What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer

Air fryer is very popular small cooking appliance found in almost every 1 in 5 homes in American homes and homes of people across the world. people always wonder what can you cook in an air fryer that’s why we have written this post to share some of the unique food choice which can be cooked in air fryer.

Air fryer is a very versatile kind of cooking appliance which make use of hot air to cook the food kept in it. when the air comes in contact with hot heating elements of the air fryer it becomes hot and hot air then comes in contact with food items kept in the fryer basket which reacts with the hot air and amino acids presents in the food break down and cook it and made the out layer brown and crispy and inner one soft and tender.

Just like instant pot has many unknown and unique recipe versions to make in it, air fryer has hundreds of recipes available online to cook in air fryer. here we have shared some of the popular choices of food items which can made in air fryer in less time and easily.

What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer

Foods To Cook In Your Air Fryer

Frozen Foods

you can make all kinds of frozen food in your air fryer. it works for all food items which requires you to cook in oven.

it makes the frozen food items crispy when with no oil or very less oil.

some of the popular items includes chicken nuggets, frozen fries, fish sticks, frozen nuggets, pizza rolls and many more easily in less time.

Baked food

you can also bake food items in your air fryer easily with some different accessories it comes it. some of the modern air fryers also comes with separate functions to bake food as and when required. it can bake most of the dishes which requires a toaster oven or normal oven to make.

in air fryer you can bake all kinds of food including small cakes, muffins, types of bread, lasagnas, baked potatoes, mini frittatas and many more dishes.

Nuts roasting

nuts are liked by everyone as they are tasty to eat and packs lot of nutrients. you can roast variety of nuts in your air fryer including but not limited to almonds, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts and many more.

some air fryers now days comes with special functions to roast nuts. usually roasting nuts like almonds or peanuts takes about 7-10 minutes depending upon the quantity to take in one batch.

Making sea food

making sea food recipes in your air fryer is very popular these days because they become crispy without usage of too much oil. recipes such as salmon cakes, lemon shrimps, coconut fish fry coconut shrimp, fish and chips can be easily made in the air fryer without any hassle.

side dishes

you can also make many side dishes in your air fryer and enjoy with your family and friends on a movie night or weekend party. some of the popular side dishes that can be made in air fryer includes grilled potato wedges, sweet potato hash browns, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets fries, corn cobs etc.


Desserts can also be made in the air fryer anytime you want to make your friends and family happy. you can make chocolate cups cakes, small choco lava cup cakes, coconut pies, almond pies, carrot cakes and many more.

make sure you have the complete recipe for making the dessert in the air fryer, if you want to try something simple then you can checkout user manual/ recipe manual which came with air fryer as it would have lot of easy to make recipes to get started including some dessert recipes which can be made in less time and with less ingredients using your very own air fryer.

Tips for using air fryer

  • When using the air fryer you can take its basket out after half to shake the food items so that food items gets cooked from all the sides equally without leaving any side uncooked.
  • you can preheat your sir fryer for couple of minutes to start the heat dissipation into food from start.
  • do not overload the cooking basket as it will cook the food unevenly
  • clean the cooking bowl of air fryer after each use to remove all leftover food
  • spray the walls of air fryer basket or the food with some oil to increase the speed of cooking.

If you want to buy a good quality air fryer for yourself to cook all the delicious food dishes shared above then checkout our post on all budget top quality air fryers to buy with discount this cooking season.


There are lots more recipes and food items which can be made in air fryers, the questions is which one you like. keep making different recipes shared above in air fryer and let us know how it went.

if you want to share some more recipes and food items which you cook in your fryer then let us know in comments section below. do share this post with friends who loves to cook cool recipes in their kitchen.

If you want to find some more suggestions of air fryer recipes then you can checkout food bloggers on Pinterest and see what they are making in their air fryers.

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