Drinking water temperature for body hydration

Drinking water daily in adequate amount is important part of our life to sustain a healthy body and mind. it helps to keep the body metabolism working but drinking it at right temperature can make it work wonder for your body so to find out when to drink at which temperature read the article below and keep your body healthy and hydrated with clean and pure water always.

Drinking water temperature

Find out Right Drinking water temperature for body

Drinking cold water

It is advised to drink cold water when you go for exercise as it will help to keep the body cool from inside when will reduce the heat produced from body during workout thus making you exercise for long time to make the body fit and healthy without getting dehydrated.

when you drink cold water it will also help you in your weight loss regime as body requires more energy burning to get the water temperature from cold to normal body temperature which will indirectly burn calories thus reducing the weight. as per a research it is found that a glass of water requires 8 calories burning in the body which adds up when you consider this for month.

Besides that cold water or normal water will keep you hydrated and feel full which will lead to weight loss as you will eat less.

body absorption rate of cold water is good so you will feel hydrated easily when drinking cold water on hot summer day. so you can definitely drink cold water on daily basis during warm days to stay hydrated. if you want to make water cold then you can make use of instant ice from ice makers in kitchen as it works great for small ice cubes.

Why you should not drink cold water

Drinking cold water is not always good option to stay hydrated some times its better if you avoid it and drink normal water.

Cold water shrinks and contracts the blood vessels in stomach area which reduces the absorption rates so if you are having some stomach issues its ideal to drink warm water and normal water as it would help to get fully absorbed and work in conjunction with circulatory system of stomach area.

normal room temperature water absorption rate is faster than cold water in the body so when dehydrated very much it is advised to drink normal water not cold water.

drinking cold water too much can give sore throat so it is advised to avoid it if you are having some throat issues and also if you love to sing or has a job which involves too much speaking like being orator etc. then avoid drinking too much cold water as it can make your voice and throat bad which will impact your work.

Cold water can also gives you chills and increase the body temperature from inside to give you fever so avoid drinking in large quantities in told cold condition as it can be harmful for body temperature.

When to drink water at room temperature

If you are facing constipation issues then drinking warm water will help with the bowel issue and improve blood circulation in intestine area.

Drinking normal water help to relive stomach aches, headache and similar issues. It improves body blood circulation to reduce inflammation and pain issues.

After food eating you should drink normal water as it will prevent fat from accumulating in body which would happen if you drink cold water. drinking normal water will keep the gut working right without issues.

drinking normal temperature water or warm water in morning improves gut health and makes digestive system active for days work and keep the body hydrated for long time.

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Drinking water is very important aspect of life. weather you drink cold water, hot water or normal water make sure it is clean and pure because pure water will keep body healthy and protect it from any kinds of bacteria’s and other viruses which may enter from dirty water. to make water drinkable and clean you can make use of water filter pitcher as it helps to clean water without wasting it.

Drinking water keeps you hydrated so at whatever temperature you like to drink water make sure that you don’t reduce the amount of daily water consumption and increase normal water intake by little bit instead of cold water always for healthy body and good life.

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