how to clean portable ice maker

Portable ice makers are small appliances which yo can keep anywhere in house or outside to make instant ice when you require to have cool drinks with ice. Here we will discuss how you can clean your ice makers to keep them in good condition for long time but before that we will give you some reasons you should consider for cleaning your ice makers on regular basis.

Cleaning of ice maker machines at home

how to clean portable ice maker

It is recommend that you use pure water for making ice and cleaning your ice makers which you can get from filter pitcher shared in this post for reference and buying.

Why should i clean my portable ice maker

After regular use most of the kitchen appliances including ice makes becomes potential area for bacteria and other other unwanted viruses growth ground which is not good for our health and body.

so when we clean ice makers regularly the chances of bacteria and viruses getting into our body via dirty ice decreases very much thus making consumption of ice from portable ice makers safe.

Besides that ice maker process and function fully without any major issues when we take care of its cleaning regularly on proper intervals.

When the size of the ice decrease and it develops a unpleasant aftertaste then its time to clean your ice maker. some time you will also start to notice yellow color and dirtiness on white walls of your icemaker which demands your cleaning to make it shinning again.

Items required for cleaning

items required for cleaning ice maker can be found in your house and are inexpensive so it wont burn a hole in your pocket eve if you clean your ice maker once a month.

  • brush/ toothbrush would also work
  • vinegar
  • lemon juice
  • water
  • small cloth
  • spray bottle

How to clean portable ice maker

  • First remove all the water and ice from your ice maker that may have left in it from previous use session.
  • Now remove all the removable and detachable parts of your ice maker
  • Fill you spray bottle with vinegar or lemon juice with warm water and spray on the parts for cleaning one by one.
  • After that wipe the parts with paper towel or small cloth to remove sticky dirty if any
  • Once done rinse them in running water
  • now pour the warm water solution inside the machine chamber and let it swirl and sit for 5 minutes then throw it away and clean with cloth.
  • make a batch of ice and throw it away as it may contain some dirty from cleaning and after smell of lemon solution
  • now your ice maker is clean and ready for normal use daily.


  • Make sure your ice maker is not plugged in when starting to clean as it may become hazardous for you.
  • To buy a good quality portable ice maker with discount checkout our post with best suggestions and popular choices of ice makers from users across the world.
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Hope you got the right method to clean your ice maker for its proper working for long time. if you want to get ice regularly without any hassles them make it a habit to clean your ice maker on regular intervals without any a miss and it will definitely serve you for long time. if you got any special suggestions regarding cleaning of the ice maker the share with us in comments section below.

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