can you freeze quiche to eat later

Quiche is a very popular dish made with eggs and different vegetables. some time it happens that you need to prepare it in advance and freeze it for later serving and eating with family. so here we have answered your question on freezing quiche.

Quiche is a French dish which with crusty patties like outer crust from all side and it looks like a pie. it can be filled with any number of items including but not limited to vegetables, meats, cheese sauce, chicken, bbq sauce, different herbs and spices mix, small sea food pieces and much more to make it suit your taste buds. some people also like to eat crust less quiche but that’s totally different as in that veggies form the crust in place of normal flour baked crust.

can you freeze quiche

It can be made with cheap ingredients and fillings like scrambled eggs, stir fry veggies and cheese sauce and expensive ones also like, truffles, top class cheese from Italy, lobster and caviar to give it distich taste, that’s what make this dish very versatile.

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Can you freeze quiche

yes quiche can be easily put in freezer to increase its life span and eat later. however if you plan to freeze uncooked quiche then the life span would be shorter when compared to freezing baked and cooked quiche for later serving.

It has been found that unbaked quiche which are frozen can last up to 30 days and quiche which seems to be baked and then frozen last for up to 60 days.

if you plan to freeze quiche which is made with lot of veggies then it is good to bake it partially before freezing it to keep the integrity of the quiche in good shape and make sure that they wont become soggy later when you reheat them to eat as vegetable tend to release water which leads to sogginess and discoloration of quiche if water content is high in it.

How to freeze quiche

now that we know that quiche can be frozen, its time to know the best method to freeze quiche easily and effectively

you can keep the quiche on a normal tray uncovered and keep in freezer for 1 hour once its is firm from outside then take out and wrap the quiche in aluminum foil or baking paper or normal freezer bags to keep in freezer for best quiche storage option.

it has been found by many of our readers that wrapping the quiche in baking paper then putting it in vacuum bag or freezer bag to freeze it in the freezer helps to keep it safe with full taste integrity for long term and prevent it from any kind of freezer burns which may make it flavor less.

This method can be used to store baked, partially baked and unbaked quiche in your freezer. one thing to make sure is that you should always mention the date on the package of the food to ensure it does not get bad and you consume it within stipulated time frame for best taste.

it would reduce the wastage as you wont have to throw away the quiche if taste becomes bad as you would consume it before only and will also keep the frozen food safe without any invasion and growth of unwanted bacteria in it due to old age of the food.

How to Heat frozen quiche

When you need to eat the quiche you can take out and put it in oven and let it bake for about 30-40 minutes at 350 degree F if the quiche is unbaked previously but if its pre baked then you can cook it in oven for about 20 minutes and you will get crispy and crunchy quiche within minutes.

There is no need to thaw it or pre heat the oven or pre bake the quiche as it will get it done in normal time only. you need to cover the quiche from bottom with aluminum foil to avoid any burning from crust area and keep it crispy.


Hope you got your answer to question can you freeze the quiche and how to do it the right way for keeping it safe to eat it later also. know more about air fryer recipes to get going with your recipe expedition and air fryer to eat when you are done with enjoying quiche.

Share it with your friends who like to eat quiche and other similar dishes as it would help them make quiche and store it for baking it later and enjoying with guest to have a great party and eating experience. let us know if you use some other method to freeze quiche.

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