Tasty Grilled potato wedges recipe

Grilled Potato wedges are one of my favorite snack to have. i can eat them anytime any day. i know its same for you also because who in this world wont like to eat scrumptious and smoky grilled potato wedges with some tasty sauce and marination.

here i have shared with you my favorite and simple recipe of making potato wedges to get that heavenly feeling of eating some thing great. its easy to make and cheap, so you wont burn hole in your pocket even if you eat them every other day of the week with your friends and family.

As per my opinion russet type or any big size potatoes with thin skin are great for making grilled potatoes, French fries etc. as they are tender from inside and becomes crisp from outside easily. I don’t prefer making with potato skin, but if you like then you try once to see if it taste good for your liking. make sure to clean the potatoes firmly under running water as sometimes they contain pesticides and dirty which needs to be removed.

simple grilled potato wedges recipe

so come on lets get to the recipe of grilled wedges made in your kitchen grill below and start preparing our tasty wedges to eat with different items.

Tasty Grilled potato wedges recipe


  • 5-6 potato’s (medium size would be good)
  • 5 spoon of oil
  • 1 spoon salt
  • 1 spoon pepper
  • 1 spoon paprika


  • turn on your grill and keep the temp at 400 degree F with vents open( check grill temperature with thermometer)
  • slice your potatoes in small wedge shaped chunks
  • put the potato chunks in hot water for 10 minutes in bowl or just boil for 5 minutes on stove
  • thereafter remove the potato skin and remove all excess water from potato wedges
  • now put the potatoes in bowl with all the ingredients in it and mix thoroughly so the potato’s get soaked in oil and spices evenly
  • Now take a baking tray and wrap it in  aluminum foil and transfer the potatoes in it
  • Put the tray in grill and let it grill for 10-20 minutes until grilled fully, keep rotating every 5 minutes to cook evenly
  • once all potatoes are golden brown and crisp from outside
  • remove from grill and serve on plate with delicious sauces of different types including homemade bbq sauce, cilantro sauce, chilly sauce etc.


  • If you are health freak and like to keep your oil intake low then i would recommend you make this delicious wedges recipe in air fryer as it would make them perfect without use of any oil.
  • You can add potato flakes in the marinate mixture to make more tasty and flavorful if you like, although its optional.
  • Its cook total cook time is 20-30 minutes including 10 minutes of preparation for making bbq potato wedges.
  • Although it taste great on its own but you can also pair it also with some main course recipes also like panini grilled sandwiches or delicious veggies cheese burger.
  • some people like to cover the wedges in aluminum foil to avoid burning of outside skin but i don’t recommend it as it wont give you that crispy outer skin to die for. if you are worried about cleaning grill after wards and sticking of wedges on grill grates then you can just coat the grill grates and potatoes with some high smoke point oil like sesame oil/ canola oil etc. and it wont stick easily anywhere
  • don’t forget to soak the potatoes in hot water/ boil in water/put in pressure cooker with water for 2 whistle because doing so will make the wedges softer from inside and crisp from outside, remove extra starch from potatoes and prevent it to give bad taste when done.
  • cut each potatoes in 8 equal pieces from good knife to get perfect shaped wedges, else you can try some other shapes also if you like different looking grilled potatoes.
  • To get smoky flavor from your wedges, you can smoke them in hickory wood chips or pellets after they are done. it would take the taste to next level.

Nutritional information

  • calories: 200 k
  • sugar: 2 grams
  • fats: 15 grams
  • carbohydrates: 22 grams
  • proteins: 2.5 grams
  • calcium: 21mg


Hope you liked the recipe share above of potato wedges. if you haven’t tried this Delicious and Tasty Grilled potato wedges recipe once then you must because its really delicious to eat. If you don’t have a grill to make this tasty potato recipe then get one from our suggestions of best gas grills in market at discounted rates.

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