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Halloumi cheese is distinctive due to its heat resistance. It melts much better than other cheese and is perfect for baked and fried dishes. Halloumi cheese has been an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine; however, it is also a costly one. Substitute For Halloumi Cheese shared below to make tasty dishes easily with variety of different cheese in absence of authentic halloumi from your local market.

The cheese comes from Cyprus. It is a popular cheese made up of goat’s milk, cow’s milk, and sheep’s. The consistency of Halloumi cheese is almost similar to that of mozzarella cheese. However, at the surface, it’s an ethereal white hue. Additionally, Halloumi is a salty and unripened cheese that does not have any crunch.

You have two choices to enjoy the salty cheese in light of these qualities. Either attempt grilling or frying the cheese. Many people prefer eating Halloumi raw cheese. Heating up during grilling or cooking will increase the flavor of saltiness that comes from Halloumi and make it texture-rich and satisfying. Its distinct flavor comes from its high salt content. It’s typically served cut into slices or crumbled on salads or other vegetables.

grilled Halloumi Cheese

Alternatives and substitutes for Halloumi cheese

Below, we have summed up some good alternatives to Halloumi Cheese

Feta cheese

Feta cheese is among the most effective alternatives to Halloumi cheese since it has the same qualities as Halloumi cheese. Feta is the best option if you’d like to stick with the traditional Mediterranean cheese. It is a Greek alternative made out of goat or sheep milk and has a white hue.

Feta has a bit of a different texture because it is not squishy and does not have skin. It’s a soft curd cheese with no skin or a small surface. It’s framed into massive squares and then matured with a strong taste that can range from mild to sharp. The surface is hard and slightly grainy, and it takes a while to soften this cheese.

If you consider everything, Feta can be a suitable halloumi replacement in dishes like mixed greens if you don’t worry about the possibility of a more natural flavor. It’s likewise pungent. While feta may be fragile, it doesn’t melt as quickly, so it is an excellent binder to make your dishes. It is best used as a topping or an ingredient in salads due to its grainy texture. Feta has a saltier taste which is stronger than halloumi cheese.

While feta’s flavor can differ based on the type of cheese and the brand, it usually has distinct salty flavors and a rough texture. Its saltiness is higher than halloumi, and it isn’t the smooth texture that’s perfect to fry. If you prefer stronger-tasting cheese, it’s a great backup alternative but if you dont have it then go for cotija cheese as its great too.

Halloumi originated in Cyprus in the region of Cyprus, which is Greek. Therefore, it is logical to choose cheese from the region for similar tastes. Feta is much stronger than Halloumi. Therefore, make sure to use it in moderation. It’s also very salty. It’s a perfect halloumi substitute for foods like salads. It’s not made in the same manner as halloumi. 

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Many people who adhere to diet opt for tofu, a byproduct of soy, popular throughout Asia. Food manufacturers mix soy milk until they get the desired texture. Tofu comes in various textures, and you can buy the firm or semi-firm versions if you are looking for one like halloumi. It will absorb the flavor of other ingredients in your recipe. On its own, however, it’s smooth and mild, similar to halloumi. it can be easily stored in freezer and fridge for varied amount of time to consume as per your mood at later time.

One of the healthy and delicious alternatives, Tofu, is essentially identical to Halloumi Cheese and perfectly fits. It is possible to incorporate Tofu with any recipe you want to duplicate what you would get from Halloumi Cheese hearty and creamy.

It’s not as good as what you would get if you used Halloumi Cheese, yet you are sure to get the best qualities of Tofu in your recipes. Tofu has a bitter taste and can retain diverse flavors once combined. It requires careful preparation to get rid of the pleasantness yet again. You can use it in soups, roasted dishes, or steamed dishes.

Tofu is an excellent vegan alternative to nearly any type of cheese. Halloumi makes no exception. Its texture is comparable to the halloumi cheese; however, it is evident that there are some significant distinctions in terms of taste. With pepper, salt and other spices, Tofu can be given an appealing flavor. Tofu is low in salt and works well alongside other elements in dishes.

can you freeze tofu


Mozzarella is among the most sought-after cheese available at any grocery store. It has a light, fresh flavor compared to halloumi. It is a bit squishy and is, therefore, best served cold over salads or in a sandwich. There are several different kinds of mozzarella you could make a substitute for.

Mozzarella is an Italian cheese commonly used as a pizza topping in its low-dampness variety. The fresh mozzarella doesn’t have the maturity and is generally consumed within a few hours after the cheese is made.

It has a delicate type of cream with a thick consistency. Although it’s not as powerful in dissolving qualities as Halloumi does, it’s an excellent choice for those who want fresh, soft cheese. If you want to use mozzarella to replace halloumi on a plate with mixed leaves, you can pick any mozzarella. Mozzarella di bufala or fresh mozzarella are both excellent alternatives.

Select mozzarella di bufala if you’re looking to try a flavor similar to buffalo milk. Traditional mozzarella is made from cow’s milk and has a flavor you can recognize. Many stores sell fresh mozzarella flavored with garlic for an extra flavor.

can you freeze mozzarella cheese

Queso Panela

Queso Panela is a fresh Mexican and white cheese made by using pasteurized dairy milk. It is semi-delicate and has a mild and spicy taste that can integrate flavors. It is a cheese-like Halloumi Cheese, both in flavor and dissolving properties. It keeps its shape and tastes similar to Halloumi Cheese when cooked and roasted even after being warmed.

Queso panela has a higher moisture content than halloumi, indicating that it doesn’t turn brown when cooked. However, it can keep its shape well when exposed to heat. It is an excellent choice to top burgers or other Mexican food items in sharp pieces. 

This cheese is one of the cheeses that resemble Halloumi cheese in every aspect, from its salty halloumi cheese flavor to the resistance to high boiling point. Queso panela won’t shrink or explode at high temperatures but will remain in its original form with toasty brine.

You will often see queso panels in many Mexican recipes to highlight these unique features. Queso panela can be wetter than Halloumi; however, the additional water isn’t an issue when they’re cooked. If you are looking for a halloumi replacement, you could go across the ocean to Mexico to locate it.



Contrary to Halloumi cheese, which has a highly dense texture when heated, Provolone cheese tends to melt when heated at high pressure. This unique feature creates provolone cheese, a great cheese that can be used in sandwiches and burgers. When you place a bit of Provolone inside the pan, it will melt once you take it off the hot temperature.

It’s fun to watch the cheese melt to the degree you’d like it to and then slow down. So, you can consider provolone cheese as a substitute to add in cheeseburgers. Provolone’s flavor is less strong than Halloumi, making it suitable for many other dishes than fast food.

Provolone is the name of an Italian cheese that comes in two distinctive varieties Provolone dolce and piccante (with an earthy flavor). The primary variety is similar to the taste of the fragile array and used in the place of Halloumi. This Italian cheese is famous for its soft properties.

If you decide to use it, be aware that it will not keep its shape once it’s heated. It’ll continue to soften even after removing it from the grill or dish. If you’re cautious about your cooking, you may use it as a halloumi substitute for sandwiches or other tasty food items. 

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When you use halloumi, you could be searching for a grill-friendly product. Kefalotyri is also used in place of halloumi cheese, but you must be aware that it’s saltier than you’d imagine. Kefalotyri cheese is made from goat’s milk or sheep’s milk based on where it was made and the recipe you follow.

The cheese has a firm, somewhat flaky texture with an extremely high melting point. It is perfect for cooking in a skillet or grill as it develops an even creamier texture when it begins to cook. 

Due to its strong flavor, you should utilize this cheese in very small amounts since it can overpower the other ingredients in your dish. You can use Kefalotyri cheese with high-temperature cooking, and grilling isn’t a problem with Kefalotyri cheese.

You will indeed have the same taste and texture to your food as you can get from Halloumi Cheese. The most appealing feature of Kefalotyri Cheese is its firm texture. It takes longer for the cheese until it reaches the consistency of Halloumi. 

Both kinds of cheese have the same flavor, and you’ll not notice any significant differences in flavor. But, if Kefalotyri cheese texture becomes hard, it can make the cheese taste saltier than before, and the salt level also increases once it is heated.

Once cooked, it becomes more creamy. The cheese can be strong enough to overwhelm some components, so it is typically served as an appetizer similar to the traditional Saganaki. you can melt it and drizzle of hot dogs, mashed potatoes, potato French fries, pies, empanadas, casseroles, grilled veggies salad with some spices and herbs and sauce of your choice for a great tasting meal to enjoy with friends and family.



Saganaki will not disappoint you when you choose to use it in place of halloumi. It is a delicious cheese from Greece and is well-known for its delicious flavor when cooked. Saganaki is a wonderful Greek cheese. It is usually cooked until bubbling and served with bread and lemon juice.

Saganaki has the same taste profile as halloumi since it is the Greek version of a similar cheese. It replicates the taste of halloumi cheese quite well. Saganaki has a high melting point, which means you can incorporate it into every recipe that calls halloumi cheese.

It may sound like a Japanese one, but it is a different Greek cheese. It tastes like Halloumi, which makes it an excellent alternative. It’s not as squeaky as halloumi, and because of its higher moisture content, it won’t get brown while you cook it. It is, however, quite melt-proof. Therefore, if you’re seeking similar flavors and to keep from the mess that comes with it, this could be a great halloumi replacement.

Saganaki cheese


Paneer is one of the most popular types of cheese that can be substituted for halloumi or other kinds of cheese in virtually every recipe. It is typically served as a component of a meal. It can be found in several health stores and supermarkets.

Paneer is a type of cheese made from curdled lemon juice, milk, and other spices that provide its flavorful taste. This cheese’s rich and creamy flavor is excellent with spicy foods such as those of Indian cuisine. If you cook this cheese in fried dishes, it will taste and look like halloumi.

Paneer cheese is one of the top options for making your meal exceptional since it provides the highest results when you use it in place of Halloumi cheese. Furthermore, its high temperature makes paneer cheese a good choice for cooking or grilling.

It is extremely popular in Indian food, offering a perfect balance of creamy curries. Paneer cheese appears and behaves similar to halloumi recipes and is excellent for pan-frying. Its flavor is mild, making it an ideal ingredient for cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions about halloumi cheese

Can you substitute Halloumi with feta?

Feta is an ideal halloumi substitute for salads, dishes, and if you’re not averse to the more salty taste and stronger flavor.

Does halloumi cheese resemble bread cheese?

Bread cheese is a soft creamy texture with a buttery flavor. The cheese isn’t melted when heated, and it makes it soft, similar to Halloumi. Some refer to the feel of bread cheese warm as like French toast.

Which is better, Halloumi or cheddar?

Haloumi cheese is nutritionally balanced and contains less fat (26 per cent) than cheddar cheese. Still, it has more than twice the sodium content because of the brine used to keep it in place. Haloumi is delicious, and one of the main issues it presents is the danger of overeating.

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