Can you freeze yeast

Someone who bakes often can tell you that you can advance your cooking by replacing the immediate yeast using fresh. If you can locate a good quality freshly made yeast, you could think about how to store it and Can you freeze yeast to avoid ruining it. Fresh yeast is an essential ingredient in baking a variety of products like breads, cakes, pies, making pizza dough etc.

Therefore, it is essential to store it properly to ensure its shelf life for the longest time possible. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to bake to save your time or if you are a professional baker. If done correctly, it is suitable and ideal for everyone.

While freezing, the yeast can prolong its lifespan; however, it can turn dry or bad if it’s not stored in the correct conditions. First and foremost, it is crucial to be aware of the best method to store fresh yeast. You may be surprised that yeast is comprised of living cells. And the most essential thing while preserving it is to ensure that you don’t allow exposure to the elements or humidity.

Can You Freeze Yeast?

This is particularly true for yeast. The yeast is an essential ingredient utilized in baking, so we must ensure that it’s in good condition to bake our delicious dough. In addition, yeast is a living organism, which means it has an expiration time. If stored incorrectly, it’s more likely to run out of time, eventually ruining the dough.

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind while keeping yeast in check is to shield it from heat, moisture, and air, as these elements could turn up the yeast and lead to its death.

But fresh yeast can expire after two weeks because it comprises fresh yeast cells. It can still function when it is frozen and then thawed. It is essential to feed it with starch and sugar. Place it in a warm location so that the fungus can flourish.

freeze yeast

It is also essential to keep it hydrated and, in turn, it transforms the sugar and starch into carbon dioxide and alcohol. The gas permits cakes, bread, and other treats to expand because it cannot get out of the dough. It forces it to expand in size. you can checkout more about bread machine yeast for making tasty breads at home easily.

Many people believe that freezing yeast kills it costing both time and cash; however, it’s not true. Certain cells might die when it gets cold in the freezer. It’s important to know that it will take around two billion yeast cells for yeast to comprise one gram of weight.

The majority of cells will remain dormant until you bring them back to ambient temperature. You can store fresh yeast in the freezer to be used later, so it is made to seal it properly. It is also possible to determine whether it’s safe once defrosted to ensure that you know this before adding it into your baking mix.

How Can You Freeze Yeast?

As mentioned, fresh yeast is composed of living cells. The cells aren’t supposed to be exposed to moisture or air. Therefore, it’s essential to place your yeast inside a sealed container and do all you can to shield it from the outside. In that light, here are the simple steps you must follow to take to freeze your yeast fresh:

  1. Place your unopened package of fresh yeast in the fridge overnight. If you’ve already opened the fresh yeast, put your yeast sealed in an airtight container in your refrigerator.
  2. While fresh yeast is cooling, it is easier to cut and split it into even chunks of the size you want. It’s best to determine the amount of yeast in each block and consider the amount.
  3. Cover each block with plastic wrap or cling film, then wrap it in aluminum foil.
  4. The final step is to pack all the fresh yeast blocks that have been double wrapped into an airtight freezer bag or bag. If you choose to use the latter, make sure to squeeze your air.
  5. Mention the best before date and the amount of fresh yeast in each block on the freezer bag, or put a label on the airtight container. Place the freezer bag or airtight container into the freezer.

This is the most effective method of sealing your fresh yeast. If you don’t seal it correctly and cold air gets to your yeast, it’ll dry out and be ineffective for activating.

Tip: you can also store powdered yeast in freezer in a quality container to increase its shelf life.


What are the factors to consider before freezing yeast? 

Before freezing yeast, you should think about the time and how often you require it. If you are freezing the whole block, you’ll need to unfreeze it completely. It’s best to cut the yeast into portions and wrap them in a single layer. If baking, you’ll be able to simply take a portion and use it. This prevents you from freezing more than you need and thereby waste yeast. 

It is not recommended to refreeze any type of food items; therefore, the yeast you don’t intend to use must be stored at room temperature in the fridge. If you find aluminum foil and cellophane aren’t a good idea, you can reduce the waste by breaking the yeast into pieces by placing the yeast in an Ice Cube tray. When you are ready to utilize it, just make a cube as you would with ice and let it be defrosted as normal.

Another crucial aspect to consider is how long fresh yeast will last within the refrigerator. It is important to keep in mind fresh yeast can be a living organism. It isn’t likely to harm the yeast; however, keeping it in the freezer longer than three months can make it inactive. If the temperature of your freezer is zero degrees or less, it will last longer but is still a risk.

Final Thoughts

Storing yeast inside a freezer can be an excellent method to ensure it stays fresh for a longer time. Usually, big bags of yeast last for about a year on your shelf unless they are opened. If you open the yeast in a bag, it is recommended to put it in the freezer or keep it in another container.

If you’re interested in keeping your yeast in good condition for as long as possible, you may want to consider investing in an air sealer or airtight jars. If you don’t, you can buy smaller quantities as per baking requirements.

Whether you’ve got nutritional yeast or baker’s yeast to store, all you have been doing is following the right procedure. While each step of freezing and defrosting is straightforward, a slight error can create a significant variation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does frozen yeast need to thaw?

After opening, store the dried yeast inside an airtight container within your freezer to last for six months. Fresh yeast shouldn’t be stored in a freezer. It is not necessary to defrost dry yeast before using it. You can use the yeast straight from the freezer.

However, make sure you test it before using it for your recipes. for faster reaction of yeast in your recipe mixture you can proof the yeast by mixing  and dissolving it in hot water for 5-10 minutes and their after adding the water in the mixture for fast reaction and good fluffy recipe like delicious bbq pizza.

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How does yeast react when exposed to air?

If yeast is active, yeast breathes oxygen and sugar accessible to it, called the aerobic respiration process. In this process, yeast cells use sugar (sugar) and oxygen (from the air) to generate energy. In addition, they produce water and carbon dioxide.

What temperature does yeast not like?

Whatever type of yeast you choose to use, regardless of what type you use, if the water you are using reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit or more, it will cause the yeast to die. When temperatures reach 140degF or more, that’s the point when yeast is destroyed.

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