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Caramelized several cardamoms is a powerful, extra-special spice that works well in savory and sweet recipes ranging from challah and roast chicken to blondies and hot cocoa or dinner smoothies. Consider new and inventive ways to include cardamom into your recipes and establish it as a go-to spice. Substitute for Cardamom can work wonders for making your dishes tasty if you know the taste profile and how it will impact your recipe for better.

According to Spice Suite owner Angel Anderson, “it may be used in place of cinnamon rather than the other way around.” Acquaint yourself with cardamom, including its unique properties and the finest replacements in case you run out.

What are your thoughts?

Cardamom is a versatile spice that works well in a variety of cuisines due to its nutty warmth and citrus and minty notes.

Cardamom is not for everyone, and you may not even have it in your kitchen! In comparison to other well-known spices such as cinnamon and ginger, it is a lesser-known spice. As a result, when it is presented, it may startle guests.

Apart from being very uncommon and costly, it is also rather difficult to get. Attempting to think of a substitute may leave you scratching your head in bemusement.

It is our firm belief that we know all of the answers. According to the recipe and the ingredients available, substitutes and replacements for cardamom will be provided in this article. What if you can’t get your hands on the hot spice or you don’t like it? This article will outline what you can use as a replacement for the item in question.

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What are your intentions with it?

When searching for a substitute for cardamom, consider the purpose for which it will be used. When was the last time you used cardamom in a recipe and are now on the lookout for a substitute?

You must understand the cardamom’s particular purpose if you want to determine the flavor the cardamom would have added to the meal had it been included.

If you’re a beginning cook, you’re unlikely to grasp why this is necessary, but knowing the cardamom flavor profile and how it’s employed in the dish may assist. Cardamom is available in three varieties: black, green, and white. If you only have ground cardamom on hand, substitute it for fresh or use grounded as it is in less quantity for great taste in your recipes.

Cinnamon and cloves

Cardamom pods, once cooked, may be used to provide a unique taste to a variety of foods. When it comes time to remove the pods from the dish, there are a few options available to choose from.

Alternatively, you may use freshly chopped cinnamon sticks and whole cloves for the powdered cinnamon and cloves called for in this recipe since they can be used in the same way as cardamom pods and then removed or discarded once the dish has completed cooking.

While it may be used in a wide range of dishes, it is particularly effective in soups, stews, and broths.

cinnamon and cloves

Cinnamon and nutmeg

Cinnamon and nutmeg, which are related to cinnamon and clove, are excellent substitutes for cardamom in a wide range of cuisines. The sweetness of nutmeg and cinnamon work well together, creating a potent mixture.

All of your favourite cardamom baked goods may be prepared with either powdered or ground cardamom. You may successfully swap this combination for cardamom in curries and other spicy foods.

To get the finest results, use equal parts cinnamon and nutmeg. Instead of cardamom, we suggest using half a teaspoon of each of the other spices.

If you’re preparing a cake or pie that calls for cinnamon sticks and entire nutmeg, utilizing whole spices will be far more difficult. When stews, soups, and curries are being prepared, you may substitute them since they are simple to remove after the entrée is finished cooking and ready to serve.

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Allspice powdered seasoning

Even if you don’t have any other spices in your kitchen, allspice powder is almost certain to be on hand. You may substitute it for cardamom while preparing a number of dishes.

Jamaica peppers allspice

Other Types of Cardamom

As mentioned previously in the article, you may substitute another kind of cardamom pod for the one used in this meal. If you do not have cardamom pods, powdered or crushed cardamom may be substituted for the pods and vice versa.

Due to the variety of flavors in cardamom, it may be used in a broad variety of cuisines, and particular varieties are more suited to specific meals than others. Please refer to our guide for further information.

Swapping white cardamom for green cardamom or vice versa.

Both green and white cardamom pods may be used interchangeably in sweet recipes, but only in sweet dishes. This is because they will provide less flavor to savory dishes. you can add them in conjunction with fennel seeds as they are also sweet in taste and would give your recipe great overall flavor.

Simply swap out one pod for another as required. Bear in mind that white cardamom pods have a milder flavor than green or black cardamom pods.

If you do not have white cardamom powder, three green cardamom pods may be substituted for half a teaspoon of powder. Bear in mind, however, that when cardamom is pulverized, some of its flavors are lost.

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Black Cardamom

It is not suggested to use black cardamom in sweet dishes since the flavor does not blend well with sweet foods. it works great with curry recipes, non veg meals, marinades for non veg roasted items, turkey for Christmas etc.


Cardamom seeds

Additionally, cardamom seeds may be utilized. Cardamom seeds may be used for cardamom pods to simplify the operation and minimize the number of cardamom seeds required.

You may replace half a teaspoon of cardamom seeds with one teaspoon of powdered cardamom powder when preparing a meal. Depending on the recipe, you should consider the diverse textures provided by the seeds.


Ginger is another spice that may be substituted for cardamom in a variety of dishes without compromising on flavor. Ginger has long been connected with sweet confections such as cakes and pastries (perhaps because of the popularity of gingerbread).

Additionally, it makes a delectable addition to a variety of other cuisines, such as curries and stews. As a consequence, you may use fresh, ground, or powdered ginger for cardamom in almost any recipe.

Before measuring out a teaspoon of fresh ginger, it should be grated or split into tiny pieces. Using fresh ginger rather than powdered ginger imparts a stronger ginger flavor to the food. if you looking out for ginger alternatives then click here

substitute for ginger

Cumin and coriander

Cumin and coriander may be used in place of cardamom in hot meals such as curries and meat dishes. If you don’t have cardamom on hand, you may compensate by increasing the cumin and coriander. cumin substitutes can also work incase you like their taste in your recipes.

FAQs about cardamom

  • Is there a flavor that tastes and smells like cardamom that you can recommend?

Because of cardamom’s distinct flavor, it may appear difficult to blend spice into other cuisines. Numerous other spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, have a flavor quality that is similar to that of cardamom as well.

This kind of spice includes allspice, coriander seeds, and nutmeg, to name a few examples. The flavor of cardamom may be achieved by combining it with other herbs and spices.

To begin, this one has spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and other herbs and spices. By mixing the powder of cloves with the sweetness of cinnamon, it is possible to generate a flavor that is similar to cardamom in taste.

This is a straightforward equation to grasp and solve in its entirety. Alternatively, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a teaspoon of cloves may be used for one teaspoon of cardamom to have the same flavor as cardamom.

  • Can Cardamom be substituted with other spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg?

In a similar vein, you may use 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg for 1 teaspoon cardamom in a dish if you want to save money.

In addition to cardamom, cinnamon and ginger powder, which both have a spicy, warming, and sweet flavor comparable to cardamom, may be used to recreate the spice’s flavor as well. To acquire the same amount of cardamom as another spice, just use the same amount of each of the ingredients in the recipe.

Cloves and nutmeg may be used in conjunction with cardamom to generate a flavor that is comparable to cardamom flavor. An ordinary measuring cup is all that is necessary to get the proper quantity of cardamom for this recipe.

  • What do you think about substituting coriander for the cardamom?

It all depends on how you define the term “equal.” Even though cardamom seeds cannot be replaced for fresh coriander, they may be used in certain recipes when fresh coriander is not an option.

One possible reason for this is because the coriander seeds of the plant have a distinct flavor that differs from the coriander leaves of the plant. They have a nutty, citrusy flavor that is in no way analogous to cardamom.

When substituting coriander seeds for cardamom seeds, it is recommended to proceed with care since the seeds may be toxic if ingested in excessive numbers. It is simple to over-complicate a meal by using too many different ingredients.

Continue to add a little bit of cardamom at a time, being careful not to exceed the amount specified in the recipe.

  • Is it possible to compare the flavor of cardamom to that of allspice?

A near alternative for cardamom may be made by using allspice, which has a flavor that is similar to cardamom but is less difficult to get.

Allspice and cardamom have a flavor profile that is very similar to one another, with a fruity, spicy, and lemony taste that matches well with a wide range of cuisines. However, even if the flavors are not identical, it is difficult to tell the difference between them.

Also different from other spices is the fact that it is made from the dried, unripe berries of the “Pimenta dioica” plant, rather than the fruit itself, as opposed to other spices.

Only the Greater Antilles, southern Mexico, and Central America are home to this tree’s thriving population. On a variety of distinct ginger plant types, cardamom pods, which are really seeds, may be discovered.

Because of its name, many people assume that allspice is a blend of many other spices. This is incorrect. This is completely false. When you contemplate the spice’s origins, it becomes clear what I mean. It is, however, just one of many components that make up the meal.

  • The flavor profile of cardamom is similar to that of coriander, or does it have a distinct flavor character?

Seeds of cardamom and coriander share an eerie likeness in flavor, the seeds of both plants are distinct species. Many species of the ginger plant family generate cardamom, and the seeds of these plants are used to create the spice. Cardamom is one of the most widely used spices in the world.

The two most common types of cardamom that can be bought in grocery shops are black and green cardamom, which are both aromatic spices. In reality, white cardamom is just a bleached variant of the more common green cardamom that is seen in spice shops. It should not be used in the kitchen, according to the manufacturer.

Coriander seeds may be gathered from the plant itself, despite the fact that they are not as readily available as their name indicates. Because of the peculiar flavor produced by the plant’s leaves, it may be used as a replacement for cardamom in baking and culinary applications.

If you’re looking for cardamom that can be used in both sweet and savory recipes, green cardamom is the most often seen kind. The usage of black cardamom should be reserved for savory dishes rather than sweet ones such as sweets, due to the smokier flavor of black cardamom compared to white.

Additionally, it may be used to make sweet dishes such as kheer, which is a traditional dessert in southern India (rice pudding).


After all, as you can see, running out of cardamom in the middle of making dinner isn’t the worst thing that could have happened.

Several spices may be changed for the originals in order to make them more readily available and less expensive than using the original spices. If you look in your home, you may be able to find a handful of them.

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