How to smoke cheese

Have you had a go at smoking cheese? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on many things!

Smoking meat, cheese, or other food items is not new. For thousands of years, people began smoking it to preserve meat and other food items since they didn’t have refrigeration, and so on. But, of course, the motivations and methods of smoking changed with time; now, we’re smoking it more for enjoyment than any other thing.

You can find smoked cheese in high-end grocery stores or specialty stores. They have a price.

In light of our busy lives, we prefer to purchase, such as cigarettes, in the grocery store. Or, we might go out to eat and so on. What would you think if we told you it is possible to get, for instance, cheese smoked at the convenience of your own home? In addition, it doesn’t require the same amount of work and energy as one believes. Are you convinced?


If you have any grill in your home, you’ll be able to reproduce those expensive results repeatedly with amazing results. And, you’ll enjoy making it a lot!

Why is Cheese Smoked?

People may smoke cheese for preservation. Nowadays, we have many methods of preserving food items, and you might wonder why we’re discussing ways to make smoke-cured cheese. Smoking is a fantastic way to flavor foods; cheese is no exception. It is particularly true if you can smoke cheese and do it slowly. Be aware that cheese shouldn’t get affected by smoke. The objective is to create subtle variations of meaty, earthy flavors.

Although there are other methods to preserve food items, cheese lovers today claim that smoking is the best way to put preservation at a higher dimension when it comes to cheese.

What are the Best Cheeses for Smoking?

Although all cheeses that are smoked taste delicious, not all of them are suitable for smoking at home. It is important to select a high-temperature cheese that can withstand the highest temperature without melting.

The best cheeses to smoke are the strong ones, such as gouda, mozzarella, or pepper jack. It is also possible to smoke cheddar cheese to get great results.

The key is that the cheese needs to be hard and firm. Soft cheeses will break and may keep too much smoky taste and taste bitter.

DIY cold smokers can be unpredictable, and you must be on the safe side of prudent. Solid cheeses will keep the right amount of smoke, giving them an exquisite and rich flavor profile.

It’s also crucial to note that you should not use shredded cheese since it can melt inside the smoker. The use of large blocks can make the smoke less noticeable.

Instead, chop the cheese up into two to four-inch chunks. Keep the cheese blocks larger if you prefer a light, smokey taste.

Can You Put Cheese in a Smoker?

Yes, you can smoke cheese in a smoker, and the goal of this post is to show you the best way to cook cheese using an electric smoker, which we’ll cover briefly. The most crucial part of smoking cheese involves understanding the melting point of cheese and adjusting the process to suit your needs.

Follow some additional procedures before putting the cheese into an electric smoker. In other words, finding the most flavorful smoked cheeses could be a challenge. Make sure you read this article if you are contemplating trying it in the beginning.

How To Smoke Cheese (5 Easy Steps)

Step 1: Prepare the Cheese

If your cheese does come in a massive block, we suggest cutting it into smaller pieces for the flavor of the smoky to be distributed equally.

After that, put the cheese in the refrigerator to dry it out. This will stop bacterial growth within the cheese when it is smoking.

If you use an abrasive knife, be sure you do not cut yourself. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Smoker

To ensure your cheese stays cool throughout the smoke, make a baking sheet stuffed with ice and set it under either the rack or the holder for your cheese.

Make sure you do not turn the grill off. If you’re smoking with a smoke tube, ensure the flame is completely out of the way before commencing your smoking.

Step 3: Smoke Cheese in Cool Temperatures

Make sure that the smoker is in the range of 68 deg to 90 degF.

Ice in the tray will keep temperatures cool throughout the smoking process.

On average, smokers smoke cheese for 1 to 4 hours.

The amount of time you can keep your cheese smoking depends on the flavor level you’re looking for. As long as it is smoking, the more intense the flavor.

Step 4: Rotate Your Cheese

Rotate and flip your cheese at least every half an hour to ensure a consistent smoke.

Step 5: Seal the cheese and let it rest

Put the cheese inside a Ziplock baggie, ensure you get as many air pockets as possible, and then place it in the fridge.

It is recommended to let it rest for two weeks to let the smoke settle evenly across the cheese. However, for cheeses that were not smoke-smoked for too long, it’s fine to let them sit for 48 hours.

Using a Smoking Tube:

  1. Fill the smoke tube with wood chips or pellets to the top. Make sure to use something mild like cherry, apple, or maple wood to get the most taste.
  2. Utilize a heat gun and put it in a position to be held against the pellets of your smoker’s tube. Make this happen on your smoker or grill, in case you wish to grill cheese using a Traeger or similar. The smoke tube should be placed that contains pellets right on your grill, and then turn the heat on until it ignites.
  3. The heat gun should be turned on and fired with the pellets. They must be caught on fire to allow the pellets to burn and release smoke.
  4. Place your cheese on a wire rack inside your smoker. Close the lid. The cheese will smoke for two hours. After one hour, flip the cheese on its side and smoke for another hour.
  5. The temperature should remain at 90F because any higher temperature will melt the cheese. This process is referred to as smoking at a cold temperature.
  6. When the smoking process is completed, remove the cheese from the grill. The flame should be gone; there should be no smoke from the grill.
  7. Cover the parchment cheese or butcher paper, and label them as needed. The cheese should rest in your refrigerator for at most 2 weeks.
  8. This will make the cheese age and provide a more mature flavor. If you attempt to eat the cheese before this time, it will be bitter and smoky.

This technique is great for smoking cheese on the Masterbuilt electric smoker and similar models. It is possible to store cheeses smoked such as this in your fridge for as long as 6 months.

How to Store Smoked Cheese?

  • When the cheese is smokey, wrap it up and store it in the refrigerator.
  • Ensure that it’s secured properly, as the cheese has to breathe.
  • Maintain your time between 24-48 hours.
  • Remove it from the wrapping paper and place it in bags that are sealed for future use.

Tips for the Best Smoked Cheese

Smoking cheese for the first time, it’s possible to be unsure of what to expect. These guidelines will ensure the cheese you smoke tastes similar to the ones purchased from the supermarket!

  • Refrigerate your cheese for two hours before smoking it, then cut it into blocks. This also stops melty cheese, allowing smoke to penetrate the cheese uniformly.
  • Set the grill grate above the lower grate, and then place the cheese away to the opposite side.
  • To allow for better smoke dispersion on all sides, flip the cheese pieces over every 30 minutes.
  • Keep an eye on the thermometer to ensure the temperature stays between 85-90F.
  • Smaller cheese pieces mean more surface area and more exposure to smoke.

smoked cheese serving on

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will cheese take to melt in a smoker?

The time for smoking will differ based on how thick the cheese is. Soft cheeses may take less than 30 minutes. The harder cheeses can be up to two hours. Like many things, experimentation and trial is the best teacher.

What temperature do you smoke your cheese at?

Install your smoker to keep the temperature below 90degF (32degC). It’s essential that the temperature not exceed 90degF (32degC) to stop melting the cheese. To make cold smoke put the cheese on the grill’s grate.

Which kind of cheese is the best for smoking?

Smoke any kind of cheese you like. The most well-known cheeses you can smoke are Mozzarella and cheddar. However, we’ve enjoyed great results with American, Monterey Jack, Gouda, Brie, Swiss, and Gruyere.

Is Smoked cheese good for you?

Whatever the kind of milk used to make the cheese, it is a rich source of the natural nutrients found in milk, like calcium. The smoked cheese contains many other important nutrients like zinc, phosphorus and vitamin B12, riboflavin, and vitamin A. people use smoked for making cheese sandwiches, eat with potato wedges, enjoy in cheese soups and much more.

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