can you freeze whipped cream

Whipped cream is very popular food item to add to various desserts including many cakes, coffee, pastries, hot drinks, cold milk drinks, puddings, among others. To make whipped cream at home make sure that you use good quality heavy cream for making it so that it can be frozen effectively.

here will share some ways with you to help you freeze whipped cream to preserve it for later use in countless sweet recipes to make guest happy with delicious dishes topped with quality whipped cream.

can you freeze whipped cream

How to make whipped cream?

you can make whipped cream by taking cold heavy cream and then adding it to cold bowl and then wiping the cream for few minutes with hand whisker or mixer then adding powder sugar and some essence if you like. once you start seeing stick peaks then the cream is ready for use or storage in fridge or freezer.

some people also use blow torch after placing the frozen cream on desserts to give it a vibrant brown color for better look aesthetically or spray it with different food color to make it good looking.

if you are having question in mind that how to thicken frosting then we have written detailed guide about it so that you can make best quality frosting at home.

If your whipped cream has little bit cream cheese or cornstarch added while making then it would stay in its shape for long and after freezing and thawing you will get firmer whipped cream to place on various desserts to make them look and taste good.

How to freeze whipped cream?

I would recommend that you take metal tray as it will get cold faster than plastic tray  which will help with whipped cream storage then place wax paper on it then with the help of spatula place all the whipped cream on tray and spread it evenly.

then place the tray in freezer for 20- 30 minutes until the cream becomes firm and hard to touch. once done then take out the tray and cut the cream pieces and remove from wax paper by pulling or using spatula then place the cream cubes in air tight container for future use.

To learn about freezing sweetened condensed milk check our post as it will help you make many tasty desserts on which you can use your frozen whipped cream easily and enjoy with friends and family.

How to defrost whipped cream?

To defrost the whipped cream, take out all the cubes or as many required from the freezer and place them in fridge for 20-50 minutes and then they would become soft then with spatula place them on your desserts directly or whisk them in bowl if you like.

uses of whipped cream

it can be used to make countless dishes, some of them i have suggested below for you to try.


Hope you learned the right method to freeze the whipped cream carefully as making and storing the whipped cream is task which no novice want to undertake due to risk of uncertainly in in its consistency and while making and post thawing.

with the right way and tips shared above you will be able to make whipped cream effectively and use it later whenever required. if you want to know more about nutritional values of whipped cream then take a look at image shared below to get more insight on whipped cream

whipped cream nutritional values

let us know with what all dishes do you use whipped cream to make it tasty in comments below. i use it with cakes, milk shake dressings, home cooked waffles among others.

share this with your friends who love to make sweet recipes as it would be very useful for them to make whipped cream and store it in freezer to use later when you are in hurry. you can make it earlier and then use in evening party to serve various desserts like pan cakes, crepes etc. with whipped cream cubes or balls for better taste and look.

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