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Leeks are green veggies belonging to Allium which also includes onions, scallion green, garlic and other similar plants. its leaves are green in color and flat at top. stalks are long and elongated. you can eat both roots and leaves as per your liking.

you can add leeks in your salad bowls, roast them, grill or saute in pan also with spices and olive oil. it can be added to home made pasta recipes, rice risotto, quiches, egg dishes like scrambled eggs, boiled egg salad, omelets etc.

Their taste resembled to mild onion that’s why they work as a great substitute for onions also in its absence. you can fry them, roast them, boil them add in soups, sauces, salad bowls with tangy tomatillos etc. wash the leeks before using to remove all dirt form them and don’t cook them too much to get best crunchy taste from them.

substitute for leeks

They possess fiber, vitamins like A, C, K etc. in them in abundance. incase you don’t have leeks with you and you cant buy them from market then you can make use of alternatives for leeks to add in your dishes and eat raw to get similar flavor like leeks in cheap price. checkout my suggestions for substitute for leeks shared below to use them in absence of leeks.

Leeks alternatives and substitutes

yellow onions

it is one of the popular onion types used across the world to add in all kinds of dishes and make them tasteful. you can use them in caramelizing purposes for making various different recipes. people like to add them in soups, sauce preparations, stews etc.

due to high amount of sulfur in them you may get a strong flavor from them in your dishes and while eating them raw. you can use them with grilled dishes to get good taste with them. they are big in size and has sweetness in taste. you can add them in your salad bowl with lemon juice and spices to make it more tasteful to eat with your tasty main course dishes.

onion rings also turns out to be great with these onions. if you add them to cooking items then expect a decent onion taste from them.

white onions

These onions have mild and sweet taste. you can find them in salads and sandwiches across the world due to their subtle taste profile. i would prefer that you use them as substitute in raw dishes rather than adding them in cooked dishes to get best taste from them in absence of leeks. to know how to cut onions without any hassle read our post about it.

It has lot of health benefits as it comes with infections. some studies also suggest that it helps with maintaining good heart health and sleep quality. you wont have any gut issues also when you consume onions on regular interval in your diet.

All kinds of dishes from across the world including Mexico, America, India involves use of white onion to enhance to flavor and caramelize the flavor with spices and herbs of your choice.


shallots also form a good substitute for leeks when you got no other option to use in your recipes. they come in grey and pink color with clove like structure. their flavor resembled to sweet onions with traces of garlic taste in them.

people add them to soups, salads, stews, curries, gravies and many similar recipes. they are good if you are using them for caramelization due to their sweet taste. try them once to replace leeks with them and you will enjoy the overall flavor of shallots. use them about little less then leeks are you good to go.

shallots image

red onions

red onions are good to eat in salads, salsa, grilled items with ponzu sauce and many more tasty dishes. some people also like to make pickles with them due to their mild flavor. you can add them in your tacos, sandwiches, pizza, pasta and similar food dishes for good flavor.

red onions are quite popular as hot dog, sandwiches and other similar snacks recipes. it also taste good as side when pickled and eaten during lunch or dinner time with coleslaw, bean recipes, curries and many more recipes from across the world.

red onion also packs higher quantity of anti oxidants when compared to other types of onions like white onions etc. it also reduces the cholesterol levels in your body which prevents lot of unwanted issues like blood pressure, diabetes etc for healthy life in years to come.

wild ramps

They are known by wild leeks in American and Canada region. they come with green leave having purple stems to them. flavor wise you can expect something in between garlic and onion like taste. it taste good when added in salad, grilled, sautéed or fried in air fryer.

wild ramps substitute

some people also like to make pickles out of these wild leaks and enjoy with different meals as it tastes good. you can also dry them and make powder out of them to use it in various recipes as a spice. they can be perfectly used in replacement of leaks, scallion greens and shallots in all kinds of recipes.

When we talk about nutrition value of wild ramps then let me tell you it comes with about 36% of vitamin B9 along with about 13% carbohydrates and 10% fibers in about 100 grams of wild ramp. it helps in proper working of heart along with maintaining blood pressure and prevents the chances of cancer of many types in future. some people have also reported improvement in brain functioning and overall brain mental health.


scallion greens come with similar flavor and taste profile to normal leeks. some people also call them green onions due to their similarity in looks with them having long green leaves and white bulb at bottom with onion like taste. mainly people use them salad bowls, with scrambled eggs, garnish on many dishes, rice, pasta , grilled items, tacos etc. you can also add them to your veggies stir fry pan with spices and herbs. if adding in cooked food items then make sure you add in end just before serving to get best flavor and crispy texture from scallion greens.

scallions substitute


Celery is popular green food item that can be used in place of leeks. you can expect little bit mild and peppery flavor it. it is crunchy like cucumber and pairs well with all kinds of dishes to make them tasty in absence of leeks with you. to maintain its crunchy texture i would recommend that you cook it less and add them cooked dishes in end to get crispy texture in every bite of celery. It can be added to stews, thick chili recipes, soup’s, salads etc. for tasty delight with some spices and herbs.

Celery is a green vegetable that comes with lot of good benefits for our body like it reduces inflammation, helps in maintaining good skin without any acne or other similar issues. you will also get good bones health besides that people have also reported its benefits in good heart health and liver free if any issue for proper functioning of the body.

If you are wondering how to consume celery in your diet then you can make celery stock, waldorf slaw, grilled veggies salad, stir fried veggies with butter and spices of your choice to enjoy it in evening as healthy snack or as side in dinner time. some people also like to add it in soups.

celery substitute

green garlic

green garlic is nascent stage garlic with taste profile similar to scallion greens. it is mild in flavor and can be added to salads, sauces, pickle making etc. the taste profile is different than leeks but you can add them in smaller quantities in dishes of your choice gradually to get somewhat similar flavor like leeks in your food recipes.

Its quite popular addition in soups and stir fries for tasty dish. you can also add it in making different sauces and dips like bbq sauce, pesto sauce etc. it can also work as garnish for coleslaw, casseroles, soups, stews, chili recipes, curries of different foods like chickpeas, beans etc.

you can also use it in place of onions in various recipes if you like its taste. some people also like in sandwich and hot dog dressing when its finely chopped to enhance the taste when paired with tasty sauces and cheese to compliment its mild flavor.

onion powder

onion powder can also work as leeks substitute to give your food a unique blended taste in your dishes. soups, stews, chili, pizza, sauces works best with onion powder. the overall taste would be good but not exact match with leeks. to replace onion powder you need to add about 1 spoon powder for every one cup diced leeks replacement.

you can buy onion powder from the super market in spices and herbs isle easily. its not expensive but make dishes tasty when added in conjunction with other items to make tasty recipe.

Frequently asked questions

what is leeks nutrition values and data?

you can checkout leeks nutrition data, facts and information shared below in leeks chart to get insightful knowledge about leeks and its nutritional values for our good body health.

leeks nutrition data

can i use fennels in place of leeks?

Fennels have different flavor profile as its sweet in taste when compared to leeks so if you like subtle sweetness in your dishes then fennel can work in place of leeks in its absence else try something else from the list shared above.


Leeks are a good green vegetable to eat in your diet but if you are not able to get it then use substitute for leeks to add in your recipes after grilling, sautéing, baking or making the dishes with some other methods including leeks or its alternative to make the recipe tasty and worth enjoying with friends and family.

let me know what all substitute for leeks you use to make different recipes to get best flavor from them in comments section below. if you are interested in reading more about pearl onions then we have pearl onions alternative guide to add it with leeks in different dishes to elevate the taste profile of recipe.

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