How to Dehydrate Blueberries

Blueberries are good for consumption throughout the year. Here we will learn how to dehydrate blueberries and keep them safe so that you can enjoy at any time of the year without running to stores to get one when you are carving some tasty blueberries. drying and preserving blueberries require you to have a food dehydrator at home, if you don’t have one get one now after looking at some popular choices available in market.

Benefits of blueberries

Blue berries comes with lot of health benefits that’s why it is being liked by many people across the world. they comes packed with lots of antioxidants, vitamin a, vitamin c ,vitamin k and magnesium among others. which makes it a super food for many people.

The antioxidants in blueberries help fight free radical in your body and improves eye health  thus preventing muscular degeneration and other eye related issues. they also helps in preventing cell damage.

Blueberries increase blood flow in body and maintains blood pressure thus helping with easing out symptoms of heart diseases in body.

It also improves memory function and delays cognitive ageing in brain.

how to dehydrate blueberries

By dehydrating blueberries you can save move money as they can stored for long term, so buy them when they are cheap in market and then dehydrate and store them in air tight container to consume later. dehydrating process is very easy, but you need to have a dehydrator at home for this purpose which if you don’t have can get from our site after reading reviews.


Good Quality Blueberries


  1. Wash the blueberries under running water to remove all dirt from them
  2. Use a towel or paper to dry them thoroughly
  3. Place them in dehydrator tray at some distance from each other
  4. place the tray in dehydrator and turn it on
  5. dehydrate for about 13-15 hours at 135 degree F


  • Choose medium size blueberries for dehydration as large ones will take more time for dehydration.
  • For storing dehydrated blueberries for long time place them in air tight jar which would keep the blueberries in good condition for consumption till 6 months.
  • You are advised to pick ripe blueberries with are dark blue in color and not white as they may not be ripped enough. make sure blueberries are firm and not too soft as they would be too ripe which we don’t want for dehydrating. so ideal ones would be with dark blue color and firmness in them.
  • you can add some salt, pepper and mixture of spices to make it even better to taste after dehydrating as per your liking.
  • you can also use your toaster oven for dehydrating blueberries if you have that in home, but it will take little more time i think.

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Blueberries are good for health so you can dehydrate and consume them on daily basis to keep your health in good shape and get all the other benefits of blueberry. you can also put them in various different recipes of muffins, jams cakes etc. to make them more delicious.

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