can you freeze rice krispie treats

Rice Krispie treats are liked by everyone due to its great taste and simple preparation methods. it can be made with simple items like butter, sugar, rice and marshmallows. although you can add some toppings as per your liking and preferences like chocolate chips, dried fruits, sweet sprinkles etc. to make them much more tasty and appealing to look for kids.

can you freeze krispie treats

When you make Krispie treats its always in batches and you are always left with some as it cant be consumed fully at once if you are not with friends and family. so you can freeze the treats for future consumption with your friends and family when some treats are left. some people also like to eat these krispie treats with rice pudding as it serves as good pairing for it.

make sure that you use good quality ingredients like quality rice to make krispie treats as it will effect the texture and quality of the treat after making. low quality rice tends to make your treats soggy after some time so if you want good quality treats for yourself and your guest use top quality rice and eat best tasting treat you have ever had even better than store bought once. learn below the simple method to freeze and store the krispie treats in your freezer.

How to freeze rice krispie treats

To start freezing the rice krispie treats make sure that the krispie treat is cooled after being making them. once the full bar of treat is cooled cut in square shapes with sharp knife and cover each of the small krispie treat bar with cling wrap sheet fully to drain out all the air from the covering and after that take a freezer bag and put all the treats in it and then write date on the bag before you freeze them to keep the treats moisture free and fresh when you eat without change in flavor and texture.

if you want alternate method then you can try flash freezing method in which once your rice krispie treat bar then wrap them in baking sheet or wax paper fully and cut in small pieces then put them in freezer for couple of hours then take out and cover each piece with cling wrap and put in freezer bag. then label the bag with current date and put in freezer for long term freezing. doing so will ensure the texture of treats remains same when you later take out and eat your treats.

freezing store bought krispie treats is same as that of freezing home made ones, if you are left with lot of the treat in packed then just keep in the wrapper in which it came and freeze it but if you don’t want to use the wrapper then take out the treat and wrap in cling sheet and put in bag and freeze it for future consumption in coming weeks.

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How to defrost rice krispie treats

generally rice krispie treats last for about 5-6 months when they are in freezer. to thaw them you just need to take them out of freezer and keep in kitchen for about 30-40 minutes and they will get the right texture and firmness for you to eat and enjoy. if you like little bit warm treats then you can heat them in microwave for 20-30 seconds to enjoy warm krispie treats.

rice krispie treats should be consumed within a month or so after making them so that you get best flavor from them as it has been seen that after some time if you store them for long time the rice in krispie treat becomes little bit thick and give you different texture and consistency if you wont eat for very long time.

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Everyone like to eat rice krispie treat including kids and adults. freezing and storing them is very easy to make and store them in freezer and enjoy when ever you carve for tasty sweet krispie treats at home.

let us know if you like to eat krispie treats or not in comments below. share this with all your sweets lover friends as they would also try making krispie treats and store them in the freezer in right way. you can also learn about sticky rice recipe to make this great dish in kitchen.

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