can you freeze rice pudding

Rice pudding is very popular dessert for people around the world as its easy to make involves less ingredients. it was originated very long time back and people prefer to make it it in batches that when the problem of its storage comes if not consumed fully. so people like to know can i freeze rice pudding and other storage tips for keeping the rice pudding safe until consumed next time.

rice pudding can be frozen easily but as it involves sensitive ingredients like milk which changes texture and taste of dish with time so it is mandatory to follow some guidelines while storing rice pudding in freezer so that you can it it next time without it getting spilled which could lead to food wastage.

can you freeze rice pudding

so here we share method to store rice pudding in freezer with some tips to know for storage to increase its shelf life along with simple recipe to make tasty rice pudding at home right below.

How to freeze Rice pudding

freezing rice pudding is easy process. after the pudding is cooked let it cool for some time after that take a container and add the pudding in it then cover it top with cling wrap and put on the air tight lid of the container. once done label the container with the date for future reference and store in the freezer for future use.

if you are in hurry to store the pudding and go for work then after the container is ready for putting in freezer with warm pudding in it then place it in ice bath for 10 minutes as it will cool down the pudding and make it ready for freezing.

if you want to know about freezing other types of pudding the checkout can you freeze pudding desserts post to clear all doubts.

How to defrost rice pudding

as per our opinion the pudding should be consumed asap after making it to get best taste and texture from the pudding but some times its not possible to eat it all so you can store in freezer for about 3-4 months maximum after which the texture and flavor might change.

you can defrost it by keeping the pudding in fridge for few hours before you take out and eat. if you like cold pudding then you eat else you can heat the pudding on low flame on stove for few minutes and after that add some toppings in it to enhance the taste of pudding and eat it.

do not keep the pudding in kitchen for defrosting as it will go bad very fast and become watery to make it uneatable by use this getting spoiled in the process and increasing food wastage.

if you are planning to use oven or microwave for heating the pudding before serving, then make sure to put a glass of water in the microwave while heating as it will prevent the pudding from going dry too much while getting warmed up.

Tips for rice pudding

generally it is found that people make pudding with full cream or whole milk at home but these type of milk has low shelf life and may spoil the dish depending on where its kept. so to increase the shelf life of pudding you can use low fat milk, coconut milk, condensed milk etc. to make a tasty pudding and freeze for later consumption. using these alternatives may increase the cooking time so you can adjust as per the requirement to make perfect pudding dish.

the texture of the pudding can also be changed easily by using different types of rice grains in the pudding recipe. long and narrow grains tend to make the pudding recipe little dry and dense in consistency. while shorter length grains makes the dish watery and light in texture. so choose as per your taste and texture liking to get best pudding for yourself.

don’t garnish the pudding with topping when you tend to freeze it for later consumption as the topping might get bad till you take out the pudding next time to serve and eat. instead i would recommend that you freeze the topping separately or keep them in fridge and when you serve the thawed pudding then add these topping at the last moments to get best taste from the toppings and your rice pudding.

as we all know milk may get spoiled and might make our pudding go bad if not kept in proper manner after cooking, so to avoid the pudding from spoiling you can also make pudding in little water and let the freeze for the time you don’t require to eat and when time comes to serve you and heat the pudding and add little bit milk at this time to get milky pudding without any issues.

as you know refreezing pudding after thawing it once will make it go bad and uneatable so to avoid getting into this kind of mess i would recommend you divide all the leftover rice pudding in small freezer safe bags in equal quantity and label them with date then freeze them in freezer so that when you require to eat the pudding you don’t have thaw full bowl of pudding which you don’t want to eat. just take out 1-2 packs of pudding, let it thaw and heat if required and serve with great topping. doing this will help to save food and avoid wastage to save money.

Simple Home made rice pudding Recipe

here i have shared with you simple recipe to make a tasty rice pudding at home using fresh and quality ingredients to enjoy with friends and family. you can also checkout my rice pudding recipe using slow cooker to cook in it if you have at home.


  • sliced nuts like pistachio, almonds, raisins etc. for garnish, you can add fruits as well in your pudding.
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup rice
  • 1/2 spoon salt
  • 4-6 spoon sugar
  • little bit vanilla extract or any other as per preference


  • Add milk along with sugar and rice in the pan or electric skillet and let it heat until the sugar melts and mixture starts to boil up.
  • then let the mixture simmer for 10 minutes with some stirring using spatula. then turn off the heat and let it cool down and add the vanilla extract and your favorite topping in the pudding. once completely mixed add it to bowl and enjoy with spoon.
  • you can also add couple of rice krispie treats on the top the pudding as garnish, it will form a good complementary food as its crispy and crunchy while the pudding is smooth and soft.


Now that you learned to freeze the rice pudding with the right method, you can make extra pudding also to freeze for later consumption.

some people also like to make rice pudding in rice cookers so if like to have one to too in your kitchen for making various delicious rice dishes then checkout all about it in rice cooker guide to get one with discount.

let us know in comments below if you like to eat rice pudding or not and share this post with your rice pudding lover friends to help them with pudding storage with right methods.

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