Does Propane Gas Go Bad

People who work with grill know that propane is important fuel to have to burn on your gas grills easily for long time as its easy to get and last long to make you some tasty grilled meals whenever and wherever you want without any big issues.

does propane gas goes bad

Here we will discuss weather your favorite grilling fuel which is available in large amount and cleaner than other options like smoking woods etc. does ever go bad and become worthless.

Its common name is liquified petroleum gas: LPG.

Shelf life of propane

Are you wondering weather unused propane gets expired then let me tell you, no it do not get expired if kept unused for long time, you can use it whenever you want without any issues. it is used for many purposes in houses across the world including grilling, boiling water, food preparing, smoking etc.

its not like some other fuels like kerosene or diesel which become unusable if not used in certain time period. some time you may find expiry date written on the propane gas cylinder than let me tell you its date of expiry for tank which states that tank needs to be inspected and changed but the gas in it is good to use and doesn’t comes with expiry date.

some people have a question that can a propane gas tank explode on its own. then let me you its a valid concern to have for gas filled cylinder kept in your house but to its doesn’t happen just as casually as you think. to blow up or make tank explode you will require some serious effort.

The gas inside is cool and stored under pressure so if you will increase the temperature from outside to very large degree by keeping in direct heat then pressure inside will increase which may lead to its explosion that’s why it is recommended to keep it in cool and dry place.

Make sure to check for leaks in your cylinder from time to time to avoid any unwanted accidents, rest its safe to keep propane tank anywhere without direct heat.

How to store propane gas properly

Storing propane tank used for grilling purposes etc. should be properly stored when in use and when not in use also. make sure when not in use its knob is turned off. it should be stored in cool and dry place generally outside the house. make sure the temperature of place is not more than 120 degree F.

It should kept upright and not in horizontal position. you can keep in under the shed in outhouse etc. where direct sunlight is not present. make sure area is clean and their is no rust on cylinder and no inflammable materials are kept in its close vicinity.

In winter months you can also store your cylinder outside as cold temperature wont effect the tank but make sure it doesn’t get wet which may lead to rusting of cylinder and gas leak, so you can cover it up with some plastic sheet and keep outside without any issues also.

For how long does propane tank last

To determine how long does your cylinder last depends upon how much gas it has in it and how often you are using the gas for grilling, smoking and other purposes. generally speaking grilling requires less gas than smoking but if you do it for long time than propane in cylinder will last for short time.

size of you gas grill also determine the duration of propane burning. a small/ medium size grill attached to 20 lbs cylinder will give you about 20 hours of cook time on grill. and it would be halved on large grill i.e 20 lbs will last for 10 hours.

if you cooking normal meal for small family than it can be done in 1-2 lbs of propane per meal. you can reduce the stove gas emission on grill to reduce the burn rate and cook food slowly and get more cooking hours from your propane gas. i hope you got an rough estimate on how long does your propane gas last.

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Hope you got your answers for all your question on propane gas used for grilling in your bbq grills outside and at home above. if you still have some unanswered questions left then let us know in comment section and we will answer promptly.

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