can you freeze spinach dip

spinach dip is popular party side dish sauce which people serve and eat with variety of items including nachos, fried chips, quiche, fried potatoes, green salad etc. so when you are left with extra then you can keep it in fridge or may be freeze it to extend its shelf life.

after freezing spinach dip it might turn little bit watery as upon thawing the dip the cream cheese or sour cream which are the ingredients of the spinach dip change their consistency and release some water making the spinach dip somewhat thin in consistency. some time people also add lot of mayonnaise in which can also make the dip watery after thawing as it releases some water after being frozen.

different types of cheese used to make spinach dip gives different consistency after freezing, some make it crumbly and some while another make it thin so you need to try it with different cheese to get best taste and texture after freezing which suits your taste liking. you can also add celery or its substitutes to give a different flavor to your spinach dip and make it more tasty to eat with other food dishes.

can you freeze spinach dip

once you make the dip and freeze it then the chances of it loosing its original texture is high so you wont get the taste which you get from fresh dip that’s why i recommend that you use the frozen dip in making dishes and other recipes like curries, pies etc. which require cooking so that the texture wont be a big issue as the dip with get mixed to make new dish rather than serving it as dip again.

you may also like to know how to store fresh spinach for its longevity.

or you can make dip in small batches and consume in 1-2 days with same texture and flavor. for couple of days its can be kept in fridge also with out any issues. try to make the spinach dip with full fat cream milk when you intend to freeze it later as it wont release as much water upon thawing as it would with low fat milk, thus helping you retain the texture and consistency of dip.

How to freeze spinach dip

if you are planning to freeze pre baked spinach dip which you generally get from market in freezer safe containers than you can do it right away by keeping it in freezer but if the container quality is not good or it does not fit the freezer than you can transfer the dip in smaller container and seal the lid or you can make use of freezer bags also if space is a constraint. before keeping the container/ bag in freezer label it with the date so you can consume it before it get expired.

generally the store bought dip comes with preservatives added to them so it wont go bad in freezer for long time and would also retain the texture to some extent.

now we will discuss about freezing baked spinach dip, after the dip has been baked completely let it cool down for some time and then take out the dip which need to be severed or which is left over after serving then segregate the dip in small portions which would make thawing them easy next when you need to consume them.

after that you need to put the dip the freezer plastic bags and squeeze out all the air from them before sealing the bag, once done label the bags with correct date and toss them in freezer for future use.

if you are looking for yet another method to freeze the spinach dip then you can make use of ice trays. put the spinach dip in the tray molds with spoon and keep in freezer for few hours till they solidify, once done, take out the dip cubes and put them in a plastic bag and seal it with label on to use some cubes of dip when ever required easily. this method makes future usage of dips fast and convenient for any one.

how to defrost spinach dip

spinach dip can last for about 80 days in the freezer but i recommend to consume it asap so that you can get best flavor from the dip. to defrost the dip just keep it in fridge for few hours and it will be good to eat with some water like consistency which can be taken care by stirring the the dip with spoon to mix the water or adding some cream cheese or normal cream to the dip to get the soft spinach dip after which you can bake the dip or heat on stove for consuming it again.

For baking spinach oven can be used for about 20 minutes at 350 degree F to get hot spinach dip. if you are using microwave for the same purpose then you heat for 30-60 seconds until hot, check at 10 second intervals to see if it has become hot as per your requirement.

can also make use of pan or skillet for few minutes on gas stove to heat the dip if you don’t have oven or other similar appliances. using stove or induction is best method for heating spinach dip when made using sour cream or mayonnaise as it gives good consistency and good texture to dip which you wont get from oven.


Hope you learned to freeze the spinach dip in right manner from above shared techniques and tips. let us know in comments below with what all recipes you like to pair your tasty spinach dip to make the overall dish a good culinary experience for your self and guests.

share it with your sauces and dips lovers friends as it would help them store the spinach dip safely for future use. similar to spinach dip you can learn about freezing salsa dip also on out site so that you can serve it later to guest.

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