How to use instant read thermometer for food

Thermometers in kitchen are an important tool to cook the food on grill and other appliances correctly without letting them being over burnt or under cooked. here we will share how to use instant read thermometer and keep them safe when not in use along with some other insights about instant read thermometers to help you get the food perfectly every time with the help of these thermometers in your kitchen.

when using them grills it makes them a must have addition as you will be able to make when the food is cooked perfectly from inside out without making any kind of random guess work.

how to use instant read thermometers

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How to use instant read thermometer

Using and reading instant read thermometer is very easy, you just put it to the food your are cooking or anywhere of which you want to measure temperature and it would show the readings.

Personally i would recommend you that when choosing a instant read thermometer, go for dual probe model as it shows the temperature of inside the meat/food item and surface temperature also to help you make sure that its cooked fully from inside as well as outside.

With this thermometer you can also check the ambient temperatures of your grills and ovens to set them to right temperature for cooking different types of food without any hiccups.

Need for instant read thermometer

Instant read thermometer allows you to check the right temperature of food item accurately at any given point of time which helps you determine weather the food is under cooked or over cooked which makes it indispensable to thermometer with you while cooking.

If you over cook the food and spoil it while making then what’s the purpose of taking all the hassles of buying raw materials, preparing the recipe and doing other work involved in cooking it when at the end it gets spoiled. so to avoid from food being spoiled the thermometer is important while cooking all different kinds of food recipes in your kitchen.

you can take instant read thermometer with you anywhere which allows you to check temperatures even with your portable grills on outing to make it good time with deliciously cooked food.

How to calibrate your thermometer

thermometer calibration is must to keep the thermometer reading accurate always. if you suspect that your thermometer is not showing correct reading then its time to recalibrate it.

you can do it by putting it in boiling water at 100 degree C and then check the readings. if its not 100 then you need to change the reading to make it 100 because water only boils at 100. if you have newer versions of instant thermometers than some of them are self calibrating or comes with button for recalibration, so check the manual for more instruction on calibration techniques from manufacturer.

How to know when food is cooked fully

to get the exact cooking time and temperature you need to check the recipe you are referring to know when food is done and its indicators. when taking in consideration normal meats, its being said that normal cut up to medium meat can be eating around 140 degree F and thick cut around 165 degree F.

It is important that E.coli bacteria in meats gets killed before you eat which happens at right temperature depending on different types of meat, so refer to recipe and know what’s the exact time of cooking and temp for making delicious food recipes at right temperature with the help of your thermometer.

How to check grill surface temperature with your thermometer

Using thermometer to check grill temperature is not a big deal, only you need to know what kind of thermometer you have and process for using it with grill.

If you have a dial thermometer then it is advised to mount it on the grill side to get correct reading of the ambient grill temperature. you can find a place on grill to install the thermometer or check manual for process of doing it.

If you have digital one, then just put the thermometer probe on grill grates/plates in upwards or downwards direction to get the balance on side and check the temperature. avoid putting on direct flame which will give high temperature than ambient one.

Why to avoid finger tips temperature checking method

I have seen countless people who tend to use just their fingers to check if meat is hot, cooked and firm to take out of grills which i think is not a good way to check this.

you can definitely get some firmness feel with your hands and fingers but will never know the internal temperatures of food especially meat and wont know if E.coli bacteria on surface has died or not making it good for consumption.

that’s why i recommend you use thermometer as it tells temperature of inside as well as outside also and then you can determine that bacteria is died and food is cooked and it should be taken off, and serves with tasty sauces to enjoy without any worries or dangers of any health problems later after its consumption.

How to clean your instant read thermometers

Whenever you read temperatures using thermometers, its get into food and its probe gets dirty and sticky after use which may lead to development of bacteria’s if left uncleaned. So its advised to clean it after every few uses or when you see it dirty to prevent any bacteria development on your thermometer. to clean it all you need to do is take some soapy warm water and put on its probe, cervices and dirty area and clean with dry cloth.

You can also clean with running water but make sure water doesn’t enter upper area where it could harm its working.


Hope you got the answer for how to use instant use thermometer with some some additional information about its working and using. do share this with grilling lovers to make aware about importance of grill thermometers when using grills of any kind including portable grills, indoor grills, charcoal grills etc.

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