how long does pasta sauce last in the fridge

Everyone loves to eat pasta made with homemade pasta sauce. but some times pasta sauce gets bad and you start wondering what exactly is its shelf life to avoid making it go bad next time. here i will tell you for how long does pasta sauce last in the fridge

Let me tell you straight that a pasta sauce made with good quality ingredient’s and store in right way can last up-to 8 days in your fridge as after that it starts to get bad gradually and you can notice it as the color will start to change  from bright red or orange to darker tones of red and maroon and if its too long then you might see some mold growing on your pasta, that’s the time when you need to throw it in dustbin. you can consume it faster also if you like to have pasta more frequently.

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pasta sauce shelf life

store bought pasta sauce shelf life after opening is about 7-10 days where homemade pasta sauce be consumed for up-to 5-7 days.

tomatoes are acidic in nature when prevents growth of bacteria and mold in sauce to some degree but sauce contain citric acid which acts as a preservative and helps keep the sauce good for its self life. now days its added to everything we consume form market.

Storing pasta sauce in containers

pasta sauce can be store in air tight container of any type to make it stay fresh for longer term in fridge. get your self an air tight container made of glass, plastic, or simple zip lock bags would also work.

when the fridge pumps air it leads to oxidation of the food items kept in it so to store your sauce for long term it is advised to cover it with air tight container as it would increase its self life for about longer and prevent it from going bad faster.

If you don’t have any container then just put some plate on top of the utensils and keep in fridge to make it last longer than expected for few more days.

Using date sticker for pasta sauce containers

As we have already discussed that pasta sauce last for about 5-8 days in fridge. so if you are busy and wont remember when you made the sauce then i think its a good practice to paste a date sticker on your pasta sauce container so you will know next time you go to take pasta sauce from fridge weather its good to eat or not.

Its good way for other members of house as well to make them aware about the expiry date of home made pasta sauce.

Cooling pasta sauce before storing

Let the tomato sauce cool down to temperature below 140 Degree F after cooking for few hours before you put it in your fridge for storage because the inner section of food maybe hot if you directly put in the fridge which may lead to bacteria growth on it unknowingly. To bring the temperature down you can stir the sauce for 1-10 minutes as it would help and effectively bring it to required temperature for refrigeration purposes.

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Hope this article help you clean your doubts about pasta sauce storage and gave you answer for how long does pasta sauce last in the fridge. do share with friends and let us know in comments below if you have any more questions related to pasta sauce.

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