How To Sharpen Serrated Knives

If you are wondering that can i sharpen a serrated knife, then you have come to the right place as here we will discuss weather you can sharpen the knife and How To Sharpen Serrated Knives. it is very easy to sharpen the serrated knives which comes with sharp pointed teeth like blades. its v shaped notches wear off after some time because they are primary contact for cutting the items that why we need to sharpen the serrated knives after some time to maintain its sheerness.

How To Sharpen Serrated Knives

How long serrated knives work without sharpening?

Serrated knives do not go bad too soon and last for many years without the requirement of sharpening. when compared to other types of knives you may have in your kitchen.

Different ways to sharpen serrated knives are shared below. if you want to know more about different types of knives checkout this post.

Sharpening rod made with ceramic

If you are willing to sharpen your serrated knives manually then you need to make use of honing rod which is made of ceramic as it will help to remove some material from the edge of the knife blade when rubber against each thus making it sharp and good to use again.

The honing rods edges are designed to fit in with serrated part of the knives, just place both of them at angle with tip pointing outwards such that you can see the bevel and start honing the knife for each of the gullet. few times per grove would be fine to get the right sharpness needed. it will sharpen the teeth tips also which is used to pierce the food first when using the knife.

once the front side groves of the blade is done sharpening you nee to sharpen the remaining blade as well which is called burr. slide the ceramic rod few times on the burr then feel the sharpness with your fingers. if you feel its done then your serrated knife is sharpened fully from upside down. burr can be done easily only you need to slide the honing rod on flat slide few times and it is done.

This method gives you best results and is pocket friendly but takes some time to make the knife sharp again. It is great knife blade with bend points.

Tool sharpeners

For this we will require 6000 grid belt or something more finer for better finish and shine and sharp edges. avoid anything course than this as it will wear off the scallops of the knives making your knife bad for usage.

Get the 6000 grid belt on sharpener and place the non serrated side across the belt and start to pull the belt for few times to get knife sharpened. check the manual for grid belt if if has some thing specific to tell about sharping serrated and other types of knives.

Electric blade sharpener

Electric blade sharpener are great for kitchen knives and comes with built in guides to help you get the correct angle setting while sharpening the knives.

Using it is very easy. it comes with 3 stage setting and generally people use it at third stage only as it gives you good shine and finishing after sharping the knives. place the blade of the knives in 3rd stage setting in the given guides and turn it on and slide in 4-5 times on both sides of knives until you get your desired level of sharpness from the electric sharpener for knives.

spyderco sharp maker

It is popular method among kitchen chefs and people who work with cutting foods for sharpening as it can sharpen serrated knives and all other kinds of knives too. you will require a tool with this method for sharpening which is little bit expensive but you will get the job done. so lets get below to step for sharping kitchen knives with spyderco method right below.

Place the sharp maker tool on table and place the rods into the holder in tool now after that expose the flat side of the knife which is straight and points on the rod which is serrated on the side.

Continue rubbing each side for 5 times with the tool rod. for flat side, place the knife horizontally and remove any burrs on the edges of the knife. once you are done sharpening the knife and removing the burr check with hands if everything looks nice then you can polish if you want or continue using the knife.


Hope you were able to learn different methods to sharpen you serrated knives in above post. do share suggestion regarding serrated knives sharpening in comments below. if you are looking to buy a serrated knife or any other kind of kitchen knife then checkout our review post on best kitchen knives in market.

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