Substitute For Barley Malt Syrup

A sweetener widely used in food and beverage industries is malt syrup or barley malt syrup. It is used in baking to make pretzels, bagels and sauces. Malt syrup is a healthy ingredient that has a special place in the hearts of those who love cooking and eating. The strong taste of malt syrup is used in many recipes as a sweetener or thickener.

Other ingredients can be used in the malt to get the same results but without an overpowering taste. Find out some great alternatives to malt syrup below:



Honey can be found almost anywhere. It tastes sweet and has a consistency similar to barley malt syrup. It is a viscous sweetener that is thick and dense. The colour can be amber or dark molasses brown, similar to barley malt syrup. In bagel recipes, people often use honey to substitute barley malt syrup. It is much more affordable than barley syrup. You can also use it as a substitute for barley malt syrup if you don’t want to eat gluten.

Honey is mainly used in baked desserts such as cookies and cakes. To add sweetness to your tea, you can tend to use honey. Honey is 2 times more sweet as malt syrup, so make sure to reduce the syrup by half before using honey in your recipe.

Honey is gluten-free and a widely available barley malt syrup replacement. A drawback with honey is a higher Glycemic Index than barley malt syrup and is not vegan-friendly. Honey is collected from bee colonies and sweetened by adding fructose or glucose. 

Honey is cheaper than malt syrup, so you can change it out if you need to make your recipe more affordable. You shouldn’t have problems finding it in your local grocery store to use in your baking or cooking.

Honey can be used in baked desserts or sweet treat recipes that contain barley malt syrup. Honey is similar to barley malt syrup but lighter in color and has a warm orange-orange hue depending on its variety.

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Maple syrup

Maple syrup is made from the sap of maple trees reduced to a syrup. It can be used in many recipes as a substitute for barley malt syrup, mainly in baked desserts. It has a sweet taste similar to barley malt syrup but deep, rich nuttiness. It is thinner than malt syrup in consistency. Maple syrup has a distinct flavour that isn’t the same as barley malt syrup, and it is also quite thin compared to other substitutes.

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener made from maple sap. The sap is rich in starch, which the maple trees store up energy during colder months. The sap is then tapped, and holes are made in the tree trunks. The sap is heated to evaporate water and leaves behind thick syrup. Cheaper maple syrups may be diluted or sweetened with sugar. It is worth paying a little more to get good maple syrup. Maple syrup is rich and sweet, similar to barley malt syrup.

Although it is thinner than barley malt syrup, you can still use it in many recipes. It is a rich brown colour with a distinct smell. Maple syrup is a common ingredient, especially when making pancakes. The maple syrup is made by boiling sugar maple syrup until it forms a thick syrup. This syrup is rich in nutty flavours and has a similar flavour to barley malt syrup. You don’t need to convert the recipe to accommodate a higher/lower amount. 

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You can substitute barley malt syrup with maltose by using another sweetener called maltose. However, it is not a pantry product; it is used frequently in beverages and bread. Foods containing fructose are becoming less popular as the global community begins a healthier lifestyle. Maltose has replaced corn syrups and other sweeteners in the kitchen. It is healthier than table sugar, but it is also less sweet. Maltose, along with sugar, is a great substitute for bagels.

The sugar is broken down to make maltose. It is similar to malt syrup in that it has a thick consistency with a brownish colour. Maltose is an alternative to malt syrup used in bread, bagels and beer. Maltose is a great substitute for barley malt syrup when you run out of options, and you can use it in sweets and pastries just like regular sugar. It is less sweet than barley malt syrup, but you should reduce its amount.  

Many manufacturers have switched to maltose from corn syrup due to the absence of fructose. Instead of halving the amount in the recipe, you can add a little more sugar to achieve the desired sweetness. Maltose can be found in wheat, barley and cornmeal, and other grains.  Because it does not contain fructose, it is healthier than sugar. 



Sugar is the most common and most popular barley malt syrup substitute, and this ingredient is always in your kitchen. Brown and white sugar can be substituted for it; however, it is best to reduce the amount by half when substituting.

Brown sugar is best if you want the same nutty taste. Sugar is the most common and obvious substitute for barley malt syrup, and you can purchase it at almost every convenience store and food shop. There are also chances that you have it in your pantry.

Barley malt syrup will require half the sugar. However, it’s not as natural and raw as barley syrup. However, in baking recipes, you should use any syrup that is not sugar to replace malt syrup. Sugar intake can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance, blood pressure elevation, inflammation, diabetes, and other health problems like liver disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Sugar can also be very addictive.

It’s great for baking cooking, as well as a table sweetener. Although sugar is not a fancy sweetener, it should be used in pinches. Due to their different consistency, baking with sugar instead of barley malt syrup may not yield the same results. If sugar is not available, you should use half the recipe. Reduce the recipe by half, and if necessary, increase it.


Agave syrup

Agave syrup is mainly found in vegan dishes, and this sweetener is primarily used in table desserts. But, you can use it in baked desserts as an alternative to barley malt syrup. Like maple syrup, you should use only the amount that your recipe requires.

Agave syrup (also known as agave nectar) is a popular vegan cooking ingredient. Due to its popularity is now more readily available in grocery stores, supermarkets, and smaller shops.

It can be used in baked desserts in the same way as barley malt syrup. However, it is relatively new in the United States but used for centuries in Mexican cuisine. Tequila is also made from the sugars found in agave plants. Although the agave plant does have some health benefits, they are often lost during the refining process.

Vegan cuisine uses natural sweeteners made from different types of agave. This table sweetener is gaining popularity and can be found at most supermarkets and smaller shops.

It can be used in place of sugar in baked goods, even though it is a table sweetener. Because of its sweetness and colour, Agave syrup can be used to replace barley malt syrup. Although it is thinner than barley malt syrup, it still has the same consistency as honey and can be used in baking goods.

Because of the similarities between agave syrup and barley malt syrup, the same amount should be used for cooking as the recipe requires; the same applies to table sweeteners.

For the most part, agave syrup is a staple in vegetable lover cooking. It is becoming more popular, and you may even see it in small shops. It is most commonly used as a cube or table sugar. Blue agave is used to make agave syrup and agave nectar.

Although it has the same taste as honey, it is thinner than honey. It is balanced in flavour and does not leave a bitter aftertaste like most sweeteners. Malt syrup and agave sugar share similar characteristics in terms of colour and sweetness. 

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Golden syrup

Golden syrup, tends to be butter and caramel like flavored syrup, is very popular in the states of UK. It can be made at home using lemon juice, water along with sugar. It’s an essential ingredient for dessert recipes, such as pies, tarts, and cookies. It can be used to replace barley malt syrup and will add caramel flavour to your desserts. You should not add more golden syrup than you would barley malt syrup.

A sweeter alternative to barley malt syrup, Golden syrup has a caramel-like taste and will enhance your recipes with an exquisite flavour. It is well-known for its amber colour and is made from sugar cane or sugarbeet juice. You can make your golden syrup by adding acid to a sugar solution.

Do this by using sugar, lemon juice, and water. It is not easy to achieve the right consistency, so it is better to buy store-bought golden syrup.

Many recipes use golden syrup for tarts, pies, and cookies, and it is also a key ingredient in flapjacks. You won’t need as much golden syrup because it is sweeter than barley Malt syrup. This traditional British ingredient adds a caramel-like flavour to baked goods.

Barley malt syrup is sweeter than golden syrup, so it should not be used excessively. It is essential to taste the dish before you add barley malt sugar. You should start with half the amount of barley malt syrup required for this recipe and then work your way up.


Korean Rice Syrup

Korean rice syrup is another rice syrup that can replace barley malt syrup. Because it is made from barley malt powder rice, this syrup is very similar to barley-malt syrup. It is thick and dense with a sweet, rich and earthy flavor. It is a popular ingredient in Korean cuisine. It can be used as a natural sweetener or added to food glazes. You don’t need to adjust the quantity in your recipe.

Rice syrup, also known as rice malt syrup, which is made from rice whose starches have been transcended to sugar using various types of enzymes. It can be used in many Asian dishes. Rice syrup is another quality grain related sweetener which comes with amber color, and it is similar in sweet content to malt syrup. Rice syrup comes with caramel taste that can be used in various dishes which requires taste like barley syrup.

Rice syrup can also be used as a substitute for barley malt syrup when making bagels. Rice syrup tended to be suitable for vegans because it does not contain animal products. some people who are vegans avoid honey. Despite their similarities, rice syrup may not be as strong-flavored as barley malt syrup. This can be evident in specific recipes.

Because it is made of barley malt powder, Korean syrup is very similar to barley syrup. However, it also has the sweetness of amylase. If you substitute Korean rice syrup for barley malt syrup, you don’t have to adjust the recipe. It’s used as a glaze in Korean cuisine and to add sweetness.

This thick Korean rice syrup is made from traditional recipes that use barley, and it’s the closest sweetener option to all other options. The flavorful, sweet Korean rice syrup is both earthy and nutty.

It is simple to substitute barley malt syrup for this Korean rice syrup option, as they are almost identical in sweetness. You can achieve a perfect one-to-one mix by using the exact amount of barley malt syrup in the recipe.

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Frequently Asked Questions about malt syrup 

Can I make bagels with barley syrup?

It might also be known as barley malt syrup at natural food markets. You can also substitute honey or brown sugar if you don’t have malt. Add malt syrup or powder to the dough for a classic bagel taste. You can substitute honey or brown sugar.

What does malt syrup do?

It’s a versatile sweetener that you can use in many ways, like making pancakes and cereals, popcorn balls, and caramel corn.

Is barley syrup good for you?

Malt extract is significantly lower in glycemic than table sugar. The gut can be helped by malt extract as it is rich in soluble fibre, which can improve digestion by optimizing the good bacteria and decreasing the harmful bacteria.

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