of your love for soda.

  1. Wide range of flavors available

Perhaps you are bored with the limited range of soft drinks that are available, you can decide to spice things up a bit. Haven’t you ever wondered what Apple soda would taste like? Making your own syrup is easy, this way you can make the carbonated beverage in whatever flavor you prefer. you can also try making classic virgin mojito with mint at home easily with these soda makers to get ice cold drink in hot summer and have good time with your friends and family.

  1. Easy to entertain all involved

We all have different taste buds hence our unique love for different sodas. If you have friends who love different sodas, then ordinarily you would be forced to carry several liters of pop from the nearest supermarket or you may have to compromise. But with a soda machine, all you need are a few bottles in which to mix your soda in. This way, everyone’s interest will be fully met.

  1. A fun family activity:

Soda machines are incredibly user-friendly and it is equally easy to make custom syrups for the machine. This way, you can permit the kids mix their own favorite drinks. Aside from being such as fun thing to do, it is also an excellent way of stopping the kids from consuming too much store-bought soda.

  1. Excellent way to create a champagne-like experience:

Won’t it be fun to enjoy the bubbling sensation of champagne drink but without the extra associate cost? Haven’t you ever wondered what your favorite white wine would taste like if it has a few extra bubbles in it? With a soda maker you can easily add more bubbles to any white wine. It is important that you do this with caution so as not to damage the machine in the process.

  1. Contain less sugar:

Although they may not be as healthy as water, they are a lot more better and healthier than your regular store-bought sodas. SodaStream syrups contain less sugars and less sodium than their alternatives.

  1. Control the level of carbonation:

There is nothing like being in control of something. Some of us would have loved our soda drink more if they contain a little more fizz, while others would take more of this beverage if they had less fizz. With the soda maker you are fully in the driving seat, to control the level of carbonation in your soda.

  1. Look excellent in any kitchen:

Soda makers come in different styles and they are portable enough to fit in virtually every kitchen. So, whether you live in a farm or a small apartment, the maker would fit comfortably in your home. What’s more, they are available in many different colors so you can decide on one that matches the decor of your kitchen.

  1. Economical:

Although they might not be economical when you are considering an individual bottle, but when it comes to hosting several guests who are lovers of soda on a daily basis, then the Soda maker can help you save a lot of money. Aside that it removes the headache of having to carry around massive plastic bottles of pop.

  1. Safe:

It is no longer news that plastic bottles leech awful chemicals into drinking water. These chemicals can seriously damage health in the long run.

Soda bottles are made with BPA free plastic, this means they do not contain those hazardous chemicals which are detrimental to peoples’ health. If you are overall concerned about plastic, then you can opt for glass carafe rather than plastic bottles.

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Buying Guide: What to look out for when buying a Soda Machine

When it comes to kitchen convenience, the home soda maker ranks as one of the most wonderful kitchen marvels. These portable devices allows you to make your own carbonated beverage and sodas at the comfort of your home without depending on a huge commercial machine or having to spend loads of money in the process.

If you are considering making a switch to homemade soda but still not sure how to go about obtaining the right soda maker, then this guide is certainly for you. Below are some of the major items to consider when buying your soda maker;

if you have a question like what is the best soda maker to buy in your mind then make sure that your best-carbonated soda maker has all the features given below to make worth your money after you buy the soda maker for sale from above links.

  1. Carbonation style:

This is the most important factor to consider when buying a soda maker. Different devices have their unique carbonation styles.

But most soda makers rely on CO2 canisters to carbonate the water. Although this is the same type of gas used in commercial sodas, it does present a little bit of a safety risk. This is basically because of the extreme pressure most canisters are usually placed under.

There is also the issue of overcharging a bottle when you insert too much carbonation into it. These factors are however things to stay aware of rather than a source of concern. If you follow the instructions laid down in the manual, then you should be completely fine whenever you are operating your device.

The other carbonation style found in home soda makers is obtainable in electric models. These don’t rely on CO2 canisters rather they depend on internal motors to perform the carbonation process. It is advisable to steer clear of soda makers which employ other type of gases as they may carry different health concern.

  1. Carafe material:

Soda makers usually come with reusable plastic carafe which would be inserted directly into the body of the soda maker. It is important that you confirm that every plastic bottle is BPA-free so as to ensure that you are not ingesting harmful chemicals while using your device. Most plastic bottle will come with something akin to an expiration date; recommended usage period, during which time you can use the bottle effectively at an optimum level.

This is typically within two years. After this time you will observe that the bottle will cause the soda to lose carbonation faster or in extreme cases even leak. When it gets to this point the plastic, even if it is BPA-free, may end up contaminating the water.

You may also opt for soda makers that come with glass carafes. These do not come with any expiration date and saves you the headache of worrying about leaching chemicals since glass does not break down same way plastic does. These make them absolutely safe to use.

Also, since you don’t have to swap out the bottles like is done with plastic every few years, you also create less waste. They are reusable, saving you the cost of having to buy new containers every time you intend to use your soda maker.

  1. Included components:

It is important that you check the product description of any soda maker that you intended to buy, to confirm what is included in the package. Basically, you want to know if it comes with a CO2 canister and a bottle, which allows you to start using the maker right away.

If it does not come with one or either of these, then you will need to buy them separately before you can begin making your own soda. You should also check the requirements of the device, because not every bottle and CO2 is compatible with every soda maker.

There are also a couple of models which come with special accessories such as stirring spoons to incorporate the flavor mix with soda water and special caps for the bottles. A couple of models also come with flavor samples mix which makes it easy to start enjoying your drink right away.

Total capacity

There are two places where you need to check when it comes to capacity on your soda maker; the carbonator and the bottle. The capacity on the carbonator will notify you how much soda you will be able to make before you buy a replacement.

This is usually expressed as the total volume of soda water left and not the number of uses, as the number of uses will depend on how carbonated you make your drink each time. Full-sized canisters usually have a 30-60 liters capacity.

The capacity of the bottle is an indication of how much beverage you will be able to make at a particular time. Most soda makers are designed in a way that you are to carbonate a full bottle at once, and then add in flavor to create your beverage.

Carbonate refills

If you opt for a soda maker which uses CO2 canister for carbonator then you will need a refill when you run out. Unfortunately most soda makers don’t have indicators to tell the level of CO2. So it is usually safer to have an extra canister close by if you are planning on hosting a large event or gathering and would be using your soda maker.

To purchase a refill, you will need to take the old canister to a participating retailer and buy from there. Therefore, it is important to have one close by, else it would be difficult to obtain refills.

Operation method

Majority of soda makers don’t require battery or electricity to work, all you need to do to kick off the carbonation process is to press a particular button. One advantage of this manual operation style is that it gives you control over how carbonated you want your drink to be. On the other hand, electric soda makers come with a single setting for carbonation, depriving you of so much control.

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FAQ when buying a soda maker

  1. What is a Soda maker?

It is an equipment used to convert ordinary tap water into carbonated drink or beverage. This appliance is excellent for making cocktails, juices, and other homemade sparkling beverages as they add carbonated water to make it fizzy.

  1. Why should I buy a Soda maker?

For someone who is a core soda fan, buying a soda maker saves you the inconvenience of having to always run to the store to get cans or bottles of aerated drinks. Aside from that there is also the cost benefit. Buying soda cans from the store on a daily basis can be very expensive. You can save this cost on a long term by buying a soda maker

  1. What are the different types of Soda Makers?

There are a lot of different models and type of soda makers available in the market. Before you buy one it is important that you know its features and functionalities. Some of the most popular types of soda makers in the market include; SodaStream Revolution Soda Maker, Primo Flavor station Soda Maker, Rotary Aerated Water Making Machine etc.

  1. What should you look for when buying a soda maker?

There are a couple of important features and functions that must be put into consideration when buying a Soda maker. Some of them include cost, variety of flavors, ease of maintenance, availability of cartridge, operation method, total capacity etc.

can i use tap water with soda maker machines?

yes definitely you can use direct tap water to add fizz in the water and your drink, i would recommended using fridge water to make your drink more delicious to drink in cold water.

you need to check portable ice maker reviews to enjoy your drink cold always.


A good Soda maker should come with features that allow you to make sparkling beverages in a matter of seconds. You should look for a Soda maker which has a large capacity CO2 cylinder which you can use for a long time and has a beautiful design which blends easily with your kitchen décor.

According to your preference, opt for a brand which offer you the best performance and impressive value after reading the best-rated soda maker reviews from above.

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