can you freeze yogurt

yogurt is popular dairy product liked by lot of people as it can be used in making different yogurt recipes with condensed milk and other dishes which are quite healthy to eat. yogurt in itself is healthy for digestive system and helps to cool body down. if you are wondering can i freeze yogurt then you have come to write place as here we will discuss all about freezing yogurt and using yogurt to make different dishes.

When you have extra yogurt that you bought on clearance sale in the super market or made at home then you can freeze it to use later for making tasty dishes. hope this answers your question, can you put yogurt in the freezer, to know the process of freezing yogurt read the details shared below.

can you freeze yogurt

frozen yogurt will last about 50 days in freezer post that the taste and texture would change and you many not enjoy it, so i would recommend that you consume as soon as possible after freezing the yogurt to get best taste. it might also sometimes get freezer burns if not stored properly in air tight containers or air tight bags but you can also stir the yogurt in use in recipes lie oatmeal cereal bowl, fruit cake muffins, yogurt veggies salad mixture and many more. you can also frozen raisins and frozen raspberries to make the yogurt bowl more tasty.

How to freeze yogurt?

yogurt has soft and smooth texture but after freezing it would become hard as it contains some water in it and texture would change post thawing.

you can keep in the yogurt in freezer and and try to eat it next day if you like the taste and texture and freeze in large quantity as you like. if you don’t like the taste of frozen yogurt then you can use it for preparing some dish.

It has been found that freezing for long time may kill some of the beneficial enzymes in the yogurt. As we all know that yogurt contains lots of beneficial cultures and enzymes and when we freeze the yogurt most of them become dormant and very few are lost but post thawing they become active again.

Add yogurt in air tight container so that it doesn’t come in contact with outside odor and moisture which could make it smell bad and watery in consistency once thawed.

you can also flash freeze the yogurt scopes by placing the scopes on the baking sheet and then freezing the scopes in freezer for 30 minutes and then taking out and transferring them into freezer safe sealable bag for later use, then placing the bag in freezer for up to 30-50 days.

How to defrost yogurt?

to thaw and defrost the yogurt place it in fridge for few hours before eating and it would be fine with smooth texture again. if the consistency is not as per your preference post thawing then you can stir the yogurt in bowl and it will become smooth again, perfect for consumption.

you can refreeze the thawed  yogurt if their is still some leftover with you for future use.

Can You Freeze Yogurt Parfaits?

Yes you can freeze yogurt parfaits in a jar or container. make sure to seal it tightly after adding the yogurt and don’t add toppings or granola at the time of freezing, add them at the time of serving.

you can thaw it in fridge for few hours or overnight. after thawing you might see some difference in texture so you can mix the parfaits then eat it after adding to your favorite toppings.

Can you freeze geek yogurt?

yes you can freeze Greek yogurt easily by using the method of freezing yogurt shared above. it is very tasty thick Varity of yogurt that is packed with nutrients like proteins, calcium etc. it will remain good till 50-60 days without any issues.

i like it a lot due to its creamy texture and delicious taste, so you can always keep the stock ready in freezer to cater to your instant carving of Greek yogurt to enjoy it with family and friends and make many dishes like yogurt smoothies with Greek yogurt.

You can also checkout can you freeze whipped cream to use it later while making yogurt recipes. to know about yogurt nutritional values take a look at the chart given below with some statistics on yogurt nutrients facts.

Yogurt Nutrition information
Image curtesy: foods for better health


hope you got the right method to store yogurt in freezer for consuming it later. although little bit texture might change post freezing and thawing the yogurt but it would be still good to eat without any issues.

let me know what all dishes you like to make with frozen yogurt at your home to enjoy with family in comments below. share this with your dairy and yogurt lover friends to let them help with yogurt freezing and storage in fridge using right ways for improving its shelf life.

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