Substitute For Anchovies

A popular small fish available in a variety of stores is the anchovies. It is possible to purchase these fish in a variety of varieties. They are typically packaged in tins containing vinegar or oil. In certain cultures, like South Asia, you can buy them dried or fermented. when you don’t have them try using of the Substitute For Anchovies shared below to make tasty recipes without any hassle.

They work for salads, such as Caesar salad, and different dressings sauces used in salads. Anchovies are usually employed as a secret ingredient. You can take them in fillets or paste them from inside tubes.


Alternatives and Substitutes For Anchovies

Despite how well-known this type of fish may be, it is bound to be instances when they go out during your cooking. Below, you can find some excellent substitutes for anchovies.

Worchester Sauce

Worchester sauce is the first option as a substitute for anchovies. The famous sauce already contains anchovies. Naturally, it comes into your mind whenever you need substitutes. This sauce is excellent for use as an alternative in soups and casseroles, and it’s also possible to spread it over pizza. Worcestershire sauce is a frequently used flavor in many different dishes when you mix in anchovies and spices to create the flavorful and salty one that people love. 

It is tangy and has a flavor that makes food taste better for fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit. It is possible to include Worcestershire sauce in sauces for meat like steaks and pork chops. Many people spread this on chicken popcorn to create a delicious snack that comes in various flavors.

The presence of anchovies is a sign that you get the same taste distinct when using it in place of. Worcestershire sauce can be utilized in recipes that do not require the flavor of anchovy paste as it offers the same taste and flavor. This sauce has a vast assortment of other ingredients besides anchovies and does not impart fish taste, making Worcestershire sauce one of the top sauces to substitute for anchovies.


Shrimp Paste

Another fantastic way to use anchovy in your recipe is to add shrimp. The adhesive is an amalgamation of soils that have been fermented together with salt, and it is a common ingredient in many Asian recipes. Shrimp paste is made from curries and sauces and enhances the flavor of these meals. Make the needed adjustments to bring out more flavour of the seafood. To make your shrimp’s paste softer, you can add fresh margarine or tomatoes to the mix. It’s often available in Asian food stores. 

Though it is a bit spicy in scent, once the shrimp paste has been added to your food, it gives it a distinct flavor. Shrimp paste imparts an enticing flavour and spice food items and can substitute for anchovies in the ratio of 1.5 teaspoons of shrimp to 1 teaspoon anchovy paste. You can alter the taste of the shrimp paste to make it milder by adding pureed tomatoes or margarine into the mixture You can also alter the flavor using any liquid ingredient to suit your particular dish.



While anchovies and sardines look similar to one another when it comes to flavoring fish, unfortunately, they are not considered in the same way as anchovy fillets for various reasons. First of all, these two varieties of fish sardines vs. anchovies taste distinct. If you’re looking for a fish that can cover the saltiness, anchovy can bring. Unfortunately, sardine cannot perform because its flavor is light and mild to anchovy.

The second reason is that they are both different in texture, meaning that the sardine fillet cannot cover or look like anchovy’s fillet. Due to these two factors, you need to substitute anchovy with sardines; it’ll take some effort to alter the texture and taste of the dish. So if you’re looking to substitute the whole anchovy fish on your plate, sardines could be a good choice to come into the mix and fill in the space.

Sardines are tiny silvery fish that are common across the globe. Sardines are different fish species, and classifications are based on their location. Sardines can be smoked, cooked, fried, or offered in the form of a pickled tin. Similar to anchovies, sardines also have an acrid, salty taste.

However, their taste is less intense than anchovies, making them a good alternative to dishes that do not want the fishy flavor to overwhelm other ingredients. Sardines can be used in pasta dishes as well to make pizza toppings.

Umeboshi Paste

Umeboshi paste was created in Japan and made from a specific type of fermented and chipped plum. This is why it is fruity; however, it is hard to define and does not have a sweet flavor. Salty and spicy are two words often utilized together. It is important to note that umeboshi paste works well for vegetarian and vegan dishes, and it also goes well when dressing salads. Due to its salty taste, it could also be used as a substitute for anchovies. 

In Japanese umeboshi, the paste is blended with white rice plain. Umeboshi paste is also high in antioxidants and provides numerous health benefits. It is an intriguing ingredient to help balance your vegan food choices. 



Another option that works well in salad dressings and soups would be miso, and it is an excellent addition to cooked dishes simmered for a long time. Be cautious not to boil food items like miso soup or cook it too long because it could destroy the active bacteria found in miso and diminish the health benefits it offers. Miso is a different anchovy substitute for salad dressings, sauces, and soups, and you can use it in long-cooking dishes.

But, take care not to overheat or boil miso to avoid damaging the active bacteria in it and diminishing its health advantages. Miso is a famous Japanese condiment made of fermented soybeans. It is available in many forms, such as an ingredient in a sauce, as a powder, or as a paste. There are also two varieties to choose from: the red and white miso that differ in their fermentation methods.

Like anchovies, miso is fermented and salty with a sour flavor. Like anchovies, miso is also vegan and vegetarian-friendly, which means you can use it to satisfy diet restrictions. It isn’t able to substitute anchovies for pizza or pasta.

miso paste image


Seaweed is yet another vegan and vegetarian option. It’s a great alternative to the anchovies used in puttanesca with incredible health benefits and rich in vitamin B, vitamin K, and minerals like zinc. It is believed that seaweed has a similar flavor to anchovies. It is a very nutritious product that contains minerals, and it can be a tremendous vegetarian replacement for anchovies. It is very healthy and has zero calories or fats.

seaweed image


Capers that are the size of peas are typically found in cans of vinegar and salt. It is an excellent addition to the preparation of fish and sauces. It is an acceptable alternative that can give your dish an enticing flavor that’s not overpowering when compared with various options. Use 1/2 teaspoon of capers as a substitute for one teaspoon paste of anchovies. Capers are easy to find and can be found caps in any place, from local grocery stores to supermarkets.

They are a great option due to their powerful smell that’s not overwhelming in contrast to other options for the exchange. In general, they are found in the form of they’re utilized in fish and sauces. Capers are roughly one-quarter of the size of a pea, and the buds are typically accessible and stored in a vinegar and salt solution. They’re like anchovies, and they are suitable for meals.


Soy Sauce

Soy sauce, America’s most versatile condiment is a wonderful flavor to savory dishes such as hamburgers and teriyaki chicken and adds the depth of your fries. Soy sauce is also available in regular and light (teriyaki) varieties. Soy Sauce is among the oldest ingredients globally and used for more than two millennia. This Asian-style condiment comprises fermented soybeans, salt, and water.

It is delicious and packed with vitamins B1 and B2 and potassium, copper manganese, and copper from the soybeans. Soy sauce is easily obtainable and then made. It is an excellent substitute for anchovies. It’s a good source of protein, and it helps people with hypertension or other heart issues. There is probably a supply of soy sauce in your pantry, and it is a good alternative when you don’t have anchovies. Soy sauce is an essential ingredient commonly used in many recipes.

Using some into your recipe can provide the saltiness that anchovies provide. In addition, it can replace some protein. Soy sauce is frequently suggested as a substitute for fish sauce, and it is also a part of anchovy, particularly when combined with other ingredients on this list. It’s got that umami-like taste you’re looking for. Additionally, it can help replace smaller protein sources.

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Fish Sauce

It is one of the most very popular condiments used in East and Southeast Asia. It is made from various types of fish, and it shares a similar salty taste as anchovies but with the added benefit of fermentation. If you’re looking to enjoy the flavor of anchovies but without dealing with the sometimes slimy texture that comes with fish, you can use fish sauce. 

Fish sauce is an excellent alternative to salad dressings, pasta sauces, salad dressings, and soups. But you can’t make it an ingredient on pizzas or as a snack because it’s too liquid. Asian Fish Sauce is similar to anchovies thanks to its strong flavor, which adds an aroma to your dish. It’s ideal as stock, soup and stews, and Caesar salad. It is available easily from the majority of retailers. 

Take directly out of anchovy, or often catfish sauce. It is another ubiquitous and easily accessible sauce. It should only be used sparingly since its robust flavor will give your food an appealing aroma or scent. It is readily available and accessible in the form of Asian Fish sauce, and its pungent taste can make your food smell or smell. It is also a great addition to Caesar’s salad.

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Oyster sauce

This sauce is an excellent substitute for anchovy sauce. It can be used to replace fish sauce for any dish calling the use of the fish sauce. Its flavor is rich, sweet, and salty, and you can add it to any recipe. It’s rich in calcium, protein as well as vitamin A.

The delicious flavor is derived from oysters in brine, then boiled down with soybeans or flour to create the thickening agent known as flour paste. Oyster sauce is also made with other ingredients such as garlic cloves, ginger root, and scallions, and these ingredients provide a distinct flavor that makes it so tasty.

Oyster Sauce has been around since antiquity. Its origins can be dated back to China in the early days when people created it using the shells of shrimp fermented, which they dried on mats or clothes by hanging them on fire pits. Nowadays, consumers utilize it in a variety of Asian foods, such as stir-fries and soups, sauces and dips, and so on!

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Frequently Asked Questions about anchovies

Are anchovies and sardine identical?

The two species have a distinct appearance. Sardines have white flesh , and are usually recognized by their more giant jaws that protrude from the lower. Anchovies on the other however, are offered with a darker, reddish-greyish flesh due to the curing process and typically smaller than 15 cm (6 in) in length.

Why do some people soak anchovies in milk?

To eliminate salt, and also soften anchovies it is necessary to soak them in water. Some employ water, while others make use of milk, and others use white wine. you can also make use of coconut milk or its replacements with anchovies if you like to avoid dairy milk to reduce saltiness of anchovies and give it a unique flavorful taste.

How can you tell whether anchovies are harmful?

Fresh anchovies ought to be silvery clear in color. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of any other growth aside from the silvery hue of the anchovies. If you notice mold development, it’s an indication that the anchovy has degraded or started to rot. The decay or rotting of anchovy can be a clear sign of a bad situation.

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