can you freeze sweetened condensed milk

sweetened condensed milk is popular among masses for making various kinds of desserts like puddings, fudges, cheesecakes etc. easily and fast. it possesses long shelf life and has almost no water content. it is sweet and gooey as its made by vacuuming normal milk using a special process.

can you freeze sweetened condensed milk

condensed milk has been processed under heat to increase its shelf life by removing all the harmful bacteria’s in it which could spoil the milk. if you buy extra condensed milk when on sale you can always freeze it to use later when required.

How to Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk?

most of the time it is found that the condensed milk comes in can when you buy from market which is ideal to store the milk up to certain extent but not for too long, so if the can is closed you can freeze it directly but if you have opened can with leftover then transfer the condensed in freezer safe container or freezer safe sealable bag in small portions for hassle free use in future. if using resealable bags then remove the air from bag then seal it.

you can also make use of ice trays to store the milk as it would freeze easily and in good shapes. if using ice trays the milk would freeze in couple of hours an after that take the milk cubes and store in freezer safe bags for long term storage and you can also put the date of expiry on the container or bag so that you can consume before it goes bad.

if you want to learn about freezing sour milk then we have post on that too, check it out here can you freeze sour milk for preservation and use.

How to defrost sweetened condensed milk?

Condensed milk generally last for up to 6 months. to thaw the milk you can keep it in fridge for few hours and it would be ready to consume and add to various dishes. if you see some milk solids separating from milk liquids in the milk after thawing you can stir the milk mixture to get same old consistency back.

if you want to use milk for making hot shakes or any other drinks or use for cooking some hot dish with milk then you don’t need to defreeze it, you can directly put the portioned milk in the recipe and it will milt on its own, you can also use milk cubes if you made them directly in the recipe to make it tasty with the help of condensed milk.

Uses of condensed milk

ice cream making

you can make tasty ice cream at home with condensed milk. it would help you to give the ice cream creamy and smooth texture besides making it more delicious. you can use one the high quality ice cream maker to get rich and flavorful ice cream made in your kitchen.

French toast

You can also try to make sweet French toast with your condensed milk by using it as the dressing instead of savory dressings.


you can also make coffee, hot coco, flavored shakes, ice teas and other similar drinks with condensed milk. add in small quantities in gradually to all your cold and hot drinks. chocolate drinks taste good with condensed milk, you can learn to freeze chocolate for making tasty drinks later with this milk.

baked food items

you can also add condensed milk to recipes of sweet bread, cakes like pound cakes, sweet casserole filling and other such baked food to make them dense and sweet.

fruit toppings

You can also make condensed milk drenched toppings like add different berries including strawberries in condensed milk and freeze them then eat them or use them as garnish on the sweet desserts like cakes, pastries etc. fruit which are tangy and tarty like kiwis, plums, berries etc. taste good with sweet condensed milk.


you can also use condensed milk to make sweet pies like custard pies, orange pie, lemon pies, apple pie etc. with this milk to make it sweet and thick.

tea making

if you want your milk to become creamy and then add some condensed milk in them and it will become very good in consistent and taste. it works with both cold teas and hot teas.


Hope you learned to freeze and store sweetened condensed milk for to consume later and always keep your stock of condensed milk up in the freezer to make delicious recipes with condensed milk whenever you want.

Share this recipe with all the milk lovers who love to make desserts as it would help them store the condense milk in right manner for long time to make dessert recipes.

If you want to share some different uses of condensed milk with us then comment below. to learn about freezing soy milk read about it on our post on freezing soy milk easily in freezer.

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