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Everyone loves to eat different kinds of cereals and drink variety of soups but sometime you tend to wonder is cereal a soup and what are the reasons for same. here we will discuss all about cereals and soups to give your confusion an end and make you aware all that is to know about cereals and soups right below.

What is cereal

cereals are popular breakfast and snack options which kids and adults across the world enjoy eating in morning or as evening snacks to fill their tummy and get a great taste while doing so. the seed of cereal consist of endosperms, bran and germ in them to make the perfect cereal.

generally speaking rice, rye, wheat, millet etc. make a great cereal options to enjoy with fruits and other garnishing items.

cereals are soup or not
Variety of cereals

cereals comes packed with lots of essential nutrients like zinc, carbs, lots of fibers, proteins and fats which gives our body the required calories for working smoothly. due to their nutritional benefits they have become quite popular in people of all sections of society in different parts of the world.

generally people eat cereals in bowl with hot or cold milk depending upon how it taste bests to them. if you don’t want to eat the cereals with milk then you can try it with little bit water or juice just for fun of eating cereals and get a different taste.

you can also add dried fruits to your cereal bowl as it would enhance the taste and nutritional value of the cereals, if you are buying sugar free plain cereals from market then you can add little bit honey in the bowl to make it sweet for eating.

Resisting a big bag of sweet cereals is hard but if you are eating sweet and sugar rich cereals, eat them in limited quantity at one time as it may increase your sugar levels if consumed in excess regularly.

What is soup

soup is dish like by almost every age group people from young to old as it taste good and gives our body required nutrition among other benefits for helping with different illness like sore throat etc.

it is liquid made from from vegetables, spices like rosemary, water, cream or milk for garnish and some other items as per your taste requirements. mainly it is served warm or hot but some people would try cold soups also although it is very rare.

is cereal a soup

mainly their are 2 categories of soups clean soups and thick soups, we will discuss both of them right below.

Clear soups consists of consommé, broths, boillon soup etc. they are very popular category of soups that people to have with main course also besides taking it as evening snack. due to its nutritional value and no thickness it is very suitable in hospital servings also for sick patients to increase their body nutrient intake easily.

it can be made using veggies, mushrooms, chicken etc. as per the preference and is quite easy to make in appliances like instant pots, pressure cookers etc.

Talking about thick soups they consist of soup like potage, bisque, cream soup etc. in this category. while making a thick soup people add different kinds of ingredients in them to make them thick like corn starch, corn flour, thick cream, coconut milk, cheese cubes etc. to enhance the flavor and thickness of the soup. they are liked by some people who likes thick gravies, thick chili and similar items.

if you are a thick soup fan then you can checkout creamy carrot soup recipe and broccoli cheese soup to get make a great tasting soup right in your kitchen and enjoy with your family and friends.

Benefits of soups

soup comes with lot of benefits. soups contains lot of essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins and minerals required by our body which makes them a great choice of food for patients who cant eat solid food due to some reason or for people who want something liquid yet fulfilling to keep them full and hydrated.

soups also helps to improve body immunity and reduce body weakness. it helps to get body metabolism going smoothly. it helps to reduce stress and tension after a hectic workday. you can have cold soups in summer and hot soups in winter to enjoy them to the fullest.

you can pair soups with bread, quiche, rice and many other food recipes to make it taste more delectable and tasty.


Now that you have read about soups and cereals above you can finally decide weather cereal is soup or not, my personal opinion would be that although both have nutritional value useful for our body and great taste but cereal cannot be termed as soup as both the food item requires different items for preparation.

cereals don’t even require any cooking, you can just pour cereals with some milk and start eating, on the other hand soup requires mixing different ingredients and spices in different proportion and then cooking for some time then garnishing before serving to get best taste from it. Both of them comes with difference in taste also.

let us know what are your opinions about cereal being soup or not in comments section below, and share this post with your confused friends also who would like to know about the difference of soup and cereals to enjoy both of the them to the fullest while eating without any issues.

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