how to make sticky rice in rice cooker

Here we will discuss how to make the perfect sticky rice recipe in a rice cooker to enjoy with its authentic taste.

traditionally it was made with steam and boiling water but here we will make it with much much effective method of using rice cooker to get it made fast without spoiling its taste. it is staple food of laos where day eat it regularly with every meal and some times make foldable utensils also with the sticky rice.

Sticky rice is gluten free rice and very safe for people who don’t like to eat gluten rich items. it is called sticky rice because it has sticky properties in it. it is shorter in size when compared to normal white rice and is totally different from it.

how to make sticky rice in rice cooker

It contains amylopectin which gives it sticky nature, its the main component of starch. when we add hot water in the rice bowl the molecules of this expands and starts to make rice more sticky in nature which makes us call it sticky rice.

Below we have share simple method with directions to make sticky rice in rice cooker.


first you need to take rice and rinse it under water to clean it and remove all the unwanted dirty from it, although it wont be too dirty but still you can do it by rubbing the rice under water with your hands.

once the rice is cleaned you need to add water in bowl in ration of 3:3 that means add 2 cups water in 3 cups rice and let it stand for about 30 minutes so that water gets to soften the outer shell of the rice.

now add some salt and pepper to taste and close the lid of rice cooker and turn it on for cooking, once its done the rice cooker will turn off automatically and after 5 minutes you can take out the rice and start eating.


it is said that rice becomes more tasty after its being cooked and kept for some time, so if you want to eat tomorrow, you can also prepare it once day in advance and keep in seal pack bag or container in fridge and enjoy next day also.

sticky rice goes well with lot of different recipes like curries etc. to adjust the stickiness of the rice you can reduce the soaking time of the rice and change the water to rice ration to make it perfect as per your taste.

sticky rice contain lot of starch and water content so it may seems to be heavier than normal white rice. it will make you feel fuller for wont feel hungry very soon again that’s why monks prefer to it eat since they once have one meal a day.

it can be also served with sauces and desserts, so can mix and match it with different sweet dishes also to see if it taste good and make you happy.


Hope you like our simple recipe of making sticky rice shared above. if you like add something to it or have any suggestions then let us know in comment section below. share this with friends who like to eat rice frequently. if you want to buy rice cooker for making sticky rice then checkout our post on best choice rice cookers with discount.

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