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The top priority of a chef is to create the best dishes. Cannellini beans are a versatile choice for bean dishes, and these delicious and tempting ingredients can bring out the best in many dishes. Sometimes, it can feel like there is no other choice when you don’t have cannellini beans with you but we have shared some popular choices of people across the world to use as Substitute for Cannellini Beans for yummy recipes without any hassle. Cannellini beans, a white kidney bean, are often used in Italian dishes.

Although the bean isn’t native to Southern Europe, white kidney beans originate from Peru. These beans were then extensively cultivated by Italian immigrants who settled in Argentina. They were soon introduced in Europe in the 1500s and quickly became part of the culinary traditions in many countries, even those not in Italy.

Cannellini beans are often used in soups and pasta. It is valued for its subtle, nuanced flavour and ability to absorb the flavours of other ingredients in dishes, such as red tomato-based sauces, salt and butter flavours, spices, and so on. These beans are prized for their flavour and texture and their health benefits.

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What are the Substitutes for Cannellini Beans?

Following alternatives to Cannellini beans can be used, and you won’t regret it. They are easy to prepare and taste great in many recipes.

Navy Beans

Navy beans were originally called haricot beans, and they are a variety known for their creamy and smooth flavour. You can substitute Haricot beans for cannellini beans, and they are just as nutritious. Navy beans are high in fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like B6, magnesium and sodium. Although they are smaller and chewier than cannellini beans and take longer to cook, navy beans will still taste great in various recipes.

You can substitute them in many recipes that call for baked beans and soups. Navy beans are very delicate in taste, so they easily work with any dish. Because of their small size, they are often called pea beans, and they are similar in taste and texture to cannellini beans despite being slightly different in size and shape.

You can prepare navy beans the same way as cannellini beans, and the same seasonings can be used for navy beans as cannellini beans. The advantage of smaller navy beans over cannellini beans is their speed of cooking, which means you don’t have to wait as long. You can use Navy beans to prepare soups, stews and stir-fries.

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Kidney beans

You can find them in stores much easier and in many forms. You can buy kidney beans, either canned or raw, which allows you to boil them as you wish and then prepare them the way you like. These beans are the best as they have a similar flavour to Cannellini beans, but they are darker. There are many ways to use kidney beans, including soups, stir-fries and salads. They are very popular in Mexican cuisine because they pair well with spicy and chilly seasonings.

Because they are almost identical in size, texture, and how they are handled in recipes, kidney beans can be used as cannellini beans. Cook them in the same manner, mash and break down the same way, and purée all the same as cannellini beans.

Kidney beans have a distinct flavour, almost like red meat, different from cannellini beans. You can use kidney beans in recipes where beans will not be difficult to taste, and the stronger flavour of kidney beans does not make it less able to take on other flavours. So, kidney beans can be used as a substitute in dishes that contain a good amount of butter, spices, or other strong flavours.

kidney beans in bowls
kidney beans in bowl

Great Northern Beans

You can use Great Northern Beans as a substitute for cannellini beans. They are delicate in texture, sweet in flavour, and easy to prepare. You can prepare Great northern beans by stewing them, and this will become your favourite way to cook them. The unique taste of great northern beans is not common in other beans, and however, they are the same beans as other beans. It can be difficult to distinguish between great northern beans, cannellini beans, and other beans. 

Great northern beans look similar to white Lima beans but smaller than cannellini beans. They have a mild flavour similar to cannellini beans and retain their shape well after being cooked. Great northern beans are slightly more grainy than cannellini beans, but their creamy texture is great for tartines, soups, casseroles and other dishes where cannellini beans are used. You can use them in the same quantities.

Great Northern beans might be a good choice if you look to replace Cannellini beans. 

Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans are another option if you don’t have access to cannellini beans or other substitutes. Although the texture and taste are stronger than those of cannellini beans, you can still use them in their place. It’s the last resort option when you prepare a salad.

Garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, are quite common in supermarkets worldwide, and they can be found as the main ingredient in many dishes. You can use it in place of Cannellini beans because they have a pleasant flavour. You use it in both cooked and salad dishes. you can checkout chickpeas flour alternatives to use in various dishes and recipes of your choice.

Although they are different in shape and texture than cannellini beans when whole, you can use garbanzo beans in many recipes, including hummus, falafel, bean burgers and even hummus. They have a similar flavour and colour to the cannellini beans.

garbanzo beans

Black Beans

You can very well substitute for black beans due to their distinctive colour and sweetness. You can substitute black beans in many recipes as they have a texture similar to cannellini beans once they have been crushed or puréed. This sweetness can easily be overridden by salt and spices, and they are easy to find.  

It is found that the black bean is America’s fifth most popular bean. This means you will find a variety of cans, bags, and boxes of these beans in your local area. Substitute black beans in many dishes that call for cannellini, such as pasta. Black beans are high-quality in nutrition and protein, with 15g of each per cup. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

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Marrow beans

Marrow beans make a fantastic alternative to cannellini beans. You can use marrow beans in almost any recipe that calls the standard Italian white beans. The only drawback is that Marrow beans aren’t ubiquitous. Marrow beans were loved across North America during the 1800s and the most popular choice in some regions to bake with but have mainly been out of fashion, replaced primarily with different varieties. They’re still prevalent across the globe, particularly in and around the Mediterranean and, perhaps, even in Italy.

The beans are vast and plump when cooked and cooked; they possess a rich and creamy texture and a mildly meaty taste that some say is reminiscent of the flavor of bacon from pork. Marrow beans are a great addition to dishes similar to the cannellini bean. However, unlike cannellini, they are usually consumed in their form as side dishes that have been flavored with sauce or other spices. Also, you might find these beans referred to as Marrowfat beans, which is precisely the same legume.

Marrow beans

Adzuki beans

The adzuki beans, also known as the azuki the adzuki, and in various places, the red mung bean is very common throughout most of Asia and has been a staple of food for millennia. The domestication of these beans is believed to have occurred around 5 000 or so years ago.

Humans may have been cultivating and eating the adzuki bean for over 7700 years. They are a staple in various Asian dishes. They are often accessible in specialty markets that cater to Chinese, Korean, or Japanese communities. They are also sweeter than cannellini beans, but you can use them in various recipes instead of that Italian bean.

Alongside that, sweetness is a nutty taste similar to the taste of cannellini. Vibrantly colored and sweet, adzuki is commonly used in desserts in Asian cooking. But in America, they are often mixed into salads, used in savory dishes, dropped into soups and cooked with rice. The beans do not require soaking before cooking, unlike most dried beans.

As you’d expect from almost all beans, adzuki is an excellent source of fiber, protein, as well as various minerals and vitamins. They are especially high in manganese, folate, and phosphorous, as well as potassium and copper.

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Flageolets are a great alternative to cannellini beans, and the reason for this is their nutritional worth. They are rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, and vitamin B6, and magnesium. They also are cooked in the same manner with cannellini beans. While the taste might differ, they’ll still work well in recipes calling for cannellini beans. They may also be cooked in the same amount as cannellini beans. you can sauté them after boiling them in water with garlic, olive oil with some herbs and spice to make a tasty beans recipes.

French flageolets beans


Also called the mini-lima bean, sieva bean, wax bean, or different names, the butterbean is the same as the lima bean. When it is mature, the lima bean/butter bean will be white, incredibly soft texture, and have a more creamy taste. When they are in this condition, they can replace cannellini beans for almost every recipe and dish. However, they are more starchy than cannellini beans and lack a nutty taste.

Butter Beans are named after the buttery taste and texture they give when cooked properly. Butter beans aren’t bursting with an overwhelming flavor and are ideal when cooked with fat, especially bacon or Ham. you can also use them as a substitute for green beans when you don’t have them but you like to make a tasty dish with beans in it.


Benefits and Uses of Cannellini Beans

Cannellini beans are delicious. Cannellini beans are delicious because of their creamy texture and smooth flavour. Cannellini beans are high in fibre and protein, making them highly nutritious. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, folates, copper, manganese and sodium.

You can use Cannellini beans in a variety of recipes. They are a popular ingredient in Italian cuisine, but they are also highly sought-after in American, African and European dishes. Cannellini beans are a staple food in many dishes due to their high nutritional content. They are a great addition to many recipes because they add a creamy, velvety flavour and attractive white appearance.

Cannellini beans can be prepared easily, and you should be familiar with preparing most white beans. To soften the beans, soak them overnight if you use dried beans. This will also help remove any bitter taste from the beans resulting from the fluids being concentrated due to drying. The beans should be boiled for at least 10 minutes and then cool down for up to 2 hours. Salting the beans before you cook them will cause them to harden.

You can also use canned cannellini beans if you have difficulty preparing dried varieties. This type is required for most dishes, and they can be found at all grocery stores. Pay attention to the brand, as some can make creamier canned cannellini bean varieties than others. You can choose either the canned or dried beans, depending on what you make.

Frequently Asked Questions about cannellini beans

Are cannellini beans healthy?

While they are available in many varieties, cannellini beans are considered the most sought-after. Because of their high content of fiber and protein amount, they could aid in maintaining healthy weight loss, muscle mass, and digestion. Particularly they’re a good food source for vegetarians as well as vegetarians.

What are cannellini beans called in America?

Cannellini beans are called white kidney beans in America. White beans are among the various varieties of beans grown throughout North and South America. Several varieties are available; however, the most popular are cannellini beans. These are also known as white kidney beans. They are soft and have an earthy and nutty taste; they are an excellent option for stews, soups, chilis, and various other recipes.

Can the cannellini beans be frozen for storage?

They’ll keep their best quality when stored properly; they will last for approximately two months; however, they will remain in good condition after that. The time for freezing is only for the highest quality Cannellini beans, which are kept frozen continuously at 0°F and will remain safe for a long time.

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