how to clean rice cooker easily in minutes

Rice cooker is small yet useful kitchen appliance which we require very often to make tasty rice fast and efficiently in our kitchen, which makes it important that we keep our rice cooker clean. here we share some of the simple tips on how to clean rice cooker easily in the post below.

how to clean rice cooker

Cleaning rice cooker regularly will increase its life span. if you plane to use a detergent than don’t use it inside the cooker as it may leave sticky detergent inside the cooker, use it out side ,for inside use damp cloth.

Rice cooker lead can be removed and cleaned in sink with water and damp cloth with any hassle. similarly rice cooker utensils can be cleaned in the sink too with soap and water. you may also use a dishwasher to clean all detachable parts of rice cooker as it may be more efficient and save you time to do it by hands.

Cleaning outside the rice cooker

some times rice particles also stick to outside the rice cooker due to their stickiness after making a dish with extra water, so if that happens you can clean the outer surface of rice cooker with simple cloth and wipe out any particles of rice you see on outer of cooker to make clean again.

you can also spray some detergent on wet cloth and rub it on the outer surface to remove all kinds of stains and sticky rice particles from the surface until it becomes clean once gain.

Cleaning inside the rice cooker

Some times some food items gets stuck inside the rice cookers which may smell after some time if not cleaned so it is advised to clean it by picking up all the leftover rice particles from cooker using a simple paper towel or small cloth.

when cleaning hot plate, you can make use of brush for rubbing and removing hard stains or any other particles. brush can normal or with steel bristles, if you use one with steel bristles make sure you use it gently as if rubbed hard it may leave some more stains which become hard to remove later.


  • When you start to clean your rice cooker make sure its unplugged at all times and its plug is clean and dry a if plugged it may lead to unwanted electric shock. to prevent any hazard make sure its unplugged at all time when not using the cooker.
  • Only start cleaning once the rice cooker is fully cooled of after cooking, let it sit for 30-60 minutes then go ahead with clean process to prevent hot burns on your fingers.
  • Before you start cleaning, read the instruction manual that came with your rice cooker so that you know if their are some special details and instruction to follow while cleaning process of rice cooker.
  • If you like you can also clean electric cord with dry cloth to keep it clean.
  • If you are thinking about making sticky rice in your rice cooker then this post on sticky rice is for you to checkout now.


hope you got the right way to clean your rice cooker shared above. keep your cooker clean always to increase its longevity and keep eating rice made in this cooker. if you want to buy a new rice cooker then checkout our post on rice cooker reviews which gives insight on best rice cooker in market that are popular among the buyers from across the world. if you have any suggestions regarding cleaning of rice cookers then also let us know in comments below.

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