can you freeze chocolate

everyone loves to eat chocolate as its sweet and comes in mainly two types dark chocolate made from cocoa powder which is derived from cocoa beans or white chocolate made from milk and cream. companies and people add different toppings in chocolate to make them tasty with different taste. popular chocolate variety includes nuts infused chocolate, dried fruits infused chocolates, caramel filling chocolate bars among others.

buying extra chocolate when on sale or making at home more than you can consume at one time makes your mind think can you freeze chocolate at home to keep it safe for long without spoiling the flavor, here we will answer your question related to chocolate freezing in right way for long term storage.

chocolate does not contain water content in it which makes it excellent food item to freeze well without any issues. it does not lose flavor or texture upon freezing and is safe to eat post freezing which make chocolate freezing good for its preservation for long term period.

can you freeze chocolate

some times you buy different chocolate candies and other chocolate made food items which does not comes with freezing instruction, so to make sure that they freeze well and last longer, try freezing small portion as it would give the results without spoiling the whole candies, if you like the taste and texture post thawing then go ahead with full quantity freezing else avoid and keep in fridge only if required.

chocolate contains antioxidants which are good for our body and it also helps to reduce cholesterol levels in our body and help to prevent memory lose issues to some extent. it is also rich in calories as people add sugar to eat.

some studies has also found that it could cut the issues related to heart by almost one third. dark chocolate also contains flavanols which release nitric oxide in the body to reduce the oxygen consumption while workout as found by research done on cyclists in uk who used less oxygen and covered more distance in 2 minute trail run after eating chocolate.

How to freeze chocolate

if you have a unopen pack of chocolates then you put can put in freezer directly but if you have opened pack of chocolate then you can wrap it in silver foil and then place the chocolate bar in the freezer bag removing maximum air from it before sealing. then place the bag in freezer. if your chocolate comes in box then keep the box directly in freezer, make sure the box is tightly sealed before keeping in freezer.

once the package is ready for freezing, keep it in fridge for few hours before freezing to prevent crystallization or chocolate increase in surface area due to blooming effect in which sugar blooms and rises, you can see crystalize sugar if blooming happens and it makes chocolate taste little bit bitter.

How to defrost chocolate

thawing chocolate is easy process, just keep it in fridge for few hours and you would get nice chocolate chunks to eat and enjoy. if you are in hurry you can also keep it in room temperature and it would get done faster in 1 hour.

if you need melted chocolate fast then you can also use microwave for 30 seconds to get it done as per your requirement for making different chocolate desserts.

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now that you know how to freeze and defrost chocolate easily you can buy extra chocolate from market when its on sale and keep in freezer for future eating because everyone likes to chocolate at various different times of day and on various occasions.

you can make variety of cakes, ice cream and different desserts from chocolate at home to enjoy with your family and friends at economical prices as making chocolate dishes at home is cheaper than store bought ones.

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