substitute for bulgur

Bulgur is less popular wheat grain which has its origin from middle east region in ancient times. it is quite nutritious and good for our body. when you don’t have bulgur wheat with you then you need to have substitute for bulgur to get your meals and recipes prepared without any issue which are nutritious and tasty to eat.

It can be cooked easily and paired with different recipes and vegetables to make a wholesome meal. its chewy texture and nutty flavor to it. adding to to salads, tacos, different pastas etc. so if you want to know about some of its alternatives then check them out below to know more about them and their uses in different dishes and recipes.

substitute for bulgur

bulgur alternatives and substitutes


rice is a very common food grain known to all of us and found in every local in market to consume. its cheap and consumed on regular basis on countries like Africa etc. their are many types of rice but mainly 2 types of rice are consumed in abundance which are white rice and brown rice.

you can replace bulgur with rice whenever you want without any issues. if you are using brown rice then expect to get chewy and somewhat nutty type flavor from it, some people like it as it has better nutritional value than white rice, i don’t like it too much because of its chewy texture which seems to be not smooth like white one. on the other hand white rice has mild flavor and soft texture which blends in mouth but it less stronger when nutrition wise when compared to brown rice.

you can cook rice by boiling, sautéing it after boiling, making it into flour, and various other methods to make tasty dishes in rice cooker as per your liking in absence of bulgur with you.


Quinoa has its origin from south America and is popular food item used in many recipes to make them healthy and tasty. its taste profile matches with that of bulgur making it a good substitute option for it. it is also packed with nutrients like calcium, vitamins, potassium etc. to make our body healthy.

many people use it for making soups, salads etc. to get good nutty flavor from it in the dishes easily. it comes in red and white color. you can replace 1 cup of quinoa for every one cup of bulgur in your recipe without any issue and the time required for cooking both of them remains same depending on the quantity of food you are preparing.

Quinoa with Mushroom Spinach in skillet
cooked Quinoa with roasted Mushroom and stir fry Spinach in skillet

wheat couscous

it is quite popular in regions of Tunisia, morocco etc. for making food delicious. it is mainly durum crushed in small pieces to make them in shape of spheres and small granules for easy consumption. its chewy and fluffy and firm in texture when cooked on medium heat to make different recipes of your choice.

you can make many food items with it like sea, food side dishes etc. when you don’t have bulgur with you. it has its own unique taste to it. it taste god with different herbs and spices and roasted peanuts and different nuts etc. some people also describe it as small pasta made with barley or wheat.

If you are wondering how to cook couscous then its easy process, all you need to do is take about 2 cups couscous and boil it about 10 minutes in 1 to 1.5 cup water to get fluffy couscous. this is basic method, to make the recipe great tasting you can add salt and oil, butter, veggies, herbs and spices of your choice to make it a good and scrumptious dish while cooking. to make the dish more tasty some people also like to cook in soup, chicken broth, vegetable broth etc.

whole wheat CousCous image
uncooked dry whole wheat CousCous


It is a fruit seed mainly grown in Asian region but people of Europe and America also like to have to due to its good taste and nutritional value as it has high amount of magnesium and other similar essential nutrients in it required for healthy body. it can be used as a substitute for bulgur due to its mild taste and smooth texture.

many people like to eat it in breakfast or as evening snacks with some veggies, spices and favorite sauces mixed into it while other like to add in soup, stews and pie filling to make them more enriching and tasty for everyone.


millet is a good source of lot of good nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamins etc. which are beneficial for your body growth. it has nutty flavor and can be made in to creamy dish by adding some sour cream, mashed potatoes, liquid cheese, rice etc. for better taste and flavor in your millet meal platter, thus making it a worth it substitute for bulgur.

Its quite commonly served as a side dish for various different dishes like soups, grilled platter, veggies stir fry, rice platter etc. you can eat it in morning breakfast like oatmeal or mixed grain porridge dish with some dry fruits and fresh berries to get great tasting breakfast. it contains better proteins and fiber content amount when compared to normal rice which makes it much better than rice for body benefits.

millets can be used for healthy lifestyle eating and can contribute to weight loss if added to your diet in moderate quantities.


Farro is yet another substitute for bulgur that can be used when you don’t have bulgur with you and cant buy from market also. it taste good as a replacement in salad bowl, quiche, soups and other similar dishes of your choice.

It comes with chewy consistency and little bit nutty taste. bulgur and farro are whole wheat grains making them similar in various aspects. some people also like to add it in dishes like risotto rice platters etc.

Its good to add in your salad dishes and add in risotto dishes for great taste and flavor in the grain mix bowl. you can add tomatoes along with different variety of cheese in the mix along with some herbs and spices of your choice.

It is advised to clean farro with running cold water along and then drain before cooking for making a great side dish and adding in the recipes of your choice. It comes with dry powder like coating on it that’s why i advise to rinse off all them with water before cooking low flame.

farro image


It is mainly found in south American region and this has lot of vitamins and minerals in it. It has to be soaked all night for few hours to get it right for eating in good texture and consistency. It is not a popular grain to replace bulgur but some people like to eat it due to their personal liking for it. this seed is mild yellow in color and can be eaten whole or grounded in flour to add in different recipes of your choice as it would help to thicken the recipe and give it a creamy texture when grounded.

As far as its flavor is concerned you can expect something like sweet and nutty traces making it appealing to your taste buds in pleasant way.

Amaranth image


Teff is a grain the originates from the Ethiopia region and is small in size. It can work as bulgur replacement if you can adjust with the small size of the grains in your dish without any issues. its flavor is also somewhat similar to bulgur as it give your sweet and nutty taste.

Nutrients wise it is also rice in vitamins and proteins for better body health. people use it in making baking items like pies, baked casseroles and other similar dishes.

It’s free of gluten which makes it ideal choice for people who like to eat gluten free food which is low in fat and packed with fibers as it would help reduce your unwanted body weight to get your body in shape.

Its found to be good for developing teeth’s and bones so you can add it to growing kids breakfast as they require stronger teeth’s and bones. adults who look out for healthy lifestyle with stringer bones can eat it too.

teff grains image

Frequently asked question

can i use barley instead of bulgur?

barley can work in some recipes as bulgur replacement because the texture and taste of barley is little different than bulgur. make sure you use it in right quantity to get best flavor and also you can try it in various recipes you like to see if it works for your taste buds. barley is broken down grain to make it more soft and cook faster. it works great in recipes like tabouli and kibbe when you don’t have bulgur with you and are looking for ideal replacement for it.

what are bulgur nutrition values?

i have shared bulgur nutrition facts and data in chart shown below to know everything about bulgur nutrition and energy supplied from bulgur to your body.

Bulgur-Wheat nutrition values


Hope you like my collection of bulgur alternatives shared above to use when you don’t have any bulgur left with you in your kitchen for cooking delicious meals. let me know in comments below what all meals you cook with bulgur and its alternatives for healthy life and fit body.

I like to drink bulgur smoothies with agave nectar or honey as sweetener along with nuts and peanut butter and banana or some other non acidic fruits and also as morning breakfast bowl with some fruits, chia seeds and nuts.

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