How to clean waffle maker iron

Waffles are loved by everyone. you can make then sweet or savory as per your liking in your waffle iron but when it comes to cleaning no one like to clean waffle iron as it could be a messy task to finish. here we have shared some of the easy ways to clean your waffle iron without any issue in less time. So if want to learn How to clean waffle maker iron without hassles then keep reading this post.

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how to clean waffle maker iron

So come on without any delay lets get going with the process to clean you waffle make which would increase its life to keep serving you tasty waffles for long time.


  • After the waffle maker is unplugged and cool, with the help of a towel or paper tissue remove any dwellings of batter, oil or toppings on it you find.
  • If you cant pick with paper towel then make use of sponge or just wipe it our with a soft brush to clean it from big and hard chunks of food pieces left here and there on it and in its vicinity.
  • If you see some hardened battered stuck on the waffle maker then you can use traditional rubber spatula from your kitchen to remove it.
  • You can drop some oil on the batter before removing it if its too hard to get off at once or you can also scrub some baking soda on batter to get it removed gently with the help of paper towel.
  • if you waffle make comes with removable plates then you can remove them clean in sink or just put in dishwasher for cleaning and then put them back.
  • once all the unwanted items and batter is removed from the waffle iron, now its time to clean it with water damp cloth from inside and outside including body and handles.
  • once it become dry with no water marks, store it in your cabinet in kitchen in dry place.


  • Don’t put your waffle make in kitchen sink to wash with other utensils, as it is electrical appliances it doesn’t need to be cleaned with too much water or by putting it in dishwasher.
  • Avoid using knife for cleaning your waffle maker to remove hard bits of batter settled on it as it might remove the non stick coating while scratching which would be bad for your waffle iron.
  • After every session of waffle making just wipe your waffle maker with cloth to remove oil and liquid batter, it will take a minute but will prevent hardening of batter which could be difficult to clean later.
  • Avoid using sprays and soaps to clean waffle maker as spray contains chemical called lecithin which burns ands sticks to surface next time you heat up the waffle iron and becomes hard thus making it difficult to remove. soaps also tends to remove non stick coating that’s why they should be avoided for cleaning waffle iron.
  • To get more tips on cleaning your waffle maker refer to the manual that came with it as it would have clear guidelines for cleaning the waffle iron.
  • Avoid using of abrasive materials like iron wool for cleaning the waffle maker as it would remove the non stick coating on your waffle maker making it a sticky magnet for waffles.


Hope you came to know how to clean waffle maker effectively from above post. if you will clean it regularly every few weeks or after cleaning to will last longer to serve you with waffles for very long time without getting bad. if you want to serve some tasty homemade ice cream with waffle then checkout our post on ice cream makers.

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