can you freeze spaghetti pasta noodles

spaghetti is very popular dish which is easy to make and people across the world like to eat it to fill their stomach without compromising on taste. some times it happens that you make extra spaghetti more than your entire clan can eat then you need to store it safely and question comes that can you freeze spaghetti, if yes then how. here we will discuss all about freezing spaghetti safely for future consumption with full taste.

can you freeze spaghetti

it is a great meal option to have for all the pasta lovers out their who love to try different types of pasta with different recipes and add their own tinge to make the dish tasty and great for everyone. To make spaghetti pasta at home you can buy a pasta machine as its economical and will help make quality pasta at home without any issues.

How to freeze spaghetti

If you want to freeze spaghetti and sauce separately then follow this method

freezing spaghetti

  • Cook the spaghetti partially and make sure its al dente and let it cool down with water strained out from it.
  • now add some oil and seasoning oh herbs and spices as per your liking and mix well.
  • their after you need to divide the spaghetti in small size portions so freezing and thawing would become easy.
  • now put the spaghetti noddle’s portions in freezing bags with date labeled in them and then put them to freezer.

freezing spaghetti sauce and balls

freezing sauce and balls made from vegetables or meat can be frozen by method shared below

  • prepare the sauce and balls in pan and let them cool down
  • now take small portions of sauce and add to the freezer bags with drizzle of oil.
  • label the bag and seal it tight and keep it in freezer to use later.

Tip: you can also use small freezer safe containers if you have them but it would take more space than bags. if you are curious about spaghetti sauce shelf life then checkout how long does pasta sauce last to know more about pasta sauce.

if you plan to just freeze the combined mixture of spaghetti and sauce then it can be done with similar method like above follow this method

  • make the spaghetti and sauce and them mix them completely the left over noodles.
  • now divide the small portions which are consumable at one time
  • let the noddle’s meal cool down and then add them to freezer bags and before sealing try to squeeze out all the air from bag as it may lead to oxidation of spaghetti sauce.
  • add label with date if required then put the bags in freezer for later use

How to defrost spaghetti

spaghetti meal can be defrosted easily in some time for you to consume and enjoy.

you can make use of microwave or oven to thaw and heat the spaghettis in a bowl and eat it after that. besides that you can just take out the spaghetti from freezer and keep it in fridge for few hours and it would be defrosted then you can heat it and consume without issues.

if you are planning to take it out a dinner time or when you want to consume it then you can keep it on counter top for some time and then heat it. to increase the speed of thawing you can add the freezer bag to water bowl and then heat the spaghetti meal.

if you want to take it to work then take the freezer bag with you and heat the spaghetti meal at lunch time to enjoy with your colleagues. you can also learn about how to reheat pasta to eat all kinds of leftover pasta later.

can you freeze cooked spaghetti noodles

yes you can freeze cooked spaghetti and leftover spaghetti too. if you are freezing freshly cooked spaghetti then make sure you cook it halfway and keep the spaghetti al dente so it does not become messy and extra soft on reheating after thawing.

if you want to freeze leftover spaghetti then also it can be done easily. add some oil to the container and cover it from top and then keep it in freezer to eat later.

learn to freeze salsa following our guidelines to eat it later with different dishes.


now that you know how to freeze spaghetti in all types of condition, make some quality spaghetti with your favorite spices, herbs and sauce to enjoy with friends and family and do it again by eating leftover spaghetti later some time.

let us know if you like to make spaghetti at home with your recipe style or eat at outdoor restaurants. do share it with your noodles and fast food lover friends as it would help them store the tasty spaghetti noodles for eating it later also.

Do you that you can also freeze quiche to consume later, check our post about it.

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