Can You Freeze Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is rich and velvety, adding a luxurious touch to sweet and savoury dishes. This dairy product is versatile and used in many cuisines. Heavy cream is rich and high in fat, so you might only need a little. You may end up with more cream than you need. Heavy cream can be frozen to prolong its shelf life. This article will show you how to preserve heavy cream in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Heavy Cream?

Yes, you can freeze heavy cream just like coffee creamer. Heavy cream, unlike other dairy products, can be quickly returned to its original texture. It’s easy to freeze heavy cream. Once you have tried it, you won’t throw it away anymore.

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How to Freeze Heavy Cream?

Step 1: Quality check

Before freezing, ensure that you check the quality of the heavy cream.

Step 2: Portion

It is better to freeze smaller amounts of heavy cream than the whole batch. This will save you from having to defrost it all. For slightly larger amounts, you can pour the heavy cream into ice cube trays and silicone muffin trays. Place the muffin tray on a baking pan to keep it stable and level. Let it freeze for at least 2 to 4 hours.

Step 3: Get your packing materials.

Take the frozen cubes out of the freezer and remove them from the mould. Remove all air from the freezer bags before sealing them to avoid freezer burn or unnecessary contact with air.

Step 4: Label and Freeze

To track how long the container or packet has been frozen, label it with its contents and the date.

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How to Thaw Heavy Cream?

How you freeze heavy cream and how you want to use it will affect how you thaw it. If you are adding the cream to a recipe that will be cooked, you don’t need to completely thaw it. 

Let’s take a look at different ways to freeze heavy cream.

Transfer Frozen Heavy Cream into a Fridge

You must thoroughly defrost heavy cream if you are using it in a cold dish or as a topping to a dessert. The carton should be taken out of the freezer at least a day before you need it and placed in the fridge. You can set the carton on the counter if you live in a colder climate. Once defrosted, place it in the refrigerator until ready to use it.

Heavy cream frozen in ice cubes will defrost quicker, so removing them a few hours before you need them is best.

After the heavy cream has thawed, give it a shake or blend to combine the butterfat. It will be as good as fresh cream and ready to go for making different recipes like ice cream, smoothies etc.

Thaw Frozen Cream for up to 15 minutes before using

Frosted whipped cream can be used within 10-15 minutes of being taken out of the freezer. It will melt if it is allowed to thaw completely. You can use it in pies and desserts once it has become semi-frozen.

Use the Frozen Cream in Warm or Prepared Dishes

It doesn’t take much planning to add heavy cream to a recipe you are making. You just need to take the cubes or cartons from the freezer and add them directly into your pot. It doesn’t have to be frozen before you use the cream. The cream can be quickly thawed by placing it in a hot or warm pot.

Fresh Heavy Cream Substitutes

There are many options if you don’t have heavy cream or are trying to make a recipe that calls for it. Half-and-half is a good substitute for heavy cream. It may have fewer calories, but it will still taste the same. Greek yoghurt can be substituted for heavy cream by being mixed with milk.

You can also combine milk with cooled butter. These two substitutes can be used to create the same flavour and texture, but they cannot be whipped. You can use half-and-half if you don’t need whipped cream. You won’t get stiff peaks with half-and-half whipped cream.

You might consider switching to powdered cream if you don’t have enough heavy cream or can’t find it on the shelf. You can mix it up on the spot and easily store it. You’ll not likely find it at your local grocery store. However, it is readily available online.

not to forget some people also prefer to use cream of tartar as substitute for heavy cream in savory recipes like creamy tofu curries, coconut mix veg and many more recipes to reduce the spiciness of chilis and get good overall taste in the recipes from across the world.

How to Freeze Heavy Cream for Whipping?

It’s best to whip heavy cream before freezing to get the best texture possible for your whipped cream.

These are the steps for frozen whipped cream:

  1. Make your cream.
  2. Dollop large spoonfuls of the mixture onto a baking sheet lined with paper.
  3. Flash freeze for two hours
  4. Transfer all whipped cream drops to an airtight container.

You can increase or decrease the size of the drops depending on how much cream you are using in one go.

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You can add tablespoon-sized drops to your coffee. Don’t worry about thawing before you drink.

You can make your morning coffee hot by adding a little whipped cream to the mug and letting it thaw in the fridge overnight.


Heavy cream is an excellent ingredient that is used in baking and cooking. It is possible to store large amounts of heavy cream in your home, and you can also freeze it. You can also freeze it in its whipped state. It’s much easier to take it out of the fridge and let it sit for a while before you add it to any recipe.

This is an excellent solution if your kitchen is sweltering. If the temperature is too high, the cream will not whip. You can reduce your waste by freezing heavy cream, especially if it is on sale. You can also reduce baking time by freezing whipped cream.


How can you make heavy cream last longer?

Although frozen heavy cream is fine, it can lose some quality. Fresh heavy cream is always better than frozen because it tastes better and is fresher.

Will freezing heavy cream cause it to deteriorate?

Because it gives baked goods richness and body, heavy cream is often used in baking recipes. However, it is not recommended to drink because it contains more butterfat than regular milk. Heavy cream tastes thicker and richer because of this. It does not contain any nutritional value. 

How do you know if heavy cream has gone bad?

Heavy cream can be frozen to lose fat and become dry. Because fat molecules are stuck together, they can’t flow freely. The cream then becomes very hard and cannot melt easily. You can avoid this problem by storing the cream in the fridge.

What can you do with extra heavy cream?

Heavy cream can enhance sweet and savoury dishes such as pasta sauces, soups, pies, and egg dishes. You can make a rich chocolate drink by adding whipped cream to it. You can also add it to your morning coffee. You can freeze it for later.

Is it possible to thaw heavy whip cream in the microwave?

You can microwave heavy cream to thaw. However, doing this in short intervals is essential to avoid overheating. To ensure the heat spreads evenly, microwave it at 50% for one minute. After that, stop and stir every 15 seconds. If you plan to use heavy cream to make a dish, it is best to thaw in the microwave.

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