can you freeze sour milk

Sour milk is popular choice for making many cooking items including soups, cakes, curries etc. to make them tasty. some time you have extra sour milk left with you and you cant make use of it or you buy extra packs from markets when its selling cheap, then the question in your mind arises can you freeze sour milk for later use. let me tell you that the only method to store sour milk safely is by freezing it or keeping it in fridge as it would get spoiled very fast if kept in room temperature due to accelerated bacteria’s growth.

can you freeze sour milk


it has less protein than normal milk and yogurt which is good for people who require less protein consumption per day. sour milk contains lactic acids which helps in issues related to digestion and heart also works smoothly. if you want to make sour milk at home from normal milk then you can use vinegar or lemon juice in 1-2 spoon quantity to get it ready in few minutes easily.

Freezing sour milk

It can be frozen easily but wont recommend it too much. freezing extends sour milk shelf life by about 4-5 months. you can keep the milk container in which it came directly in freezer but make sure it is tightly sealed.

The consistency and texture of of sour milk may change after freezing it. once you defrost the sour milk it becomes somewhat like cottage cheese with grainy texture. so keeping in mind that texture will change, if you are ok with it then go ahead and freeze the sour milk.

if you require sour milk to pair with recipes with baked potato wedges as dip or as savory drink with some other dishes then freezing wont be recommended as consistency would be change but if you require it for soupy dishes then you can add thawed sour milk to get the desired results of making the dish tasty.

you can also store it in upside down condition as it has been found out that doing this increases the shelf life of the sour milk considerably.

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Sour milk Uses

  • sour milk can be used in garden beds and watering plants as it helps to provide the extra calcium boast to the plants required for growth. all you need to do is dilute the milk with some water and add it to the plants in garden and see them grow faster than before.
  • you can also mix it with your pet feeds like dogs, hens, cats etc. to give it to the pets or mix them with some other pet treats to have the pets enjoy some sour treats.
  • it can be used to make sour cream which is used with many savory dishes like chips, nachos etc. or you can use it as butter milk replacement by diluting it with some water and adding some salt and pepper to enjoy on hot summer day.
  • sour milk is very popular for making cottage cheese in many parts of the world. its easy to make and tasty to eat. people make many different recipes and dishes with cottage cheese.
  • it also gives benefits for skin also. rubbing the sour milk on skin make it soft and smooth. adding it to your bath tub along with some good aroma essential oil makes overall betterment for your body skin.
  • People also like to make tasty Irish soda bread with sour milk because it easy to make and involves less ingredients. people add different toppings in like raisins, almonds etc. to make it tasty. the sour milk require in the recipe is used to activate the yeast in the cake recipe to make it more soft and fluffy. you can see some of our bread recipes to make at home easily.
  • sour milk can also be used to make many types of home made pound cakes and other simple cake recipes. you can replace the butter milk addition to cake with sour milk to enhance the taste. the cake would turn out to be delicious in take and crumbly in texture just like we want to eat. Pan cakes also becomes soft and fluffy if made with sour milk.
  • you can also use to prepare marinades for grilled dishes, frying and baking savory dishes, chicken and grilled potatoes with marinades made with sour milk taste great. Try to make marinades with variety of herbs, spices and sour milk and it would turn out to be great.
  • Making biscuits and cookies at home with sour milk to make then tender from inside and crunchy from outside. savory biscuit works great with sandwiches, beans salad, curries etc.

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As you know that frozen sour milk will  change consistency and texture over being thawed so do it if only necessary else try to store it in fridge for some time or use fresh when required for adding it different food items including baked food and other recipes to best taste from this food ingredient in your dish.

let us know in what all ways you like to use soured milk at home. share it with all your dairy lover friends to help them store and use sour milk at home in right way as shared above.

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