should we grease a waffle maker

Should we grease a waffle maker or not. everyone has different opinion and every manual says something different. so it is up to you whether to do it or not for making tasty waffles. still we will put some insight on how to grease it if you plan to do it. checkout our views right below in this post on greasing waffle makers.

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Now days waffle makers comes with non stick Teflon coating which prevents sticking of waffles on it and makes it easy to cook and remove the waffles which makes it obvious that you don’t need to necessarily grease it with oil or something to make waffles.

how to grease your waffle maker

But if you still want to grease then go ahead but do it little bit with oil and it will be fine.

Do not clean your non stick waffle makers with abrasives which could remove the non stick coating and make your waffle iron bad.

How to grease a waffle maker

you can use a simple basting brush with oil or butter to grease the waffle iron before cooking as it will make cleaning of waffle iron easy and help you keep the waffle maker working effortlessly for long time without any major issues.

Greasing for cast iron waffle makers

cast iron waffle maker do not come with non stick coating which makes it must that you grease them with some oil or butter before cooking your waffles to make them tasty and remove them without any issues from your waffle maker after cooking. oils like vegetable oil, canola oil, olive etc. would work great with your cast iron waffle maker.

using sprays for greasing?

frequently using cooking spray to grease and cleaning of waffle iron can be harmful for your waffle makers that’s why I recommend you avoid using them. it builds up some gooey substance which will make your waffle maker and waffles sticky and they will come out messy each time you take them out so to avoid the hassles later avoid using them.

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if you waffle maker is still sticking after greasing then you need to clean the waffle iron properly with hot water damp cloth so it becomes shiny and do not stick next time. if it still do not work then problem maybe with your batter or you need some more greasing with quality oil. consult with expert or let us know your issues in comment section below so we could help.

May be its time to change your waffle maker because your non stick coating is removed due to scrubbing on the waffle iron too much with abrasive substances.

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