Can you freeze jello shots

A Jello Shot is the best way to start a celebration. Whether you’re in college or starting your career, or navigating this so-called life for longer than you’d definitely admit, the jiggly goodies are an instant attention catcher.

Water, flavored gelatin, and alcohol are the ingredients of Jello Shots. They are typically served in single-use paper or plastic cups and are semi-solid. College parties and the Jell-O brand are usually associated with jello shots.

Although the most popular alcoholic beverage in Jello Shots is vodka, you can use any alcoholic beverage. Use rum to make a Jello Shot with Rum and Coke, tequila to make a Jello Shot with Tequila Sunrise, and Fireball to make a Jello Shot with a straight Fireball. You can also try using purple rain cocktail drink for making your favorite jello as it has many different ingredients which are quite popular and liked by college teens these days.

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You can use the freezer if you are short on time and have yet to begin making your jello shots. It can effectively chill and set jello shots. Never freeze something for too long. The tastes and sensations could seem unpleasant.

But what if there are numerous leftovers? Can it be frozen for later use? Can you freeze it to increase its shelf life?

Can you freeze jello shots?

Alcohol does not solidify as it sets, which is essential to keep in mind while making jelly shots. Therefore, your photographs will always be wackier and runnier after chilling in the fridge than regular alcohol-free Jell-O.

Can you freeze Jell-O shots if you wait until the last minute to prepare them or if they need to be set correctly in the fridge?

One practical approach to hasten the setting of Jell-O shots is to place them in the freezer. You may prepare your Jell-O photos in advance and freeze them on a tray for a last-minute celebration. Ensure that the tray is firmly placed on a level surface, as spilled jelly could be a hassle to remove from the freezer.

However, the texture of your Jell-O shots will start to change if you store them in the freezer for an extended period.

Strange things will start to happen as soon as the Jell-O shot begins to freeze. The alcohol will stay a liquid, but the water crystals and gelatin within the jelly will freeze to a solid.

This results in a strange, gritty feel for your Jell-O shot, which is still entirely delicious but may not be to everyone’s taste.

The freezer is not the best location to store any remaining jelly shots. They will never freeze solid in a domestic freezer due to the high alcohol level. They will have an unpleasant, gritty feel.

If you absolutely must freeze your Jell-O shots, ensure they are in an airtight container and only freeze for a few weeks. They can either be eaten straight from the freezer or defrosted in a refrigerator before serving.

How to freeze jello shots?

These drinks can be frozen relatively quickly and with little of your valuable time.

  • Get some freezer or sealable plastic bags so you can freeze them properly. Pour the mixture into the bag carefully after opening it. You can leave an inch of room in the bag to properly seal it.
  • Place the tightly sealed bags in the freezer after labeling them with the freezing date. The freezing process will take roughly two to four hours.
  • It is different from freezing water or ordinary juices to freeze your jello shots. Gelatin is what gives Jello photographs their gelatinous consistency. Gelatin makes a significant difference in how it freezes.
  • Jello shots’ textures and flavors can be affected by freezing, too! Around -143.7 degrees Fahrenheit to -97.6 degrees Fahrenheit are needed for the alcohol to freeze.
  • Jello keeps in the freezer for the same duration of time as it does in the refrigerator. You cannot freeze Jello to extend its shelf life. However, refrigeration or freezing does extend its shelf life compared to letting it sit at room temperature.

How to know if frozen Jello shots are working or not?

Over seven to ten days, open Jello will only keep well. It is preferable to discard fruit-flavored Jello after about three days. However, sealed Jello can be held in the freezer for a year despite three to four months in the cupboard.

As opposed to Jello kept in the fridge, frozen Jello may be a little more challenging to determine if it has soured. This distinction arises from rotten Jello initially manifesting as water pools on its surface. Of course, these dots won’t be visible if the Jello is frozen.

Instead, a sour or strange taste will be the first indication that frozen Jello has gone wrong. If you suspect your firm Jello has gone wrong, sniff it to see if you can smell anything. The smell of rancid Jello will be foul or disgusting.

Of course, you must not consume Jello if it has mold. White or dark specks, generally on the surface, are the mold’s visible signs on Jello. Additionally, keep an eye out for fuzzy growths on the jello surface or packaging. If you think the Jello may have passed its expiration date, carefully inspect the product.

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How are Jello Shots Defrosted?

This procedure is simple when it comes to defrosting jello shots. Do not fear; it will still be fine after a few weeks in the freezer. They will only become partially solid! It contains alcohol, and alcohol cannot freeze at even the lowest temperatures!

Remove the bag or bags from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator to begin defrosting. And you already know that the ideal location to defrost frozen items is in the fridge. But it might take several hours!

Now, if you’d rather not wait, let it defrost overnight. You’ll find a pack of perfectly defrosted jello shots when you wake up!

Can Jello Shots Be Refrozen?

Please reevaluate your belief that chilling your jello shots will increase their shelf life. Gelatin’s binding components, which affect the substance’s flavors and textures, can be destroyed by freezing. Even though it can be kept in the freezer for months, if you are freezing it, make sure to eat it within a week.


Jello shots are a tasty and well-liked alcoholic beverage that can last for days. To keep them fresh, it’s crucial to store them in an airtight container with refrigeration, if feasible. They oxidize more quickly the smaller they are cut, hastening their demise.

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Frequently asked questions 

Are Jello Shots Alcoholic?

It should be impossible to become intoxicated from jello shots. The jello shot recipes don’t allow much alcohol in the mixture. Due to the jello shots’ gelatinous consistency, you might not even taste the alcohol in them. The Jello’s sweet flavor masks the alcohol flavor in the mixture and you can also add your favorite cocktail to make diluted jello which would be liked by everyone in party.

How long can you keep frozen Jello Shots?

If kept in the refrigerator, jello shots should keep on their own for up to 4 days. Due to their gelatinous nature, jello shots are typically advised to be frozen. 

Can I freeze Jello shots to speed up the setting process?

However, plan since there is no way to expedite this critical procedure. Contrary to popular belief, placing Jello Shots in the freezer does not hasten the setting process. Instead, a layer of ice and freezer burn will form on your shots.

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