how to clean electric kettle

Now days electric kettles are used quite commonly across the world because they can boil the water faster than microwave and stovetop and requires less amount of energy when compared to its counter top. To use electric kettle regularly you need to clean it because water comes with mineral deposits in it which gets stuck to the kettle walls and bottom in form of limescale which needs to be removed from time to time to keep the quality of your drinking water from kettle high and maintain its longevity.

limescale mainly consist of magnesium and calcium deposits which comes from water which cannot escape with vapors and gets store in the kettle, hence the need to remove them and electric kettle cleaning arises to maintain its performance for long term usage.

To pour clean water in your kettle for boiling make sure it comes from your filter pitcher as it would reduce presence limescale in water for boiling. thus reducing your cleaning effort in short term.

how to clean electric kettle

Here we will discuss some of the common ways which you can use to remove limescale from the kettle and make it clean

How to clean electric kettle with baking soda and lemon juice

Cleaning your electric kettle with baking soda wont require many things and can be done easily. below are simple steps to get it done in right way.

  • Add 1/2 liters of water in electric kettle
  • Add 1/2 lemon juice in it and keep it on boil
  • After 15 minutes take some baking soda on cloth/sponge and start scrubbing the inner walls of electric kettle
  • Once done, throw the water and then rinse it fully to see a shinning kettle with no scale inside the kettle.

How to clean electric kettle with vinegar

cleaning electric kettle with vinegar only requires 2 things water and vinegar and is very easy. lets checkout its steps below

  • take 100 ml vinegar and 400 ml water in electric kettle
  • boil them until they are hot
  • leave in it for few minutes and mix them well
  • throw the mixture away and clean the inner walls with paper towel
  • once dry from inside then after 1/2 hour boil clean water once again to remove vinegar smell and throw it
  • now your kettle is clean and ready to use once again.

How to clean electric kettle with lemon slices

  • fill the kettle halfway with water
  • add lemon juice and lemon slices of few lemons in it
  • let it boil for 10- 15 minutes
  • take all the slices out and rub the inner walls with lemon slices
  • once done throw the water and and rinse it with clean water.
  • pour clean water and let it boil for 4 minutes to remove lemon fragrance from the kettle.
  • After that clean the kettle with paper towel and its done.


  • If you don’t want to use above homemade method for cleaning electric kettles then you can simply buy commercial kettle cleaning power which cleans the limescale built in it from any hardware store and get it done. it comes in box and small pouches.
  • if your kettle has thick limescale build then you need to add the vinegar or lemon juice and keep for few hours or over night so it s get cleaned completely in one go.
  • avoid scrubbing the heating element in the kettle which has coating on it because excessive scrubbing removes the preventive coating on it which is not good.
  • if your filter also has hard limescale built then you need to soak it in lime juice or vinegar for few minutes to loosen it and just scrub it off and it will go.
  • avoid filling the electric kettle to brim when boiling water as its not recommended and may cause problem in long run.
  • Don’t keep water in kettle after boiling, once its done take out and keep it empty when not in use.
  • Try to descale and clean your kettle every few months for its long working but if your area has hard water supply then you will need to do the cleaning every month to keep it going without any issues.

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How to clean glass electric kettle?

Cleaning glass electric kettle is not a big task you can take a sponge dipped in water solution with vinegar, lemon or sodium bi carbonate and slowly clean the inner and outer walls of kettle without any issue. since is fragile you need to be more careful in handling the kettle while cleaning and don’t just throw jug full of water on it, do it calmly to get glass kettle cleaned perfectly from inside out.

How to clean stainless steel electric kettle?

For cleaning stainless steel kettles i would recommend using brush or sponge with some baking soda for effective cleaning. you can also use scrub for remove hard stains from inside the kettle. All above methods will also work but this one i found better.


hope you got the idea and methods to clean your electric kettle easily from above. if you don’t have electric kettle or want to replace your last one with new one and are willing to buy now then checkout our reviews and suggestions of latest electric kettles in market. if you like to check out some more effective kitchen cleaning tips then this post is for you.

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