Instant pot water test :How to do the test

Instant pot is a popular cooking appliance available across the world to make your tasty recipes easily and fast. when you buy an instant pot you will have do water test to test its effectiveness and fine working.

Instant pot water test will ensure that your pot is working fine and you will get to know of all the other functions and features of your instant pot. many recipes require to have pressure in instant pot before even they start cooking to cook food nicely that’s why doing instant pot water test is important as it will tell you weather the right amount of pressure is building in the pot or not for its right functioning.

instant pot water test

Time for pressure building depends on the size of the post and amount of food you have in the pot. if you are preparing small portion then cooking can be done fast else it will take longer time. for eg boiling couple of eggs will require 2-3 minutes of pressure building but while preparing big meal with lot of water it might take additional 10-15 minutes for pressure building for cooking the dish fully.

How to do instant pot water test

  • You need water in instant pot at boiling temp. it will create pressure to test the effectiveness of the pot.
  • Turn on your instant pot and put about 3-4 cups of water in the inner bowl of the pot.
  • There after check the sealing ring because if your pot is not making pressure steam then the sealing ring would be lose and you need to make it tight around the neck of the pot. it should be fit in one place and don’t move around.
  • Screw the lid firmly on the pot. it will beep and you will listen the beep 3 times if has 3 lock system. it has arrow pointer to open the lid and close the lid with screws firmly.
  • The steam valve should be sealed and let the pressure built up, if not sealed then the steam will not form and go out. you can see the arrows on the pot for indication of sealing. some models of pot including ultra does this automatically without any issue.
  • Once closed press the steam button and turn on the timer for 2 minutes, in ultra model just press steam button and it will start to work and you will see the steam and pot working perfectly. once done you will hear the beep of ending and now the food is cooked
  • once done you will need to release the pressure with quick release method by ticking the valve so steam goes out rapidly. if you want steam to release slowly then leave the pot on table and let the steam go out on its own in some time. the pot will come in warm mode and once steam is gone, open and serve the food.

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FAQ for instant pot water test

how much time does it takes to build the pressure during water test?

It takes about 4-10 minutes to build up the pressure during water test.

how should i release pressure?

you can use quick release or slow release as per your choice but most of the time i would prefer you can go for quick release of pressure to get things done quickly and effectively.

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hope you got the right method to do water test of instant pot which would help you its effective working. you can skip it but if you want to know weather its working as it intends too then you must perform the water test. it wont take more than 5 minutes and you will become worry free about working of your instant pot.

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