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Gochu is a term used to describe chilli peppers. Gochu refers to chilli peppers, and Garu refers to powder, so Gochugaru refers to chilli powder. Many well-known Korean dishes are used as an ingredient. In addition, it’s a common food staple. The finest quality gochugaru is made from seedless sun-dried peppers. Although machine-dried peppers are more costly, the focus is on traditional methods that utilize sun-dried hot chillies to ensure authentic colour and heat levels. if you cant find gochugaru easily in your market place then go for Substitute For Gochugaru shared below to make tasty and hot dishes easily without any issues. 

Gochugaru is extremely well-liked by Korean chefs because it is an essential ingredient in dishes like Kimchi, Tofu, and Galbi. Gochugaru has a distinct spicy flavour, making it ideal for these kinds of dishes. But, it’s not something you’ll discover.


The chillies first dry in the sunlight, and the seeds are then removed, and the chillies are ground into a fine powder. Gochugaru contains 800 Scoville heat units, meaning that it has a moderately spicy flavour and is a little sweet. This is why it’s one of the most crucial ingredients in Korean food items such as bulgogi or Kimchi.

Alternatives and Substitutes For Gochugaru

Chipotle powder

Chipotles are made from the flavour of smoked jalapenos. Chipotle powder is spicy, sweet, smokey and similar to Gochugaru; therefore, you can make use of it without fear. It gives your food the exact flavour similar to the Korean ingredient that you’re not using. This powder might be difficult and time-consuming for you to prepare at home. However, you can get this ingredient at a variety of shops.

The proportion of chipotle powder must be comparable to that of Gochugaru. If you’d like your food to be spicier, you can include more of this substitute. Spicy food, to some extent, depends on the amount of chilli powder used for the extra kick of flavour. Gochugaru, for instance, is an excellent substitute with its high level of spice. Chipotle powder isn’t an actual type of pepper. It is made of jalapeno peppers that are dried and smoked, giving the flavour of smoky like gochugaru.

It is important to note that the chipotle powder could contain a spicy flavour compared to gochugaru. This could impact the overall flavour of your dish. However, you can even out these flavours by adding crushed red pepper to this powder. This will lessen the smokey flavour and boost the level of spice. As for colour, the chipotle powder has an intense red but is slightly darker than gochugaru. The greatest benefit of chipotle is that it’s easily accessible at grocery stores and supermarkets. If you’ve got leftover chipotle powder, you can incorporate it into Mexican food recipes in the future.



Gochujang is more of a paste than an actual powder or even flakes. It will therefore add an entirely different texture to your food. Gochujang is a mixture of soybeans, rice, and salt that creates an emulsion that could substitute for Gochugaru. It’s the powder or even flakes made from Gochu peppers. Gochu peppers. If you’re planning to use this product, you must include it in your food with consideration. It’s more than the flavour of the peppers because it is made up of many other ingredients. Test it out before you add it according to your preference.

Gochujang is a popular Korean spice that is a great alternative to gochugaru. Both are made with gochu pepper, and therefore both share a similar taste. However, the texture of the gochu pepper sets each spice apart. Gochujang is a thick paste containing other ingredients like soybeans, salt, and sticky rice

The use of gochujang instead can give it a saltier taste. It is a great seasoning for sauces, stews, and kimchi. Keep a delicate finger on the salt before adding gochujang to food. Be aware that gochujang is the form of a paste. It could give your food the appearance of being sticky and wet.

The degree of spice in gochujang will vary based on which brand you purchase. To ensure you are secure, begin by using only a tiny amount in your dish. Gochujang’s spicy and pungent flavour can be a good marinade for meats. If you prefer salty over sweet ones, gochujang is the ideal alternative. 

gochujang image

Cayenne pepper flakes

The cayenne peppers are similar to Gochugaru flakes, and you can find these in the form of powder too. You can use cayenne peppers in Korean food and Korean cuisine. They can replace Gochu peppers because of their similar flavour and texture. Keep in mind that Cayenne flake is more intense in flavour than powder. Therefore, you’ll need to use less to have the same taste.

A great substitute for spices doesn’t only have an identical flavour but also has a similar texture. Cayenne pepper is a great option if you’re searching for an alternative to gochugaru, with the same taste and texture. In terms of the colour, cayenne has a dark red, with brownish-orange tones.

Cayenne peppers are used in numerous Korean dishes. Cayenne has the same texture as gochugaru, but it is spicier. It is available in powder or flakes. Remember that cayenne flakes are extremely hot because they contain ground pepper seed. To lessen the spiciness from cayenne, let it soak in warm water for a short time, then add it to your dish. Substitute 3/4th teaspoon cayenne pepper for one tablespoon of gochugaru. Test and add more, if necessary.

In addition to having a great taste and texture, it is also an excellent food source for vitamins A, C, and E. Additionally; it contains flavonoids. This antioxidant helps to prevent cell damage from radicals.

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Red Pepper Powder

Red pepper powder is characterized by bright red and moderately spicy taste. For certain people, red pepper might refer to Indian Kashmir pepper species. This pepper powder can provide gorgeous colour to your dishes when heated to the right degree. Additionally, it is available in many local shops. Making the switch to red pepper powder is a good idea. It is one of the most popular gochugaru alternatives in terms of colour; it’s also spicier than the original ingredient.

Additionally, this powder usually includes seeds from which a lot of the heat originates. The seeds might not be what people are looking for in their meals. So, if you use red spice powder for your recipe, be aware of the hotness. The quantity of this ingredient shouldn’t be more than two tablespoons. Otherwise, you’re expecting a strong heat to the food you prepare.

It’s simple to locate and also simple to prepare. You can purchase it at any store that sells groceries, or you could dry chillies at home and crush them into a fine powder. The degree of spice will depend on the kind of peppers you select. You could use the same amount of red pepper chili powder or its replacements the way you would use Gochugaru. 


Guajillo Powder

Guajillo is a Spanish word meaning little gourd that references its unique shape. The pepper is very popular in Mexico, typically served in Tex-Mex food. Their chilli and mole recipes can’t have a complete meal without Guajillo. A well-known alternative to Guajillo can be found in Aleppo pepper. Both are a great pair because both have a distinctive tangy taste and moderate heat.

In contrast to its Mexican counterpart, Aleppo pepper is popular in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It has long been a staple ingredient in steak, chicken and lamb. The distinctions between Guajillo and Aleppo can be in their hues and aftertaste.

Aleppo peppers are a more vivid colour and have a stronger aftertaste than Guajillo. They immediately hit your mouth and will tingle your throat for a couple of minutes before the taste disappears. If you are a fan of Indian Ingredients, you use Kashmiri chilli instead of Guajillo Powder, and it’s fine.

Guajillo Powder

Chile Pasilla

Some people do not enjoy spicy food. If you’re cooking Korean food for children or guests who have a lower tolerance for spicy food, choose the gochugaru substitute with moderate flavour. Chile pasilla is a great alternative to gochugaru to reduce the spice.

Chile Pasilla originates in Mexico and is dark, almost black. It is a crucial ingredient in salsas soups made from tortillas and sauces made with adobo. But, Chile Pasilla still has an enticing taste but provides more control of the amount of spice within the dish.

The main drawback to Chile Pasilla has to do with its hue. Its deep colour isn’t as vibrant as gochugaru’s vibrant red hue, which is sure to influence the final results of your food. If colour compromise is impossible for you, it’s recommended to steer clear of Chile Pasilla. Regarding taste, Chile Pasilla is a superior option over other spices with bright red colours like paprika, the red pepper of chungyang, and fish pepper. It is possible to use Chile Pasilla as equal portions to gochugaru, and you can add more.

Chile Pasilla


Many Korean recipes like Kimchi are adorned with a vibrant red hue. If you’d like your recipes to reflect the same vibrant colour, then paprika could be the perfect substitute for gochugaru. Paprika is the 4th popular spice worldwide and is easily available at supermarkets. Some may already have it within your cupboards. In contrast to gochugaru, there are many varieties of paprika.

Paprika is made from ground dried pepper, and this process creates the bright red colour of the powder. To choose the right one for a substitute for gochugaru, it is important to be aware of the differences between its three varieties. The spicier version is known as Hungarian paprika, popular in Hungarian food items such as Goulash and Goulash. It is also known as being of the best quality of the three varieties. 

Paprika is sold in powder form, and you can choose one of them to replace gochugaru in the same amount. The fiery bright red cooking staple is a versatile one used all over the world. Paprika is a popular ingredient to sprinkle on the lentils or hummus before baking. 

Paprika is a truly wonderful spice! It is made from dried pepper pods, then crushed into a rich red powder. Paprika is ideal for cooking dishes that require heat, and this blend delivers very well. It’s got just the right amount of spice to ensure that your dish is smoky quickly!

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Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo pepper is a product of an area called Aleppo within Turkey.It has a delicious  flavour with a gorgeous red hue, an ideal alternative to gochugaru in Korean food preparations. Additionally, Aleppo pepper is not too spicy; it has an almost cumin fruity undertone accompanied by a hint of vinegar that is salty. The unique characteristics create Aleppo pepper an ideal replacement for crushed pepper or spice paprika. 

Aleppo peppers are excellent for replacing Gochugaru powder or flakes. As long as you select the right amount, they can add the spice you’re looking for in your meals. The peppers have a mild flavour, and it is possible to find Aleppo in flakes or as a powder at stores.

If you don’t live in Syria and you are in Syria, you may not be able to locate the peppers in raw form to create your own. The peppers in this recipe aren’t as potent as Gochugaru, So you may need to add a little extra. Don’t overdo it, however. Blend your Aleppo chilli powder in salt and vinegar following your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gochugaru

How do you store Gochugaru?

When you open the box, it has to be stored in a cool, shaded area, and it could become damp if you don’t keep it properly. Always try to store in an airtight container and then in the refrigerator. If you’d like to store it for a longer time, it can be stored in the freezer too.

Why is gochujang so delicious?

Gochujang is a sweet, sour and spicy flavour, and it can be used to enhance the taste of savoury meals. Gochujang is considered a healthy superfood rich in protein, antioxidants, and vitamins while being low in calories and fat.

Does gochujang cause cholesterol?

Gochujang is fat-free, which implies that it is low in cholesterol.

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