can you freeze salsa

salsa is very popular in many parts of world to eat as a dip, sauce and side with many food items like nachos, chips, in making marinades etc. to get a distinct taste in the dish. some time it happens that you make extra salsa or buy more jar of salsa sauce when its cheap in super market then the question of its effective storage arrives to keep it in good condition to enjoy it later with different food items like oven baked nachos, pasta, chips etc. at that time you can freeze the salsa keeping some things in mind and following a simple procedure shared below.

can you freeze salsa

Salsa is made from vegetables and fruits and mainly when making vegetable salsa it involves tomato which loss water after being frozen and thawed that leads to change in texture post thawing of the salsa.

so some people don’t like and use old salsa sauce in making chili, curries and soups but not directly with nachos and chips because change in texture leads to change in flavor even after throwing the extra water it accumulated post thawing.

consistency suffers post defrosting as the ingredients get mixed up and you wont get individual taste from different food items in the salsa.

How to freeze salsa

Their are few ways to freeze salsa we have discussed below to help you do it in right way.

freezing salsa using air tight container

if you have some store bought pasta left with you or your home made salsa needs to be freezer stored. it can be done using a air tight container. you can put the salsa in container and then close the lid tightly and keep in freezer to use for future.

you can also store the salsa in small portions using small containers to use it when required without taking out the whole big container. ice cube trays can also be used to freeze salsa. once frozen you can take out the salsa cubes and put in freezer bags to prevent frost and freezer burns. it will also be easy for you to take out some cubes and thaw for using with your snacks and enjoy.

freezing salsa in original packaging

you can also keep the salsa jar in which it came into freezer directly. its its open then close the lid tightly and then put in freezer. if the jar is half full or less then you can transfer the contents to small jar as it would save space and also the probability of freezer burn would reduce due to less in air in the small jar.

so if you have a question like Can you freeze store bought salsa, then let me tell you it can be done but it would be wise decision to transfer the salsa content from glass jar container you got from market to freezer safe container if you intent to store the salsa for long term as the glass might get broke and bust due to temperature in the freezer after some time.

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Frequently asked questions related to salsa freezing

Can you freeze Salsa Verde

yes salsa Verde can be frozen easily without any issues. this salsa sauce based on tomatillo is frozen in containers. just put the salsa Verde in small containers and close the lid tightly and write the date on container and then keep in freezer.

Can you freeze homemade salsa

yes home made salsa can be frozen and the color and texture might change post thawing process but the flavor and taste would remain the same to most extent. it will become little be soggy and release water post defrosting but overall it would be good to eat. you can throw the extra water from the container and serve the salsa or use in soup making etc. as per your liking.

all you need to do is just put the leftover home made salsa to freezer container in small portions and fill to brim leaving few inches on top and then close the lid tightly and label the date before putting it to freezer for few weeks to consume later. you can also use resealable air tight freezer bags to store salsa sauce also as it would take less space than containers in the freezer. to store salsa safely

can you freeze tomatoes to make salsa later

It is not too popular technique to freeze tomatoes to make different food items including salsa later using tomatoes but can be done and tomatoes can be stored in fridge or freezer as puree, raw or sliced, boiled etc. to use them later.

for using them to make salsa i would recommend to to cut the small pieces as it would help to reduce the preparation and cooking time.

take the tomatoes from garden or super market and rinse them under water then cut in small pieces and deseed them then and place them freezer safe bag and keep in freezer after labeling the bag.

if you are thinking of blanching the tomatoes prior to storing in freezer then just them in boiling water for couple of minutes in the pan and then take them out and put in ice bath to cool them and stop the cooking process. then remove the skin of the tomatoes and place them in freezer safe bags to keep in freezer for as long as your want.

Tips for salsa freezing

it is advised to consume salsa as soon as possible after freezing because after a month or so the taste might start to change. you can also put the salsa in can to keep it for extended period in fridge. you can drizzle some lemon juice on the top of fruit salsa to prevent the fruit turning brown while freezing them.

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now that you know how to freeze and thaw the salsa dip to enjoy with your dishes, make some and keep in freezer but don’t make too much as you salsa dip tend to change texture and flavor little bit after some time of freezing. so make in quantity that you can consume in 30-40 days maximum after freezing.

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