can you freeze watermelon to make frozen recipes

Everyone likes to eat fresh water melon but if you want to preserve it for long time to eat in months when its not in market then you need to freeze it so that it can last longer. if its uncut then it can also be kept in pantry for few days but if cut then then in fridge for short term and freezer for long term is good storage option.

The texture of the water melon changes post thawing after keeping in freezer, so it becomes little grainy and mush as it contains 92% water in them if you tend to eat it raw without anything after thawing which you may not like but if you intent to use it for preparing water melon dishes in off months like smoothies, juices etc. then it would be fine and you will get good taste from frozen watermelon too.

can you freeze watermelon

If you are wondering about watermelon nutrition then let us give you some useful insight, about 1 cup of watermelon contains about 11 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of sugar, 11mg calcium, 865 Iu of vitamin A along with 46 calories of energy.

How to freeze watermelon?

To freeze water melon you need to cut it in slices or small cubes to store it properly without taking too much space. then take out the seeds from the water melon completely. taking seeds out from the slices is easy then from other kinds of shape, so you can decide as per your comfort and requirement to cut the melon.

once the outer green covering of the melon along with seeds is removed, place the water melon pieces in the freezer tray and place it in freezer for few hours then take them out and put in freezer bag after removing all the air from bag. seal it completely and place the date label on it.

ideally you should consume the frozen watermelon in couple of months but you can keep them in freezer for as long as 7-10 months. if you planning to keep the cut and leftover watermelon in fridge then i would recommend that you consume it within 2-3 days to get best flavors and texture from your watermelon.

checkout how to make ice cubes without tray to make watermelon ice cubes and normal cubes to make chilled watermelon drinks on hot summer days ice cubes. you can also use ice makers for instant ice requirements when you have ice shortage and lot of guests to serve cold watermelon drinks.

How to defrost watermelon?

Take out the slices or water melon cubes and keep in them fridge for few hours to thaw it before you eat them. if you intend to use them for some drinks then don’t thaw it as frozen water melons can be directly added to the mixer along with other ingredients for making chilled water melon drinks and enjoying them with family and friends.

uses of watermelon

watermelon taste good and keeps your hydrated when eaten raw with some black salt as it contains lot of water in it besides some other essential minerals and vitamins. Here we will share some suggestions to make different dishes with your watermelon in fresh form or frozen.

1. Watermelon smoothies

2. watermelon popsicles

3. fruits infused water with watermelon cubes

4. watermelon juice

5. watermelon sorbet

6. watermelon gelato

7. watermelon slushies

8. watermelon lemonade

9. watermelon Pina coladas

10. watermelon ice cream

11. watermelon soda


It is a fact that frozen watermelon will change texture and wont be same after thawing, so if you want the fresh like texture and taste then enjoy it in season else you can freeze it to make tasty dishes and different recipes from water melon in off season also as eating raw may disappoint you when taking in consideration its texture.

let us know in comments section below what all water melon dishes and recipe you make and love them having in winter and summer months in comments below. share this with all your fruits lover friends to help them preserve the watermelon for future use when required.

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