How much electricity does a portable ice maker use

ice maker is must to have for any house hold in summer season to make ice with clean water anytime you are feeling hot but some people don’t buy it due to fear of high electricity bill it may occur. here we will answer your all quires related power consumption of portable ice makers and how to reduce it significantly by using some of the tips share below.

How much power do a portable countertop ice maker consume

The normal capacity of portable ice maker is to produce about 10 ice cubes every 10 minutes using the normal 120v current socket that we have in every room and in kitchen inside our homes which makes it do not take ay high power to make ice and wont inflate your bill demands too much. you can use your ice maker without any issues or worries as electricity consumption is very low when compared to those big and commercial ice makers.

portable-ice-maker power consumption

Below are some things we have shared that you can do to save energy while using your ice maker from good brand

Buy ice maker from good brand with energy star ratings

Generally its people tendency to buy appliances like ice makers which have lot of features and are cheap but they ignore its power efficiency that’s why i recommend that you buy appliances with energy star ratings which will ensure that your appliance wont consume much power will working.

go for 4-5 star rated appliances as it is more efficient than 3 star ones and will help you save money in long term even if you have pay some more when buying for better star ratings.

Check the water quality used for ice maker

It is recommended to pour clean and pure water for making of ice which is cold as it would speed up the process of making and will give you good quality similar ice cubes which are clean to use.

using impure water which is kept at room temperature will increase the time duration for ice making and decrease the efficiency of ice maker and it will consume more electricity.

Prefer making ice in night time

making ice in night time when the peak power load is low will save you money in terms of power consumptions. you can make ice at night and keep in freezer to use next day without hassle.

it can be little bit time consuming to make and then store in freezer at off hours of power grid when tariffs are low but will definitely save you some money in your electricity bills for the month.

Do proper and regular maintenance of ice makers

Using ice maker regularly may lead to it been dirty due to some water impurities so it is recommend to clean it regularly and use clean water as it would reduce the lime scale sticking on the internal parts of ice makers which needs to be cleaned later causing you more hassle.

dirty appliance also increases time to process water and make ice which increase electricity so make sure you clean it regularly

Frequently asked questions about ice makers

Which type of ice make should i use from air cooled and water cooled?

you can choose anyone as per your preferences. in market mostly air cooled ones are sold because they use air to cool down the condenser of the ice maker but they are not energy efficient.

they can be used if your area have water scarcity. places with no water shortage can use water cooled as they more energy efficient and water for cooling the condenser instead of air.

How can i clean my ice maker?

Cleaning ice maker regularly will help you with its smooth working for long term without any major issues and will also help in saving electricity bills as ice will be made fast.

you can make use of warm water along with vinegar mixture or lemon juice to clean it inside out and remove any lime scale deposits from it. for more detailed instructions regarding Cleaning refer to user manual from manufacturer.

Does bigger ice makers consume more power?

Bigger ice maker generally falls in category of commercial ice makers which are used by restaurants, hotels etc. to make ice in large quantities to cater all guest at all times of operation. they will require more power to work and produce ice when compared to normal portable ice makers. but we can run them at night and store ice in freezer to save energy while making them work for full day.

can we use portable ice makers outside?

yes as the name suggests portable and counter top ice makers can be used inside as well as outside to make ice while party or outing anywhere but make sure you don’t put it in under direct sunlight as it will make the internal parts of ice makers more hot which will increase the ice making process. any cool dry place to make ice outside would be fine for placing your counter portable ice maker.

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Hope you got your answer for power consumption of ice makers in above post. if you have any more quries regarding ice makers then let us know in comments below. if you like to have soda maker with ice maker to enjoy cold drinks at home then see our post on soda makers to get insight on popular ones in market with discount.

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