Can You Freeze Buttercream Frosting

If done correctly, buttercream frosting can transform ordinary cakes into extraordinary ones. It’s rich and creamy, and it tastes so good!

Buttercream is a favorite topping for cakes. It’s very simple to make. Buttercream frosting makes these cakes even more impressive and delicious. It is the crown of the queen. It holds its form beautifully. It is quite easy to put buttercream frosting on baked goods. It’s also super easy to make, with most recipes taking between 10 to 15 minutes.

Checkout how to thicken any kind of frosting easily in this post for making a quality and delicious recipe with your frosting.

Bakers are likely to have some frosting left over from previous holidays. If you bake them at home, there might be leftovers or excess frosting. What to do with leftovers? They can be kept in the refrigerator. Most likely!


Does Buttercream Frosting Freeze Well?

Some items that contain cream as the main ingredient may freeze poorly. This is because cream or milk in any dish, sauce, soup, etc., can cause separation. Separation of ingredients can occur. This happens most often with soups and other liquid foods. This is not the case for buttercream frosting.

Buttercream frosting freezes well. Buttercream frosting freezes well despite being made with cream, milk (a common substitute), and sometimes egg yolk. It could be due to the buttercream frosting’s thick consistency and the way the ingredients were mixed. They aren’t able to separate as easily in cream-based soups.

You should ensure that the frosting is properly frozen, just like other food. It is important to take precautions when freezing or thawing frosting for the best results.

How can I freeze buttercream frosting?

It is best to freeze buttercream frosting while it is still fresh. It loses its freshness and flavor the longer it is kept in the refrigerator. Therefore, it is best to freeze buttercream frosting immediately. Check out the following steps:

  • To ensure that all ingredients are well combined, stir the frosting. You can freeze buttercream frosting in large freezer bags.
  • To avoid mess, place the freezer bag in a cup and fold the edges around the sides.
  • Place the buttercream frosting in a freezer bag.
  • Seal the bag by squeezing out any excess air.
  • For best results, label the bag and freeze the buttercream frosting for three months.
  • You can freeze bags of frosting and stack them in the freezer. Place the bags in the lowest part of your freezer for the best results.

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How To Defrost Buttercream Frosting?

Now is the perfect time to put the buttercream frosting you made weeks ago into use. Or, if you’re like us, you only made it once and forgot about it for weeks.

First, you must defrost it before you decorate it or eat it from the container. You need the patience to do this. Otherwise, it will melt in the microwave and turn into a bowl of buttery, sweetened butter.

Take out the buttercream frosting from the freezer as soon as possible. For this, you can wrap it up in a container.

To let it defrost slowly, place it in the fridge. It is best to leave it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours before removing it from the wrap and unwrapping it. Once removed from its plastic wrap, keep it in the container until it reaches room temperature in your pantry or kitchen.

It could take up to an hour. However, it is possible to frost with cold buttercream.

Frost to your heart’s content when it is at room temperature. You can also grab a spoon to get started.

Although we are sure that the buttercream frosting will get done in no time, you must not refreeze any leftovers.

You must not freeze defrosted items again. Refrozen leftovers should be kept in the refrigerator and used within three days.

How long does buttercream last in the fridge?

Buttercream frosting can be kept in the refrigerator for approximately 2 to 4 weeks if properly stored. Before placing the frosting in the fridge, fill a container with the remaining frosting. Seal it tightly. Once you are ready to use the frosting, whip it up with a mixer until it becomes fluffy again.

Buttercreams can last up to one month in the refrigerator, but we recommend you use it within two weeks as they might taste off after that time.

Proper fridge storage involves placing it in an airtight container with a tight lid. Make sure that there is no condensation inside the container when you close the lid.

Keep it out of reach of any food that might absorb odors, like garlic or fish!

To ensure that condensation doesn’t build up, fill the container to the brim.

3 Tips to Freeze Buttercream

We’ve got three tips to help you freeze the buttercream.

Keep it tight: Air could be your enemy during the process. You must do everything possible to keep the air out. You can use high-quality Tupperware containers with tight seals or thick freezer bags.

Avoid Decorating Cakes: You can separate the buttercream and freeze the cake to assemble them when it’s time to serve.

Give it a vigorous stir: Buttercream can sometimes separate from the freezer, especially if frozen for several months. Give the buttercream a vigorous stir once defrosted. Although it won’t be as smooth if made fresh, it should still be smooth enough.

How to Use Leftover Buttercream Frosting?

Buttercream frosting is a versatile topping used on cupcakes and cakes. What can you do with leftover buttercream frosting, though? These are five ways you can use leftover buttercream frosting.

  1. Make a cake with buttercream frosting – You can use extra buttercream frosting to make a cake. Either make a basic layer cake or go crazy with pipe designs. It’ll taste great either way!
  2. Fill and decorate cupcakes- Buttercream frosting can perfectly decorate cupcakes. You can fill them with whatever you want, and they will be a delicious treat everyone will enjoy.
  3. Make cookies- Buttercream frosting is good for making cookies. Spread it on your favorite cookie dough, creating a unique and delicious cookie that everyone will enjoy.
  4. Make a dip- Buttercream frosting can serve as a dip for fruits and pretzels. To make a colorful and fun dip, add some food coloring.
  5. Decorating a cake – If you feel artistic, you can use leftover buttercream frosting to decorate your cake. The frosting can decorate the top of the cake, or you can even use it to write messages. It doesn’t matter what you do; it will be delicious.

These are five great ways to use leftover buttercream frosting. These are some great ideas to use up the leftover frosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the purpose of buttercream?

Buttercream is a butter-based frosting or icing. People use it on cakes and cupcakes to add a layer, decoration, cream, or coating. Basically, it is made with creamed butter and confectioners’ sugar.

How long does buttercream frosting last?

You can store buttercream frosting in the refrigerator for up to one month and in the freezer for up to three months if it is properly stored. Why would you make buttercream ahead? To make cake decorating more fun.

What butter is the best for buttercream?

Buttercream is made up of butter. Butter can be either salted or unsalted, but it is essential to use real butter with higher fat and lower water content.

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