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If you love the idea of creating your own tasty sandwich right from your home, then you need to get yourself the best panini press for home. This special Italian panini press sandwich maker helps you to come up with the healthiest and most delicious meals right from inside your ultimate kitchen.

If you are looking for panini press meaning then let me enlighten you, A Panini press is not just an electric grill which helps you to prepare a hot sandwich with ease, it is an appliance that can be used for various other cooking needs such as grilling chicken, reheating pizzas and roasting burgers.

There are a whole lot of Panini presses in the market, such that it can be overwhelming to find the best panini press under $100 or good ones in general.

If you are in a hurry to buy a panini press without reading the detailed guide given below then here is a compact list of top quality panini press on sale which you buy from these links at discounted rates with insightful reviews

Below is a review of the top 10 Panini press available in market

1. Breville BSG520XL Nonstick Panini Press

The Breville Panini Duo comes with a 1500-watt heating element that allows it to heat up quickly and ensures that you don’t sacrifice too much time to have your food done. As the bottom plate helps deliver quick and even heat, the top plate gives beautiful grill marks on any kind of bread, giving a perfect toasted sandwich creation.

Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini

The grill surface is made from scratch-proof, non-stick Quantanium surface which allows for easy cleaning. Its sturdy, stainless steel creation of the Panini Duo is a confirmation of Breville’s promise to deliver performance with elegance.

The design of the plate is excellent if you wish to use the device as a griddle for making pizza, or fried eggs for breakfast, or making pancakes. The Breville Panini Duo is a useful and smart home device that is excellent for household use making it great panini press for home.


1. Cooking surface:
The Breville Panini Duo is made from non-stick, scratch-resistant Quantanium cooking surface. This allows for easy cleaning of the equipment.

2. Plate configuration:
The Panini Duo has an upper plate that delivers beautiful grill mark on the surface of any bread while its bottom plate gives even and fast heating for an excellent sandwich creation.

3. Floating hinge:
The floating hinge of the Breville Panini Duo ensures that it exerts even pressure on both thick or thin items.


1. The Breville Panini press comes with 4 height settings which allow users to easily make juicy grilled steaks and hot toasty sandwich
2. The equipment comes with non-slip feet which allows it to be stable on countertops.
3. It is an excellent choice for a small family
4. The flat griddle bottom plate allows for even heating and cooking
5. The ribbed top plate gives sandwich appetizing crispy grill marks
6. It comes with a scratch resistant-Quantanium surface
7. It is easy to clean and heats pretty quickly


1. For you to get grill marks on both sides of your sandwich, you will need to turn your sandwich over
2. The cooking plates are not removable
3. It does not have an on/off switch
4. It does not have a temperature adjustment knob

2. Cuisinart GR-5bp1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

If you wish to create restaurant-quality paninis, as well as veggies, pork chop, veggies, and a lot more, then the Cuisinart Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press is the apt device to get this done.

The device comes with an upper and lower 11-by-7 inch nonstick, non-removable grill plate which ensures even toasting and grilling. Aside from that, it also offers a drip spout which allows for easy draining of grease thereby allowing for healthier cooking.

It has the design of a professional unit as its floating hinge allows it to adjust so it can accommodate any thickness to give a perfectly grilled thin or thick sandwich and panini.

This panini press and sandwich maker comes with a “power on” and “ready-to-cook” indicator light plus a preset temperature that allows for a crisp, golden-brown result. The device comes with an instruction book that contains a recipe and also a cleaning tool.


1. Excellent size:
This sandwich press and Cuisinart panini come with enough room to accommodate two sandwiches at once and yet it is not so large that it takes too much counter space like many other bigger rivals.

2. Heats quickly:
The measurement of the top and bottom cooking plate of the device

3. Affordable:
One of the strong points of the Cuisinart is its affordability. If you are in the market for an affordable sandwich maker which works excellently well, then it should be one of your best options.

The device is well-made and its performance is consistent. It doesn’t come with so much sophistication, therefore it is apt if all you need it a sandwich maker that makes cooking faster and easier.

cuisinart gr 5bp1 panini

4. Compact size:
Although you can’t use the Cuisinart Panini to cook for a crowd, it still has enough room for a light dinner for one or two people. Its compact size allows for easy storage, as it can be stored alongside other appliance in a cupboard. It doesn’t take up as much space.

5. Less fat required:
Traditionally, you are expected to butter the outside of your bread to keep it from sticking to the inside of the frying pan. The implication of this is that you will end up eating more fat than you probably need to.

The Cuisinart Panini and Sandwich Press allow you to make an excellent sandwich without having to butter the outside of the bread.

6. Well-built and attractive:
It is not uncommon for sandwich makers to be ugly and flimsy. This is not so with this maker. The device is well-built and comes with a three-year warranty.

This reveals that Cuisinart intends for it to be used for the long term. The stainless steel case looks so nice that the device appears beautiful on a countertop in case you are low on cupboard space.

You can also leave it on the countertop if you are someone who uses it every day and does not want to pass through the stress of always putting it away and digging it out every time.

7. Easy cleanup:
Just like many other Panini press, the Cuisinart is easy to clean, all you need is a moist paper towel. The device comes with a special scraping tool that can be used for getting debris out of the grill.

The machine can, however, be difficult to clean if you allow your food to overflow into the bottom casing where the lower element is housed. To prevent this, you have to limit the quantity of food that you place inside.


1. It offers a full 200 square inch of cooking surface which makes it excellent for multitasking as it can handle burgers as well as sandwich
2. It does not take a lot of space during storage
3. The multiple cooking plates allow this one appliance to offer multiple application
4. It comes with a properly-written Instruction manual, scraping tool, and gourmet recipe.


1. If the device comes with a larger drain spout then grease management could then be improved upon

2. The top of the sandwich is sometimes slightly less cooked than the bottom

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill with Locking Lid

The Hamilton Beach Panini Press allows you to enjoy restaurant-quality toasty and delicious Panini at home at a fraction of the cost. With all the ingredient at your disposal, you can prepare everything from thick, mouth-watering Reuben sandwich to basic grilled cheese. It comes with a cafe-style floating lid which evenly presses sandwich of all sizes.

The maker is quite easy to use. It has a power and preheats light which informs you of when it is ready to use. It has a 10×8 inch cooking surface which affords it plenty of room to make a 2-3 sandwich at once. When done, the sandwich can be removed with ease as the device has a non-stick grid.


1. Healthy Sandwich Making
It is not uncommon for people to shy away from making healthy meals as the route to preparing them is usually time-consuming, therefore they are usually left with bland meals. However, if you could make a

toasted veggie sandwich in minutes, this completely changes your perception of the process of making healthy meals.

Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini

The Panini Press allows you to make breakfast, launch, and dinner with the complete assurance that all of the ingredient, e.g. meat and cheese, are properly cooked. The device also allows you to cook up to four sandwiches at a time. This makes it excellent for when you wish to make different sandwiches all at a go.

2. Customize ingredient
The Hamilton Beach Panini Press comes with a floating lid feature which allows you grill sandwich evenly, regardless of its size. It allows you to make sandwich your own way, what’s more, the combinations are endless.

With this device, you can make your favorite deli sandwich for half the price you would have paid in a deli. The Press can accommodate the thinnest and thickest slices of bread. Some of the choices you have include sandwich rolls, pita bread, and tortillas. This is one great appliance to have in the house especially if you have picky eaters or people with different taste.

3. Convenient storage
One of the prominent features of this device is its storage efficiency. Although the Hamilton Beach Panini Press is fairly large, it can be stored either upright or horizontally with much ease. This makes it ideal for kitchens that are low on space. Its dimension is 16.3 inches by 13.3 inches by 5.8 inches and it only weighs one pound. The stainless steel body allows it to blend easily with other appliances in the kitchen.

4. Versatility
Versatility is another essential feature of the Hamilton Beach Panini Press. Not only can you use it to make those hot delicious sandwiches, but you could also use it to make your personal quesadillas or pizza. It also works excellently if you wish to make desserts like crepe.
Its generous surface area allows you to grill up big batches of vegetables at a go rather than having to fry them in a pan or bake them in an oven.

5. Performance
While most sandwich makers might struggle with your basic store bread, the Hamilton Beach Panini Press seem to perform much better. It is able to evenly crisp bread and heat ingredients.

However, you must take into consideration the placement of your ingredients. If you were to pile everything in the middle of the bread, there is a huge chance it won’t heat evenly, as would be the case with any press.


1. It is available at a pocket-friendly price
2. It folds upright, allowing for easy storage
3. It can easily accomplish a lot of cooking projects, thanks to its large non-stick cooking area
4. The lid can be easily adjusted, thanks to the cool-touch handle
5. The Panini press is excellent for small kitchen


1. It does not have an On/Off switch and also does not have temperature control knobs
2. The top and bottom panels cannot be removed, thereby making cleanup quite difficult.
3. Unit housing can get fairly hot
4. When in use the unit is rather big
5. Plates come with fine rubbing which makes it difficult or awkward to make pancakes or fry eggs

4. Chefman Electric Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker

If you wish to make a delicious meal, rich with all the tasty flavor, then the Chefman Panini Press is certainly your equipment of choice. It comes with a floating hinge which allows you to press even everything from biggest burgers to thinnest cheese slices. With the Chefman Panini, you are not just limited to the sandwich and panini, the grill also accommodates a variety of other delicious food.

Chefman Electric Panini Press

It has a closed cooking area of 5.5″x 8.75″, which makes it excellent for 2 sandwiches. On the other hand, the flat surface is 10″x 8.75″ which makes it apt for cooking and grilling burgers, vegetables, chicken, fish and much more. It is also easy to clean, its slope design allows grease to drip on the back side. Its comes with a removable drip tray along with non-stick panini plates which make removing excess grease and food easy.


1. Versatility:
With just a push of a button, you can use your Chefman Panini Grill to press your custom sandwich or open at 180 degrees, allowing you to grill veggies, steaks, burgers, and any other thing you may have a craving for.

2. Adjustable hinge:
It comes with a floating hinge that can be adjusted to accommodate any size sandwich, thick or thin.

3. Compact size:
Its compact size makes it excellent for small size kitchens, offices, dorm rooms, or taking it on adventure trips. Its size means it would take up little counter or shelf space.

4. Easy cleaning:
It features a tilt-up, skips resistant feet that allow the grease to run to the drain at the back of the closed panini maker. The removable drip tray and non-stick coated grill plates make for effortless cleaning


1. It comes with locking cover
2. It has a grease drip tray
3. It is easy to clean and use
4. It is able to cook large sandwiches
5. It has a sleek and modern design
6. It features indicator lights for safety


1. It lacks temperature control
2. It does not have an On/Off Switch
3. The contact grills cannot be removed

5. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler panini grill

If you do not want to use sandwich makers, grills, and other equipment separately, then the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler is the product of choice. Despite its compact size, the device makes cooking absolutely easy. It offers so many benefits that would have been difficult to get from other appliances. It has features that make carrying the griddle pretty easy.


1. Versatility:
One of the most striking features of the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 is its versatility. Its multifunctional attribute is what moves a lot of people to purchase the product. It allows you to cook food in five different ways. It can be used as a contact grill. This can be done by laying its cover on its back, making it work like grill.

If you decide to put griddle instead of grills, the product can then be converted to into a full griddle. It can also be used as a half grill and half griddle.

This can be done by putting one grill on one side and griddle plate on the other. The Panini press is the last cooking mode. This can be done by putting your sandwich on the grill and putting the floating cover over it.

2. Adjustable temperature controls:
The device comes with two adjustable temperature control, engineered with separate thermostats, one for Grill/Panini, the other for Griddle. This way, you can adjust the temperature to allow you cook any food to perfection. Each of the control knobs has an indicator light which glows green immediately the Griddle reaches the apt temperature for cooking.

3. Easy to use:
The panini press griddle is simple to use, plus clean up is easy thanks to the nonstick, removable dishwasher safe plates.


1. It offers five modes of cooking
2. It has a compact size
3. It is easy to clean
4. It has an adjustable cover
5. It comes with a stainless steel cover


1. When using the Panini Press, the upper part gets slightly less heat compared to the lower part

6. Yabano Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

The Proctor Silex Panini Press allows you to prepare cafe-style hot sandwiches right in your kitchen. It is built to accommodate everything, from piled high grinders to single slice ham sandwiches. The device is able to heat ingredients, thereby creating a mouthwatering crispy outer crust.

Proctor Silex 25453A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich

You are able to grill sandwiches of any thickness, because of the floating lid that expertly presses the bread, leaving appetizing grill marks behind.
The size of the device, 12″ by 8″ means you can make multiple sandwiches at once. Its nonstick coating makes it easy for cleanup.


1. Control ingredient:
The Panini Press comes with an adjustable lid which makes the choices of ingredient endless. It can accommodate the tiniest slices of artisan bread as well as thick slices. The device is excellent for anyone who is in need of a fast, easy meal that can be customized to any taste.

2. Versatility:
It is not built just for sandwiches but can do much more. It would allow you to make pizza or quesadillas. It gives you the ability to think beyond the box and make excellent desserts.

3. Convenient to store:
You can choose between the horizontal or upright storage method. This is quite apt for a space-efficient kitchen.

4. Indicator light:
It comes with two indicator light which signals power and preheating.


1. It is affordable
2. It is dishwasher safe
3. It features a floating lid


1. It does not come with temperature control
2. It does not have an On/Off Switch
3. Some users complain that it does not distribute heat evenly

7. Ovente 4-Slice Electric Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker

The Ovente’s stainless steel panini press is the sandwich maker to turn to if you wish to make your grilling completely foolproof. It comes with nonstick coated plates which helps to heat food fast and evenly with 1000w of power saving you the stress of having to flip the food item again and again. This is because it features auto-off technology which puts off the grill when the food is ready to eat.

It features two indicator lights among which Red tells when it is preheating and Green depicts when it is ready for cooking. The panini’s floating lid gives versatility to the device, allowing it to be used for the preparation of different foods.

It comes with a convenient automatic setting which makes it apt for daily use, particularly during weekends when you don’t have so much time for food preparation. It makes both multitasking and cleanup easy.Ovente 2-Slice Electric Panini Press


1. Versatility:
It features a floating lid which adjusts to the thickness of any food, leaving behind charred grill marks. It simply means you are not limited to just sandwiches or panini, you have the freedom to grill fish, chops, and fresh steak.

2. Safe:
It comes with automatic shutoff, cool touch handle, and indicator lights that protects and prevents you from accidents.

3. Easy to clean:
You can simply clean the nonstick grills by brushing or wiping it off. The drip tray helps to catch with dripping fats and other nasty liquids, thereby making disposal easy. The stainless steel housing of the equipment needs only to be wiped clean with a damp, soft cloth.

4. Portability:
Its compact size means that storage is extremely easy. You can even take it on a trip for your delicious easy hot sandwich.

5. Automatic:
It helps to take the stress off you and ensures that you don’t overcook your meal. This is because of its auto shut-off feature which turns the machine off when the food is thoroughly cooked on the inside.


1. It comes in an upscale stainless steel housing
2. It features a floating lid
3. It has a stay-cool handle


1. The plates aren’t removable
2. Some people complain of uneven temperature distribution
3. Some users wish the temperature could go higher

8. elite gourmet Sandwich Maker with Panini Press Grill -best panini press under $50

elite gourmet Panini Press is excellent for people who wish to easily make burgers, paninis, vegetables, and steaks within just 4 to 6 minutes, thereby enjoying restaurant standard food right at home at a fraction of the cost.

The device uses a 1500W motor power which makes it excellent for vegetables and meat. It features a twist switch that helps to adjust the temperature to match different kinds of food. The indicator lights assist you to cook safer and more efficiently.


1. Advanced uniform technology:
It comes equipped with advanced uniform technology plus a 1500 high power press will help to shorten cooking time by as much 30% compared to other low-power grills. This makes it very easy to cook steaks, burgers, or vegetables. It also has an adjustable temperature button.

2. Large size:
This Panini press has a large cooking plate of 11″x 9.8″, which is able to hold 4-slice sandwiches or 6 medium panini bread all at once. This makes it excellent for the whole family or for a commercial restaurant.

It can be used for making breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more. Its versatility makes it apt for grilling steaks, paninis, burgers, vegetables and more. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor grilling needs.Panini Press, Deik Sandwich

3.Floating hinge:
It features a floating hinge which can be adjusted to accommodate a thin or thick sandwich, meat, or vegetables. The lid also gives perfect grill marks on sandwiches of all size. The power and preheat lights allow you to know when it is ready.

4. Easy to clean and store:
It is designed with a ceramic nonstick coating which is able to last up to four times longer than your standard nonstick coating. This nonstick grills can easily be cleaned by brushing or wiping off, plus the drip tray helps to catch excess fat and liquids.

It comes in a stainless steel housing which can be cleaned simply with a damp, soft cloth. Storage is easy, this can be done in an upright position making it easy to fit in a kitchen cabinet.

5. Certification and warranty:
It comes with ETL and FDA Certification plus a 2-year manufacturer warranty. The Deik company gives all its customers a 100% satisfactory service.


1. It is easy to use
2. It is easy to clean


1. Some complain about the directions in the manual, saying it is deceptive

9. Taylor swoden Panini Press with Removable Plate feature

The taylor swoden Grill helps you to cook fast and delicious meals for your family and friends. The grill comes with 4-serving areas making it ideal for chicken and burgers for all family members or even for smaller meals ready with tasty grilled veggies.

This model uses the nonstick coating which makes it two times more reliable and long-lasting than models before it. Also, it eliminates the requirement for excess oil use for cooking.

The panini press features dishwasher safe and removable grill plates, thereby making cleanup much easier. Compared to other models it has a 35% faster ready time, therefore you can move from starting your grill to eating tasty meals in about 10 minutes that’s why you can call it best panini press for the moneytaylor swoden panini


1. 4 servings:
The indoor grill panini press comes with space for four servings, making it apt for preparing dinner for the whole family

2. elegant useful design
It comes with a slopped grilling surface which helps to drain as much as 42% of fat, allowing for healthy cooking of different food items

3. Advanced nonstick coating:
The advanced nonstick coating has two times better long lasting effect than that of the previous coating, eliminating the requirement for more butter and oil during cooking.

4. Removable panini plates
dishwasher safe removable grill plates make cleaning the panini press so much easy and fast

5. Indicator lights:
It comes with two indicator lights; one informs you when the grill is plugged while the other comes on when the grill is preheated and set for cooking tasty meals. This helps to make your cooking even more pleasant.


1. It is apt for indoor grilling or for people who do not have much outdoor space
2. It is highly durable due to its double coating design which helps to eliminate the need for unwanted butter and oil while cooking
3. It is a time-saving grill
4. It is very portable and has a sleek and compact design
5. It is made with nonreactive, nontoxic and highly stable material


1. The grill is known to have durability issues after sometime
2. It does not come with insulators on its side

10. iSiLER Panini Press Grill

Whether it is burgers, steaks, paninis, or vegetables, the iSLER Panini Maker can help you create authentic, excellent tasting grilled food just like a professional chef as it been the best panini press cook’s illustrated in many youtube videos.


1. Fast, even heating:
The device uses 1200W high power output which guarantees uniform heating and allows you to quickly prepare and enjoy a delicious meal. It is an ideal option for those who wish to enjoy authentic grilled food but has a tight schedule that constantly keeps them on the go.

2. Dual plate grilling:
It comes with 2 large 27.8 x 17cm cooking plates which can be flattened to 180 degrees, helping to deliver more grilled food and efficiently cutting down on cooking time. The structure makes it versatile enough to grill steaks, burgers, paninis, vegetables, and much more.Panini Maker, iSiLER 4 Slice Panini Press

3. Nonstick coating and easy cleanup:
It is built from food-grade aluminum which ensures its durability. The nonstick cooking plate allows you to obtain a crisp, golden brown result. It comes with a creative special oil outlet which allows for easy removal of food residue and grease.

4. Thermostat control and safety:
It features intelligent temperature control which helps to prevent overheating. This ensures that the applied heat does not exceed the pre-set value. This prevents your food from getting burned, allowing for a more pleasant cooking experience.

5. Simple switch and warranty:
The upper housing can easily be opened and closed by sliding the right handle switch. The floating hinge ensures convenient use.
It comes with a three months money-back guarantee plus a 12-months worry free replacement policy starting from the date of purchase.


1. The design is compact and portable allowing you to easily store and go around with the maker
2. It comes equipped with four rapid steps which allow for easy grilling
3. It uses nonstick cooking plates which allows for easy cleanup


1. Some users complain about the weight

Buying guide for a panini press

when you go in the market to buy panini press it may be difficult to choose the right one considering the number of available options. There are hundreds of models with lots of uses for panini press and many companies from which to choose from and without the right information you may find yourself choosing a product that lacks features that you should have been on the lookout for;

1. Floating hinge:
the floating hinge is the feature that you must be on the lookout for buying your panini press. Unfortunately, most people ignore this important feature.

A floating hinge provides you the ability of opening and closing the Panini press at different heights. Hence, you are able to cook both small and large sandwiches without any troubles.

2. Adjustable panini thermostat:
This is a feature to consider when buying your Panini press. This is particularly important if you wish to grill many different types of food items.

A Panini grill with an adjustable thermostat will allow you to grill all kinds of foods at the same time at different temperature. So, if you want to consider a versatile panini grill then you must look for this feature to make grilling and cooking on panini easy.

3. Surface area:
Panini press comes with different surface areas. The size you choose will be determined by how you intend to use the press. If you intend to cook lots of food at the same time then a large size Panini grill would certainly be the way to go. but, if your intention is to only make 1 or 2 small servings then a small size panini press model would favor you more.

4. Removable plates:
Generally, there would some food items falling from sides of panini when grilling This tends to make the grill cleaning process a lot difficult. To simplify the process of cleaning and ensure that your press is clean always, it is advised that you choose panini which comes with removable plates which will make the grill best panini press with removable plates for your cooking.

Faq when buying Panini press

1. How would you clean the enamel plates?

This can be done using soap and warm water. Another good option is the use of coconut spray or olive oil which can be used to grease it

2. Can the Panini press grill both sides?

Yes, it can.

3. What is the worst trait of a Panini press?

A good number of Panini press come without an On/Off switch. This is about the worst downsides of this machine

Benefits of buying Panini press

1. Saves you the stress of going to the deli:
Regardless of how much you love to eat sandwiches from the deli nearest your home, there would be days where you just can’t make yourself go out of the house. The Panini press makes it easy for you to prepare your favorite sandwich right in the comfort of your home.

Your sandwich would be as hot and toasty as the one you would have bought in the deli, plus it could have the same char marks that you are accustomed to seeing on your deli-made sandwich.

What’s interesting is that you don’t need to have prior training or experience before you can use the Panini press. The appliance typically comes with an instruction manual which would help you to operate it properly and it would also have a book of Panini press recipes.
To ensure that all goes well it is important that you preheat to the right temperature.

2. It is apt for avowed vegetarians:
If you are an avowed vegetarian, then the Panini press would do you a lot of good. best panini press and grill can be used to grill veggie sandwiches that would satisfy your hunger.

Not only do they come with tremendous health benefits they taste absolutely delicious as well. Rather than use fat-laden meat as your sandwich meal you can replace this with fresh vegetables, such as onion rings, green and red pepper, tomatoes, etc.

3. It allows you to grill just about anything:
There is a couple of Panini press that allows you to grill just about anything you find in your kitchen cupboard and panini press other uses could include making flatbreads from wheat dough, roasting, grilling of veggies, making egg omelet using plain panini plate, etc when you are not making panini sandwiches.

For meat, all you need is just fifteen minutes to thoroughly cook a steak. Before you lay your meat on the grill ensure to properly season it plus you need to ensure that your meat is not too thick.

Vegetables do not just act as sandwich fillers but with the Panini grill press, you can cook them and come up with the most exotic food treats. Some examples of common vegetables that taste excellent when grilled include carrots, zucchini, and asparagus.

4. Great for reheating:
It can be quite unpleasant to have cold sandwich or pizza for dinner. Reheating using a microwave oven might not be the best option as it would only leave you with soggy and inconsistently heated food, which makes using your press when guests are around one of the great panini press hacks to serve them hot food always with a smile.

The other alternative, which happens to be the best, is the use of the Panini press for doing panini press diy as discussed above for various other food items.
All you need do is place your cold sandwich on your preheated grill and then close and press it. In a few minutes what you would have for dinner would be like a freshly heated Panini sandwich.

You must check out: indoor electric grills


Cooking with your own Panini press gives you complete control over the number of calories that you want to consume. You are able to control the amount of oil, salt, flavoring and coloring that you are exposed to.

However, you look at it a Panini press is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Whether you wish to prepare a fast and nutritious meal for yourself or you plan to make gourmet dinner for guests, this wonderful appliance can help do it all.

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